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FDA Approved IOSAT Potassium IodideON SALE: 7 Packets of ANBEX IOSAT Potassium Iodide (KI)UPDATE: Warning U.S. Scraps Plan for Anti-Radiation PillsUSA TODAY 1-29-08WASHINGTON- The federal government will not give anti-radiation pills to millions of people who live 10 to 20 miles from a nuclear plant. in case of an accident or terrorist attack, the White House said Monday. Some members of Congress and thyroid cancer activists expressed outrage. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., called it reckless endangerment of the American people. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has long opposed wider distribution of potassium iodide pills. The NRC also has expressed concern that pill distribution could undermine public confidence in the safety of the nations nuclear plants. Markey, author of the 2002 legislation, called it inexcusable that the White House would decide to leave children and their families totally unprotected from a potential meltdown or terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant. The NRC stated that it saw very few scenarios under which radiation could spread that far and people could be evacuated in time to avoid exposure.Nitro-Pak comment:Give us a break! Ever heard of downwinders? They said the same thing to Nevada & Utah citizens in the 50s & 60s which fallout from nuclear tests blew in the wind everywhere and which resulted in widespread cancer cases years and years later.EVACUATIONS? Simple & easy like the government would have you believe? Give us another break. Just ask the residents of Houston TX how easy it was to evacuate Hurricane Rita back in 2005! Tens of thousands were grid locked for days and was a total failure. Orderly evacuations are a bureaucratic pipe dream. Panic will over ride peoples actions every time. Don't buy into this lie. you have too much at stake.IOSAT Potassium Iodide is the EXACT same FDA APPROVED Potassium Iodide sold for up to $25 per 14 tablet unit in Pharmacies across the nation. IOSAT Potassium Iodide is the only registered FDA Approved Potassium Iodide to be offered in a convenient foil sealed unit. Each foil sealed tablet is individually perforated for simple dispensing.NITRO-PAK is a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR of IOSAT POTASSIUM IODIDE.Please note: If you purchase IOSAT elsewhere, check the dating of the package. Some companies are offering 2, 3 or 4 year old product. Know what your getting BEFORE you buy! If the deals too good to be true…We offer IOSAT Potassium Iodide in:SINGLE PACKS (1 person for 14 days)7 Packs (98 day supply for 1 person)28 Packs (Family of 4 for 98 days)Case Box of 300 (BULK Purchase)How Much Potassium Iodide Should One Store or Have on Hand?This is one of our most asked questions. The answer depends on your reason for buying Potassium Iodide in the first place. The fact that you are here at our website shows you are obviously trying to get properly prepared. Heres some questions to ask yourself–Do you live near or down wind of a nuclear power plant?Does nuclear waste travel by rail or truck through your city?Are you concerned about the possibility of a terrorist dirty radioactive bomb?Are you trying to be prepared in case of a nuclear war or multiple terrorist nuclear attacks?Answering the above questions is the first step in determining your personal comfort level and how prepared you want to be.Defense experts and Doctors for Disaster Preparedness have long recommend keeping a 100 day supply (7 fourteen tablet units) per person on hand, not just the normally sold 14 tablets (2 week) supply usually suggested. … if you havent stored some potassium iodide, there will probably be NONE available to you in a time of crisis… a 100 day supply is recommended. —Doctors for Disaster PreparednessSo Why Store a 100 day Supply?The Doctors for Disaster Preparedness organization feels that if you are going to prepare, buy a little extra peace-of-mind (or extra for those around you). The
The Command series has always been highly regarded as a forgiving club featuring cutting edge weighting throughout the club head. The latest Command iron set is no different, featuring a weight distribution technology and wider sole. The wider then usual sole design combined with an under-cut cavity and rear weighting produce superior playability for all types of players. What difference does the wide sole make? The wide sole prevents the club from digging into the turf ensuring more solid contact even on fat or thin shots. The lower center of gravity produces a higher launch angle. How do the under-cut cavity and added weights in the rear of the club help? They dramatically increase the moment of inertia, reducing twisting and increasing accuracy, even on miss-hits. The weights also lower the center of gravity for optimal trajectory and feel. Looking for a forgiving, game improving club with up-to-date technologies and maximum forgiveness, the Command irons are a perfect club for you. If you like the features of the irons the Command Q4 Driver and Command Q4 Fairway Woods are a perfect complement. This club is available in custom lengths and flexes.
Pinemeadow Golf
The CCM 500 leg pad offers a new 90-degree soft boot for increased mobility, and a flat inside edge for maximum stability. It also features wider knee stack landing surface for optimal balance, especially when in the butterfly position. As with the rest of the line, the CCM 500 features a low-density soft foam that will help to control rebounds off of the pad face. Pick up the 500 leg pad today and be a part of CCM's emergence into the world of goalie protection!
Bring brand new TV viewing experience to your home with Samsung UE55H8000 Full HD Smart Curved LED TV. Continuing the legacy of Best in Class picture quality the Samsung H8000 introduces Curved Full HD screen. It has been shaped and engineered to provide more natural viewing angles an increased sense of depth and enhanced colour contrast and detail to give you a perfect Full HD viewing experience.p> The Samsung curved screen is designed with a curvature optimised for the viewing distance in your living room it also offers a wider field of view by shortening the distance between you and the screen's corners and creates more natural viewing angles. The UE55H8000 features Auto Depth Enhancer technology which analyses different areas on screen and applies contrast enhancements to each of these areas to provide a superior sense of depth surrounding and delighting. Micro Dimming Ultimate technology in the H8000 precisely controls colour contrast and detail levels within sub sections of each image to provide best in class picture quality no matter what source is connected to the TV. Lifelike skin tones and sharper detailing provide unparalleled realism to the image while deeper blacks bring dark movie scenes to life. The UE55H8000 houses a powerful Quad Core Plus which runs twice as fast as last year's engine and significantly boosts performance with speedier access to Smart features and true multitasking capabilities. Enjoy super fast app response times watch TV while simultaneously taking a Skype call or carry on viewing your favourite programme whilst using an app. It is now even easier to toggle between apps online services and on-air TV a truly seamless TV experience. The H8000 Series offers Samsung's Football Mode which can make you feel like you are actually in the stadium cheering on your favourite team. The Football Mode optimises picture and sound settings for a better football viewing experience. With the Auto Highlights feature your TV can automatically select and save important moments of the big match on your connected hard drive (not included) so that you can watch them again and again at your leisure. Additionally the new exiting Games panel lets you and your family enjoy a wide variety of fun games instantly on the largest screen in your home without the need for any additional hardware. It is so easy now! Simply download the game you want to play from the panel and choose your method of control - the Samsung smart remote your compatible smart phone or gaming controller. The UE55H8000 is Future Ready what means that you can completely reengineer your TV without having to replace it. Thanks to unique to Samsung Smart Evolution Kit (optional not included) you will be able to renew your TV to the latest technology in terms of performance content and features ensuring your TV remains cutting edge for a fraction of the cost of a new TV. Enjoy Smart Interaction with your Samsung UE55H8000 Smart TV. T
UPC: 8806086009744
On the strength of its expertise and historic reputation with wine professionals EuroCave Professional has created a brand completely dedicated to the requirements of professionals and positioned itself as the go-to brand for sommeliers! The 1000 Series comprises 2 types of wine cabinets for bringing your wine to the correct serving temperature. Functional and able to be flush-fitted the 1000 series is the ideal range for limited budgets. Features: Your wine bottles are displayed: Full glass door amber lighting different options for presenting your wine. A strong professional identity: Stainless steel plate at the base of the door for heavy duty use lock and long stainless steel handle. Bottle Capacity: 124 bottles* Shelving: 5 adjustable shelves Ambient Temperature range: 42-92 degrees Weight: 150 lbs. Dimensions: 62.2 in. Height 21 in. Width 21 in. Depth *A Note About Bottle Capacities: Wine Enthusiasts stated bottle capacities is always based off of storing all standard Bordeaux size bottles which are generally 12' H and 2 7/8' W. 750 ML bottle sizes can vary greatly in both height and width so be sure to check the bottles in your collection as larger bottles (i.e. Pinot Noir Burgundy Syrah Champagne etc.) will lower capacity. If up to 50% of your collection consists of these taller/wider750 ML bottles capacity can be lowered by 10-15% if over 50% of your collection consists of these taller/wider 750 ML bottles capacity can be lowered by up to 25-30%.
This Hoya Multi-Coated Neutral Density (ND) Filter is an essential accessory for any photographers camera bag. ND filters reduce the amount of visible light that enters the lens allowing the user to utilize wider apertures or slower shutter speeds particularly in bright conditions. ND filters work especially well for portraits by allowing the photographer to reduce the depth of field producing pleasant background blur while keeping the subject in sharp focus. These filters are also often used to emphasize movement by permitting slow shutter speeds in bright light giving life to photos that would otherwise look frozen in time. This particular filter (HMC) is multi-coated to minimize reflection on the filter surface which reduces flare and ghosting and produces sharp contrast and well-balanced color. An ND4 filter reduces the amount of light by 2 stops. When to use a Neutral Density Filter: To enable slow shutter speeds to be used to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls clouds cars etc. To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used which helps separate subjects from their background. To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (ie: above ISO400) and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situations. To allow video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds) to film subjects such as snow sand or other bright scenes which would normally cause overexposure.
UPC: 024066523327
MINI ATV WHEEL SPACERS 2-Inch (1 Pair) WSP8 Help stabilize your childs Mini ATV by making it wider and less likely to flip over. TERMS OF WARRANTY SuperATV offers the premium product on the market and extends the industry’s best warranty to go with it. Each wheel spacer that SuperATV manufactures comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If for any reason a spacer should bend break or crack we will send you a replacement part free of charge. Whether you pile it up or your buddy took it for that ever-so-innocent test ride we’ve got you covered. Please note: All SuperATV products are warrantied to the original purchaser. How to make a warranty claim? All warranties MUST have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Also we cannot ship a new product until the warranty item has been inspected by a SuperATV employee. 1. Go to At the bottom of the page click Return Policy. 2. Complete the form to obtain an RGA number or call toll free 1-855-743-3427 for assistance. 3. Provide proof of purchase. 4. Provide proof of breakage. This should be done by returning the item to: SuperATV Warranty Department 740 B Clifty Dr. Madison IN 47250 5. Write the RGA number on the box. Also include the RGA number proof of purchase and any notes in the box. 6. Customer pays to ship the item to SuperATV and we pay to ship it back. 7. SuperATV will contact you within 24 business hours of receiving the broken item. With all warranty claims standard shipping services apply unless otherwise approved. If you need expedited shipping please communicate to the Warranty Department and we will contact you with expedited shipping rates. We recommend that you keep your tracking number and shipment information.
Practical Wireless is a unique magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. It has always been a ‘doing’ magazine with the accent on the practical, constructional side of amateur radio. Renowned for providing good homebrew projects, PW gives full assembly instructions for all types of old and new ideas ranging from the absolute beginner to projects for the more advanced radio amateur. Practical Wireless magazine also reflects modern trends by regularly featuring reviews of the latest radios and test equipment. It also covers other aspects such as computers in radio communications and ancillaries via reviews and specific features. The magazine’s unbiased and independent views are highly regarded both by our readers and the trade, and regular Special Offer promotions provide an extra market for our advertisers, while providing keen prices for our readers. Practical Wireless also reflects the wider world of amateur radio communication and professional electronic engineering via its bright news pages. Covering amateur radio in space, satellite operation, packet radio, amateur television and the world of propagation research. Regular readers often tell us how much they enjoy building our projects, reading the equipment reviews, news, product information and everything else that’s going on in the international and far-reaching world of amateur radio communications.
1" WIDER PROSeat with Fixed Headrest, Black with Black Fabric Center and Red Side Panels 1" WIDER PROSeat;Fixed Headres;Black;Black Fabric Center;Red Side Panels;Black Band;BRS Stitch Pattern;Deep-sided race seat;5-point seatbelt slots;Loops to secure belts in place;Does not fit any MasterCaft standard mounts MasterCraft Safety 1" WIDER PROSeat with Fixed Headrest, Black with Black Fabric Center and Red Side Panels 560112 Seat
MasterCraft Safety P/N: 560112
The Nike VR Forged wedge features X3X high-frequency grooves and a precise forging process that produces optimal control, spin and feel. The X3X system provides more grooves that are deeper and closer together to channel away debris. The precision forging process ensures consistency from shot to shot. Each wedge is forged from a soft 1035 carbon steel and finished in either a satin chrome or black oxide finish. This process delivers enhanced shot-making consistency, tour level feel, and enhanced groove life performance. This wedge features a dual wide grind sole which has all the benefits of a wider sole with a low bounce. This is great from bunkers and still very playable from narrow lies.
Includes Camera, 8 GB Memory Card, Battery, Camera Carrying Case, Memory Card Reader, Mini Tripod, and Cleaning Kit. Shoot life at its fullest with the Sony DSC-W510. Capture landscapes with one touch using Sweep Panorama; get that perfect portrait with Face Detection and Smile Shutter technologies, capture wider scenes with the 26mm wide angle lens, and automatically get clear shots with SteadyShot image stabilization and iAuto. Features: 12.1 Megapixel Super HAD CCD Image Sensor A powerful.
UPC: 845251025729
Sony P/N: E2SNDSCW510P
The new Klogs Austin features beautifully embroidered detail on the genuine suede uppers. The buckled strap vamp detail provides adjustable fit. Signature Klogs polyurethane outsoles provide excellent comfort and shock absorption. The wider toe box, contoured footbed, and sueded liner give a stable, natural, bare foot feeling. Soles are slip-resistant, oil-resistant and certified latex free. Receive FREE Standard SHIPPING on your order with the purchase of any Alegria, Birki's, Dansko, or Klogs shoe!
As ski design has changed, with all sorts of camber profiles and a wider choice of widths and sidecut radii, it's not as simple when mounting your bindings. Introducing Marker's new Griffon Schizo 12 Ski Binding, with 60 millimeters of Multi-Stance adjustment to accommodate any ski style. Forward and balanced in the park and pipe, back in deep pow, and on the line on your typical shred session-whatever you ski, you'll have precision power underfoot. The same set-up as the Griffon, this freeski binding has a 4 to 13 DIN range, Triple Pivot Elite toe, and Inter-Pivot heel for a secure lockdown.
Tour Edge Exotics Xrail Fairway Wood The easy-going performance of the Tour Edge Exotics Xrail Fairway Wood can be credited to its wider V-sole that guides the clubface into a square position at impact. Placing 15% more weight in the heel and toe areas than its predecessor, the Xrail produces a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. Plus, the V-sole design minimizes divots from heavy lies and lowers the Xrails center of gravity, so shots get up and away quickly and easily. Just like other Exotics fairway woods, the Xrail features multi-metal construction, combining a hyper-steel body with a thinner carpenter steel face. To maximize rebound, the Xrail features variable face thickness and utilizes CAD frequency analysis to make the club more efficient. This computer-aided design technique generates the club heads inner architecture to enhance performance on the maximum surface area for greater forgiveness, longer shots, and better feel. Additional features: New, wider, diamond-shaped inner rail guides clubface to square position at impact 15% more weight moved to larger outer rails for enhanced stability on off-center hits Advanced CAD frequency analysis utilizes heads inner architecture so engineers can improve performance at impact on more surface area
Tour Edge
FEATURES of the Leki Rubber Fitness Walking Tip Wider - larger surface area with an aggressive tread
UPC: 691957881592
Leki P/N: 8 815 900
Ping Hoofer II Stand Bag Whether walking or riding, you'll appreciate many quality touches and premium features in the Ping Hoofer II Stand Bag . They include an attached, deployable rain hood that snaps inside the cushioned hip pad. Eight pockets include those for a range finder, water bottle, golf balls, and apparel. The ball-pocket panel is removable for customization. PING's proprietary system of Enhanced Ergonomics (E2) provides two sliding shoulder pads, a strap slider for a backpack fit, a reinforced bracket with leg stop, and a wider 24-inch leg span. The five-way reinforced top with an integrated handle and two full-length dividers is made of high-impact polypropylene with anti-flex walls. Nylon and polyester materials provide durability. Features: 5-way reinforced top, 2 full-length dividers 8 easily accessed pockets Approximately 5 lbs. Range-finder and water-bottle pockets Strap slider for backpack-style fit 2 sliding shoulder pads with adjustable straps Water-resistant valuables pocket High-impact polypropylene top Sunglasses pocket Reinforced bracket with leg stop Durable nylon/polyester fabrics Ball-pocket panel removable for customization Designed for optimal balance Premium YKK zippers Anti-flex walls for durability Umbrella holder, towel loop, rain hood Leg-retention strap
Ping P/N: PING
Nordica's Hot Rod 9.0 Women's Ski Boot offer serious female skiers anall-mountain boot that is warm comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Its sleek silver design features Natural Foot Stance (NFS) technology that guides the feet to a natural angle boosting precision and aiding in better balance. With a flex rating of 90 and a last width of 102 mm this modern women's ski boot is perfect for intermediate to advanced in-bound skiers and ideal for women with slightly wider feet. The ski boot liners like many Nordica ski boots showcase PFP Precision Fit and cozy fur linings. Its FullShock Eraser technology helps absorb impact without compromisingperformance. Easy-entry shell flaps four ALU buckles with micro adjustment and a 40mm Velcro strap round out this excellent ski boot's list of features. Sizes range from 22.5 to 27.5. Let the Nordica Hot Rod take your skiing to the next level!
Description : MCS Long Top Plate (29") Placement : Attaches to any MCS Vehicle Legs Drilling Required : No - MCS Vehicle Legs attach to pre-drilled holes alongside top plate Seat Configuration : Bucket Dimensions : 8.0" W x 29.0" D Construction : Heavy gauge steel Finish : Black powdercoat Weight : 12.4 lbs Heavy gauge steel construction for long-term durability Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance Wider design allows the console box to be off set towards the passenger for added space Wider plate adds additional space to mount additional accessories Provides three (3) options for computer mount placement (off set towards driver, center or off set towards passenger side) Fills up space between the seats giving a cleaner appearance
Easton SYFP 2000 Synergy 33 Inch Fastpitch Glove. Easton Synergy Fastpitch Softball gloves are made of "Game-ready" soft tumbled oil-tanned leather. The ideal fit system features a contoured index finger channel combining the flexibility and comfort of an open back glove with the feel and control of a closed back glove. The VRS palm pad disperses the impact of the incoming ball while the Bio-Dri moisture management fabric wicks away moisture keeping the glove dry and light. Fastpitch patterns designed specifically for the female player: smaller hand openings, narrow finger stalls, wider webs to better fit an 11'' or 12'' ball, and power slits at top of web for more flex.
Easton P/N: 5410
The revolutionary design of this contoured, lightweight PU foam pad heaps padding around the knee cap without adding bulk. Extended padding above and around the knee. -Sold in pairs
The Henri De Rivel Pro A/O with Knee Rolls is made with a wider seat for optimum support for the rider whether in or out of the show ring. This saddle is available in either regular or long flap.
Male Doubletail Betta Also known as Double Tail Betta, Siamese Fighting Fish, Combattant (Canada), Trey kroem phloek (Cambodia), or Cá lia thia (Vietnam). The Male Betta is well known for its jewel-bright colors and spectacular finnage. Bettas are anabantids (Derived from the Greek Verb anabaino, meaning "to go up") which physiologically means they have two methods of breathing. Bettas breathe from their labyrinth organ which enables the fish to breathe from the surface. Bettas also breathe through their gills like other fish. Male Doubletail Bettas have their tail fin divided into two. Another characteristic for some Doubletail Bettas is that their dorsal fins are wider than Veil Tail Bettas. Genetically speaking, these traits are recessive genes. Bettas will "flare" their fins when disturbed or threatened. The male Betta will attack another Betta and have been known to attack similar-looking fish. It is recommended that only one male Betta is housed in an aquarium with plants and very little current.
UPC: 555551397548
The close-to-the-ground New Balance 630 utilizes enhanced flexibility and breathability to bring minimalist-inspired running to a wider audience.
UPC: 886350327819
New Balance P/N: W630BW1
Sleek design meets superior comfort in this fine writing instrument. Everything about it was designed to make writing a joy. From the wider profile, to the soft, yielding grip, to the incredible finesse and smoothness you’ll experience when you put pen to paper—it’s the pen that feels every bit as good as it looks.
New empire seam and wider shoulder strap! Shimmering lace at neckline and at hemline Built-in shelf bra
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