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Let your imagination become reality.Kraus USA, headquartered in Port Washington, New York, takes esteemed pride in manufacturing unique, sophisticated and impactful kitchen and bathroom fixtures that distinguish conventional interiors. Deeply rooted in European tradition, Kraus was created to uphold timeless principles of style, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Inseparably entwined with these values, they dominate the market in style variety and have elevated the perception of plumbing fixtures from necessities of hardware, to fashionable centerpieces of artistry.Their lifestyle-enhancing products express a subtle distinction in your space and radiate a sense of elegant design. A Kraus product will be a stand-alone trophy of luxury and beauty in any home, from country cottages to ultra-modern, fashion-forward interiors. Featuring a range of classic lines, as well as fluid and daringly unusual shapes, a Kraus piece will establish a noticeable and stylish appearance. They curate a vast design portfolio to satisfy every passion, and attain quality so exemplary that even the most discerning seekers acknowledge Kraus's unique, decorated value.They boast an exquisite line of bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets and complimenting accessories, each intended to illuminate your home with luxury. Kraus products are thoughtfully conceived to be refined compositions of beauty matched with exceptional performance. Starting with their elite group of Euro-centric designers, to their handpicked materials, Kraus's process is expertly tailored to fulfill and exceed the most eclectic tastes. Available at AJ Madison.Crystal Clear Vessel SinkAdd a touch of elegance to your bathroom with a glass sink combo from Kraus. This stylish Crystal clear glass sink and matching waterfall faucet will complement any bathroom décor. Installing Kraus combo is an ideal home improvement project.
UPC: 846639014298
Gaia Organics offers our line of 28 USDA Certified Organic herbal liquids now with 100 Certified Organic grain alcohol to uphold our founding commitment to organic farming and delivering herbs as Nature intended
One of the most strategic and intense games on the App Store! Welcome to the Tunnels! Lights out! “Metro 2033: Wars” is a turn-based, open-world, strategy game, based on the story of Dmitry Glukhovsky's best-selling novel series, “Metro 2033.” It’s the year 2033 and the entirety of the world has been reduced to nuclear rubble. Humanity is nearing extinction and radiation is making even the most basic surface dwelling, uninhabitable. New life forms have arisen that are far better adapted to this new dark, damp and alien-like world. Bands of survivors live on without ever knowing the warmth of sunlight, and whether or not they are the last ones left on Earth. The Moscow Metro is the reluctant home for this new humanity and one you protect at all costs. Metro Stations have become city-states run by new and emerging Factions, uniting its members around ideas, religions, water, or simply the need to survive. Your daily existence centers around gathering resources necessary for survival, repelling attacks of mutants, exploring and conquering new metro stations and developing armed mercenary units when the need arises. To survive, you'll have to build necessary facilities at Stations, establish diplomatic relations with your neighbors and uphold the economy of your little underground state. Classic Turn-based, highly strategic battles, with a wide variety of tactics and special attacks Open World game play, with detailed, story-driven goals to guide you 189 metro stations that you can trade, battle or inhabit, if you wish 25 types of mercenaries with individual combat abilities to construct battle-ready Squads with 24 different Factions to either battle or establish diplomatic relations with 20 different building options to manage your resources and keep your clan alive
Sioux Golf & Country Club continues to uphold the tradition established by their golfing founders. Sioux Golf and Country Club history begins with an eastern trip that Mr. W.S. Slagle took in 1888. He was tempted by friends to try a new sport called golf which had recently been transplanted to America from Scotland and England.He was very intrigued with the game and purchased a supply of clubs and balls.
In the Wild West, sometimes the only difference between a town sheriff and an outlaw was that one carried a badge and a gun, and the other just carried a gun! Most sheriffs actually took a lot of pride in protecting their neighbors. But, if a new gang rode into town, and back-up could be a couple days away, a good lawman may not have been able to afford strictly following the laws they swore to uphold. And if the bad dudes didn't pay attention to a sheriff's authority, that's when things got nasty! Next time you are suiting up in your old western sheriff costume, be sure you pin this Wild West Sheriff Badge on before you ride out. It's just as shiny as the badges carried by sheriffs on the high plains, but no former sheriffs probably had to get bumped off for you to get promoted. You'll want to make sure to bring along a toy six-shooter or two, just in case the badge doesn't work at first.
UPC: 721773662904
Forum Novelties, Inc P/N: FO66290-ST
The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians, physician assistants' and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly. It is widely believed to have been written by Hippocrates often regarded as the father of western medicine. It requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards.
Delta Pens P/N: DH83060
See how it all began with the first season of the longest-running dramatic series in the history of television - Gunsmoke! Recapture the spirit of the American frontier with plain-talking Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness), kindly saloon-keeper Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake), irascible Doc Adams (Milburn Stone) and tender-hearted but gullible Deputy Chester Goode (Dennis Weaver) as they uphold the law and bring respectability to the rough and tough town of Dodge City, Kansas. All 39 episodes from Season One of this classic western action-drama are available together for the first time ever in this digitally resmastered 6-disc collection. So put your feet up, relax for a spell and journey back to Dodge with Gunsmoke: The First Season!
UPC: 097368521346
Challenge Coins are mementos that give personnel pride and affinity for his or her agency or department. St. Michael has long been regarded as an angel of protection, and since 1950 has been officially regarded as the patron saint of Law Enforcement and Police Officers. Blackinton's St. Michael Challenge Coin commemorates police officers, and their role in protection and justice, in this bold golden Challenge Coin. Front of coin depicts St. Michael surrounded by gold lettering that says "Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Law Enforcement". Back of coin has black blackground and rim of "Police Officer's Prayer" in gold lettering, along with the text of the prayer in the center seal: "Lord, give me the courage to face the dangers of my work, the strength of body and spirit to help others and uphold the law, and Lord, protect me always" Also known as commemorative coins or memorial coins, challenge coins are perfect for milestone gifts, commemorative gifts or other remembrances or commendations Deep relief and embossing Solid, hefty feeling Challenge coins often become heirlooms, passing from one generation to the next Brass/Gold plate Diameter: 1-3/4"
1- Light Pendant Individuality is what defines this exquisite line of hand-blown glass. This ancient technique of fine craftsmanship ensures that quality and originality is at the heart of every piece. Each piece is meticulously hand-blown with up to three layers of uncompromising beauty and style. This art is performed only by skilled craftsmen who uphold the highest standards to ensure a unique identity throughout each layer. The special technique of layering allows light to spread evenly across the glass resulting in a warm glow over the entire surface. The Illuminare Glass Collection offers a choice of many unique designs in a variety of colors and styles, allowing these Italian inspired works of art to be adaptable to any decor. Category: Pendant Indoor Collection: Formations/Ashflow Dimensions: W:5" H:9" Height (in): 9Width (in):5Extension: N/AWeight: 2Number of Bulbs: 1Bulb Type: 60W MEDOversized: No
Elk Lighting
The Most Beautiful Crib in the WorldBrThis exquisite masterpiece is truly worthy of its name Sculptured Splendor This work of genius stands tall and proud splendidly displaying her intricate scrollwork Tiny rosettes at the connection joints add an impressive finish This exquisite crib is hand forged by skilled craftsmen who uphold a tradition of handcrafted beauty Sculptured Splendor a true treasure for baby
Corsican P/N: J41160
While on duty you’ll need to remain ever vigilant and question any suspicious behaviour to protect your small American town from a rising criminal threat. Off duty you’ll need to visit friends, family and live life to its fullest. Your actions while at work and home affect your stress levels. If you spend too much time fighting crime, you will be under severe pressure that will affect your ability to uphold the law. You’ll need to question witnesses, administer breathalyser tests, block off roads for city events, site mobile speed cameras and pursue fleeing criminals on foot and in one of the specially designed police vehicles. Features If you perform above expectations you’ll earn promotions that will enable you to take on more dangerous missions and loosen the drug lords’ grip on Mountain Valley Career mode with optional permanent death mode Fight crime while on duty and manage your social life off duty Seasonal city events Investigate erratic behaviour of citizens of Mountain Valley by frisking, performing breathalyser tests and requesting a suspect’s possible location Site traffic cones and speed cameras Own a house and decorate it by purchasing furniture Three police squad vehicles to drive while on duty
Lone Ranger Comic Baby Tee The Lone Ranger nabs a bad guy on this retro Lone Ranger t shirt for women! The Lone Ranger Comic Baby Tee is a yellow, fitted female shirt with a soft feel and a junior fit. It features a panel from the Lone Ranger comic strip with the hero punching a gun-wielding villain, the word "Pow!" above. The Lone Ranger is saying, "I must uphold the law!" while the unfortunate bad guy is saying "M-my ggun!"
Dothan, Alabama continues to roar with the sound of Hart Ramsey and The Northview Christian Church. As the follow-up release to the successful "Next Now", Hart Ramsey & the NCC Choir deliver an interactive session of Praise & Worship through True Story. Filled with the message of healing and restoration, True Story speaks to the body of Christ as a whole. The single "Blown Away" highlights every aspect of this release. It communicates to the listener that in our journey despite where we are a person or people, God's endless and amazing love reaches past our adversities and showers us with an everlasting love. Track List Original Here We Are Sweeter Blown Away (featuring Shawn Bigby) Hold Me Steady Hold Me Steady Part 2 (featuring L. Spenser Smith) You Uphold Me Know You For Myself (featuring Benita Washington) Here I Am (featuring Charles J. Butler) When I Think About It Is So Magnify (featuring Cheryl Fortune) Forward Working It Out (featuring L. Spenser Smith) Friendship
UPC: 099923549628
Interstate 50 Floor Finish 1gal Bottle 4/Carton Uphold the high quality finish of your floors with this burnishable/spray buffable finish for high speed and ultra high speed maintenance. Best of all the finish repairs easily—helping to save you time and money. Excellent for retail- and school-type floor programs. 20% solids. Application: Floor Finish/Sealant; Applicable Material: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT); Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT); Linoleum; Sheet Vinyl; Laminates; Dirt Types: Dust; Scent: Unscented.
UPC: 785990139014
Franklin Cleaning Technology P/N: F195022CT
The Death Star was a horrible tragedy for the Empire. All those Stormtrooper lives just shattered in an instant. (Okay, so maybe the Empire did the same thing to Alderaan first!) To uphold the memory of the lives lost, these Star Wars Stormtrooper Ombre leggings have various trooper helmets all over them to honor the fallen soldiers. (Or you can wear these simply because you think Stormtroopers are cool!)
UPC: 999999271792
Mighty Fine P/N: MFWSTW1132CKRC-L
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