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Ram Factory Match Triple Pillar Gauge Kit 2 1/16 in.; Incl. Boost 0 - 60 psi; Full Swp Mech.; Pyro 0-1600 F; Full Swp Elect.; Trans. Temp. 100-250 F; Short Swp Elect.; Taupe Auto Meter Auto Meter Ram Factory Match Triple Pillar Gauge Kit - 7099 7099 Gauge Pillars
Auto Meter P/N: 7099
EL/A SWP 14W Compact Fluorescent Shape-A19
The Smart Card Handbook is firmly established as the definitive reference to every aspect of smart card technology and has proved to be an invaluable resource for security systems development engineers. This fourth edition is comprised of 25 chapters, the entire book having been reviewed and updated to include the many technological advances made in the six years since the third edition was published. The author has also integrated changes and clarifications due to comments from readers all over the world regarding the third edition of the book, also to include the teachings from the author's lectures at Royal Holloway University of London. The revised structure of the book considers all different aspects of smart cards and their applications, with all chapters adapted to include the newest international standards and specifications. The book examines the new Internet technologies for smart cards like HTTP-Server on card, HTTP-Protocol, TCP/IP, and SSL/TSL. It discusses the integration of the new flash-based microcontrollers for Smart Cards (omitting the ROM-based microcontrollers used in the past). The chapter on Smart Card production has been expanded upon, as has the chapter about Java Card to include information about the upcoming Java Card 3.0. There is a fully updated and revised chapter on the security of Smart Cards, supplying information about new attacks and new protection methods against attacks. The chapter on contactless card data transmission with Smart Cards (detailing ISO/IEC 10536, ISO/IEC 14443, and ISO/IEC 15693) has been completely revised. There are 600 Glossary items, completely revised with explanations of all important Smart Card relevant subjects. As well as updated chapters there are three new chapters; one on Smart Cards for passports and ID-cards (a very topical subject); one about health care cards; and one on Smart Cards for public transport. A new subchapter on near field communication (NFC) has been introduced, also one about multi megabyte Smart Cards (microcontroller with NAND-Flash). The subchapter covering USB and single wire protocol (SWP) for Smart Cards has been enlarged.
ISBN: 0-470-74367-0
Piaggio Group
Colour: Black; Dimensions, height: 30 mm; Dimensions, length: 90 mm; Dimensions, width: 40 mm; Heat sink type (category): Heat sink; Material: Aluminium; Material properties: anodised; Suitable for: TO 3, TO 220, TOP 66, TO 3, SOT 9; Thermal resistance R(th): 4 C/W; Type (manufacturer type): SWP 40 90 AL
UPC: 2050000072505
Fischer Elektronik P/N: 10017874
Results 1 - 6 for swp 
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