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American Farmhouse Style SepOct 2014
Networking USB 2.0 Print Server - Share 4 USB Devices (1000Mbps) - Monoprice Compatible Devices Networking USB 2.0 Print Server - Share 4 USB Devices (1000Mbps) MSRP: $89.99 The new Gigabit Lan USB Server enables an external hard drive, flash drive, memory card reader, USB webcam, USB speaker, USB Multi-Function Printer (MFP), or Other USB Devices to be shared on a network. With the versatility afforded by the USB Server, users can now enjoy their favorite multimedia content stored on their computer from anywhere in their home or office use. When connecting USB Server to a wireless router, users can access their multimedia content and USB devices wirelessly. The UPnP technology enables quick and easy setup and configuration in a Windows environment. Features: ·Real Share 4 USB devices through your home or office network ·Share an external hard drive, flash drive or memory card reader with multiple users over your network ·Share a USB webcam over a network ·Enjoy music stored on any networked PC with a USB speaker* ·Supported protocols:, LPR/LPD, DHCP, UPnP ·Supports Windows Vista Ralinkly Technology Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Support Files: User's Manual (May 17, 2012) User's Manual (Jul 11, 2011) List of Supported Devices (Feb 20, 2012) Drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7 ver 1.29 (Oct 23, 2012) Drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 ver 1.25 (Jan 24, 2011) Network Printer Wizard for Windows ver 1.29 (Sep 25, 2012) Network Printer Wizard for Windows ver 1.22 (Jan 11, 2011) Distribution disc for Windows ver 1.29 (Oct 23, 2012)
Take an afternoon stroll in Central Park when you piece together this beautiful puzzle featuring artwork from The Saturday Evening Post . The 1,000-piece puzzle measures 19 5/8" x 29 1/2" when complete. For ages 12 and up.
UPC: 400069338142
Go! Games
**BELLA Podpaski 14 szt. Perfecta Night Duo*Opis:Supercienka podpaska o wydłużonym kształcie zapewni ciniewidzialną ochronę na całą noc.Szczegółowe informacje:podpaska Bella jest wykonana ze specjalnej włókniny, która chroni skóręprzed podrażnieniempokryta jest superchłonną siateczką Silky Dryz systemem mikrolejków, która błyskawicznie przepuszcza wilgoći zatrzymuje ją wewnątrz podpaski, zapewniająca uczucie suchości.podpaski są wyjątkowo chłonne, miękkie i wygodnepodpaska zatrzymuje nieprzyjemne zapachy, dzięki czemuzapewnia uczucie komfortuNOWOŚĆ! Podpaska dzięki zastosowaniu specjalnychrowków, jeszcze lepiej wchłania i zatrzymuje cieczpodpaska jest supercienka – 2mmpodpaska ze skrzydełkami, wykonana z włókninyExtra Softsystem SEP – chroni bieliznę przed zabrudzeniamimagic gel – specjalna substancja zamienia wilgoćw żelodour stop – neutralizuje zapachy zapewniając długąochronębezzapachowa i bezpieczna dla wrażliwej skórysystem Ectra Protection chroni bieliznę przedzabrudzeniamiOpakowanie: 14 sztuk
UPC: 5900516302863
Sterling Silver,
SEPHORA PRO Contour kabuki #82./Size:10*5.5*2cm./Color: Black./Material: Synthetic Hair, Plastic./Sales model: mix order./Quantity: 1pc kabuki brush with cover.
Get 24 Halloween inspired cross-stitch patterns in this awesome issue. Tons of fall designs are included, such as an overflowing harvest basket, a bold scarecrow and an ornately decorated teapot. You'll love stitching the scary witch's hat or the eccentric flying witch pillow while getting in the festive spirit. Get a one-year digital subscription complete with two years of searchable back issues for just $19.97!
DIY ZX2051 Type IC FM AM Radio Kit Electroinc Learning Kit Feature: Power: 0.5W, 8Ω IC: CD1691CB Filter: 455KHz Voltage: DC 3V This is an electronic DIY kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and ability. As shown in FIG instructions and schematics, package does not includes EN instruction. Package list: Num. Name Sep. Position Quatity Num. Name Sep. Position Quatity 1 IC CD1691CB IC 1 26 Electrolytic capacitor 10uF C8,12,13,17 4 2 LEDs Red LED 1 27 Electrolytic capacitor 220uF C19,21 2 3 Magnet and coil 5X13X55 T1 1 28 Electrolytic capacitor 4.7uF C6 1 4 Shock coil Red T2 1 29 Quadruple capacitance CBM-443PF C (1,2,3,4) 1 5 IF transformer Black T3 1 30 Band switch K2 1 6 Filter 10.7M tripod CF1 1 31 Headphone jack 3.5mm CK 1 7 Filter 455KHz CF2 1 32 Solder Lug 3.2mm 1 8 Discriminator 10.7M two feet CF3 1 33 Scale panel 1 9 Hollow inductance 3x4.5T L2 1 34 Tuning dial 1 10 Hollow inductance 3x5.5T L1 1 35 Potentiometer dial 1 11 Speakers 0.25W, 4-16Ω BL 1 36 Magnet holder 1 12 Potentiometer 20KΩ RP 1 37 PCB 1 13 Resistance 100Ω R4 1 38 Battery pole piece 3 14 Resistance 150Ω R2 1 39 Wires Red, black, yellow 5 15 Resistance 330Ω R5 1 40 Chassis cover 1 16 Resistance 2KΩ R3 1 41 Lower housing cover 1 17 Resistance 100KΩ R1 1 42 Flat machine screws 2.5x5 4 18 Ceramic capacitors 1P C5 1 43 Yuan machine screws 1.6x4 1 19 Ceramic capacitors 15P C3, C4 2 44 Self-tapping screws 3x6 2 20 Ceramic capacitors 30P C1, C2 2 45 Rod antenna 1 21 Ceramic capacitors 121 C16 1 46 Pointer paper 1 22 Ceramic capacitors 221 C11 1 47 Horn plate 2 23 Ceramic capacitors 103 C9,10,22 3 48 Twist switch 1 24 Ceramic capacitors 223 C15 1 49 Self-tapping screws 2x5 1 25 Ceramic capacitors 104 C7,14,18,20 4
Revolution Under Siege (RUS) is a simultaneous turn based historical wargame that puts you in charge of one of the factions that fought the Russian Civil War (1917-1923). From a ragtag group of volunteers create the powerful Red Army, using all the weaponry and equipment at your disposal: planes, tanks, armored trains, Cheka troops and the Konarmia (the famous Red Cavalry). Or, on the opposite side, gather all patriots and reform the elite divisions that shall save Holy Mother Russia. Can you.
DYMO LabelWriter MultiPurpose - Labels
UPC: 778888665238
Sanford P/N: 4338
Pugster Mom Charms Mother Daughter Charm Separable Butterfly Bracelet Heart Fits Pugster .Stay A Step Ahead The Latest Wave Of European Charm Bead Jewelry. This Exquisite Beaded Pugster Separable Butterfly Mother Daughter Garnet Red Crystal Two Tone European Love Beads European Charm Bead Dazzles With Individual Beauty. The Humble Charm And Simple Elegance Of This European Charm Bead Is An Unforgettable And Alluring Piece Of Accessory. This Interchangeable Pugster Sep
Touch-proof press-in socket. For installation in control panels with walls from 1-10 mm thick. Mounting opening diameter 12.2 mm, chamfer: 0.5 x 45°.
UPC: 2050001008428
SKS Hirschmann P/N: 972363102
RULER2 4-WAY SPLITTER CORD (Y), REQ. 4 PC3 CORDS (SOLD SEP) Model No: R2-4Y Dimensions: 21L x 0.1W x 0.1H
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