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Get ready for a sight-seeing experience offering you the opportunity to take in the beautiful sights of Miami aboard a Cessna 172 Seahawk! Choose your experience from the following tours: Miami Skyline Tour (30 Minutes): Let your imagination run wild as you view the eclectic Miami Skyline as if you were seeing a trailer for Miami Vice or CSI Miami! Passing below you'll see majestic cruise ships lined up on Cruise Ship Row, downtown Miami, the new Arsht Performing Arts Center, trendy South Beach and Deco Drive, Star Island with it's multi-million dollar mansions, Miami Beach including the world famous Fountainbleau Hotel and more! Ultimate Miami & Beaches Seaplane Tour (60 Minutes): This unforgettable tour encompasses all of the sights of the Miami Skyline Tour as well as Key Biscayne, with its beautifully restored lighthouse and saltwater homes. Then it's off to Coral Key and Boca Chita which are part of Biscayne National Park. A highlight of this tour comes when you make your way back to Matheson Hammock, Coconut Grove and the magnificent Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. You'll fly low enough over crystal clear waters to see exotic marine life like red star fishes, sting rays, dolphins, manatees and sharks. Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Coastline (60 Minutes): In addition to all the amazing sights of the Miami Skyline Tour, you'll fly north along the coastline past Hallandale and Hollywood beaches to Ft. Lauderdale. See Frank Lloyd Park, Port Everglades with its constant traffic of the newest Super Cruise Ships, and occasionally a Navy Aircraft Carrier. Next take in a bird's eye view of multi-million dollar mega yachts and waterfront mansions, Ft. Lauderdale's skyline, and more! Grand South Florida & Beaches Tour (120 Minutes): This Grand tour gives you a complete view of Miami-Dade and Broward County including the Wetlands, the River of Grass. Begin with the Ultimate Miami & Beaches Tour sites and then head inland to observe the vast city scenery that few get to see. You will see the Hollywood Boardwalk, soar above the largest remaining swamp land in the world and fly along Floridas River of Grass, and finish your tour by traveling over South Miami, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove.
The Seattle Seahawks are well known for being one of the most action packed squads in the NFL. Whether it's their mashing running game, or their star QB throwing the long bomb for a touchdown score, they can win on offense. Or they can win with defense! A stout squad known as the Legion of Boom, there's sure to be plenty of 4-and-out action whenever a team lines up against them.So, it might not be as exciting as gridiron action, but your kid surely has plenty of juking and jiving to do in his day. One minute, classes, and the next, fun out in the schoolyard. Whether he's navigating the hallways of school like his favorite player or is throwing the ball out in the field, he's probably going to want an action backpack to help him get through the day. Especially one that features his favorite team! This Seattle Seahawk Action backpack is just the accessory that he needs for all of his fun. With team logos and colors, this officially licensed backpack is the perfect way to make sure he's always got a piece of the NFL action, wherever he goes!
UPC: 190163773979
Forever Collectibles P/N: FLBPNFACTSS-ST
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The Digital Deluxe Edition adds the PARADISE ISLAND DLC which includes the lush Phi Phi Island map, an additional sunset weather, and two amphibious fighter aircraft - the Japanese A6M2-N "Rufe" and the US Navy “Seahawk” SC-1, both with cockpits.Moreover, the Digital Deluxe Edition also gets you the FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK featuring main-themes "HOPE IS VICTORY" and "FOR THE REPUBLIC", and Norman Wayne's popular country-rock single/EP "THESE GUNS".Soundtrack also available on major music services including Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Xbox/Microsoft Groove Music. & © 2017 Imperial North Music Agency.ABOUT THIS GAME“The sky was a maelstrom of exploding bombers, twisting tracers, flaming parachutes, and Robert’s own burning fighter. then his engine quit!”FTSOC, short for FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA, is an air-combat action game based on the true events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that defended China against Japan in the China-Burma-India theatre of World War 2.Experience rarely depicted air-battles as you take on the role of headstrong fighter pilots, self-sacrificing transport navigators, and daring bomber crews and gunners of the AVG, the RAF, and the USAAF to repel the onslaught of the Japanese war machine. Dogfight skilled enemy aces using “hit and run” tactics, carry out breakaway air-strikes behind enemy lines, and take part in the defense of China’s critical supply-routes, from Rangoon up the Burma road, and across the deadly Himalayan "Hump".FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA recreates some of the most legendary events of the China-Burma-India theatre. A decent collection of historical missions are included, such as the Japanese Christmas-raids on Rangoon, the AVG’s first combat over Kunming, the Battle of the Salween Gorge, “Hump” transport missions over the Himalayas, flight-training at Kyedaw in Toungoo, the surprise Invasion of Malaya, and many more.RARELY DEPICTED AIR-BATTLES OF WORLD WAR 2Action-packed campaign recreates the clandestine operations of the American Volunteer Group in fighter, bomber, gunner, reconnaissance, torpedo, and night missions.APPROACHABLE TAKE ON AIR-COMBATFeatures TrazerTime™ slow-motion precision firing, arcade-like combat maneuvers, sim-style pitch & roll controls, moody weathers (including thunderous monsoons, beautiful sunsets and misty dawns), 20+ Allied and Japanese planes, adjustable mouse & keyboard, gamepad, and flightstick controls, and more!MULTIPLAYER FOR UP TO 16 PLAYERSSteam leaderboards eternalize players’ online rankings across five battle modes! Coordinate devastating air-attacks in TEAM DOGFIGHT while providing cover for your comrades, outdo all enemies using powerful rocket weaponry in ROCKET BATTLE VS, or take to the skies to “Capture the Flag” in the FLAGBUSTERS mode.PAY ONCE AND PLAYNo micro-transactions or F2P-elements - for a single purchase, you’ll get the full, stand-alone experience - with unrestricted multiplayer!FLY IN COCKPIT OR THIRD-PERSON MODESoar through the skies of Southeast Asia in third-person or cockpit view in a variety of American, British, Russian/Chinese, and Japanese aircraft.STRIKING RENDITION OF THE FAR EASTFaithful environments, beautiful graphics, booming sound effects and an epic-orchestral soundtrack create a lasting impression of the China-Burma-India theatre.
Eight to Eighty Seahawk eyeglasses are designed for men featuring spring hinges. The Eight to Eighty Seahawk eyeglasses model is made of metal and manufactured in China.
Eight to Eighty P/N: 7271
Intex Inflatable Boats Seahawk Series 68347 68349 68351 Sun Shelter Intex Inflatable Boat Tent Canopy for Fishing Boat Sun Shade 210T Waterproof Materials
WELCOME TO PURGATORY ISLAND.A prison for the undead and dying. A hell from which you will never escape.If you're reading this, you’ve likely found that the nuances of life are slowly leaving you. One breath at a time. One paused heartbeat within your chest.The Far Watchers own this diseased island and have infected you with their Animus, a machine that holds you together, and one that aims to kill the death inside you! They’ve created this hell to test you, their weapons, and all their.
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Intex 68347EP SeaHawk II Seahawk II Set Lake Boat Seahawk 2 Set Lake Boat. Approx. inflated size: 93"X45"X16" - Manufacturer: Intex Development Co - Mfg Part Number: 68347EP - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail
UPC: 078257314959
Intex Development Co P/N: 68347EP
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