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30 x 417',1 roll of gift wrap.,Made of 70g paper.,100% post-consumer recycled paper.,Recyclable.,Please allow 3 - 5 business days for processing. Product ships from a separate warehouse. Additional time might be required during peak holiday season.,20% restocking fee if item is returned.,Made in South Korea.,A fun seafaring look that adds summer style to your wrap: Nautical Gift Wrap - Half Ream. Product image might show additional items to create a styled look. All items are sold separately unless noted.
Maintaining control on the high seas is virtually impossible. You've got weird monsters climbing up from the depths, curses that you have to constantly cleanse, and treasure that never seems to be hiding exactly where it has promised to stay buried… not to mention loads of other competing pirates that are certain that they deserve to captain your ship more than you! There's only so many things that a pirate captain can do to keep that edge… and swinging your cutlass and making mutineers walk the plank is only a solution for a short period of time. Eventually, they stop listening… or you run out of crew!Fortunately, the major symbol of pirate leadership hasn't changed much over the years: the hat. A keen pirate hat commands attention and demands loyalty and you will be certain to have both with this Black Caribbean Pirate Hat. The black faux leather tricorn design makes for the most recognizable seafaring look and has a built in elastic band to ensure it fits well and is less likely to be blown away by any unexpected hurricane winds. Put your best foot (or peg-leg forward) and give the command to set sail to the next treasure horde because, with this hat, you have no fear of mutiny… probably.
UPC: 618480346121
Elope P/N: EL290410-ST
Yacht Man Blue Cologne by Myrurgia 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men Since its debut in 2001, Yacht Man Blue by Myrurgia has offered a fragrance experience worthy of the seafaring man. Top notes of melon, bergamot, green apple, and lemon combine to create a citrusy scent well suited for afternoons on your boat. The fresh fragrance is ideal for a summer afternoon on the water or a casual lunch on land with your friends.
Our Porthole Cut-Outs will make it appear that you are peering out a window of a cruse ship to the wide open sea. The Porthole Cut-Outs measure 16" in diameter each and are made from a heavy paper. Attach several Porthole Cut-Outs to a wall to give the impression of a seafaring ship!
UPC: 883334114687
These Nautical Anchor Place Card Holders are in the shape of a seafaring anchor and feature an antique silver finish along with a slot for a place cards or photos. These Nautical Anchor Place Card Holders are a great way to accent your tables for your nautical themed party. Made of plastic Set of 6 holders and 6 place cards Holders measure 2" high x 1 1/2" wide (at widest point) Place cards measure 1 1/2" high x 2 3/8" wide
UPC: 843905000450
In Catan: Seafarers you control a group of bold seafaring settlers exploring and taming the wild, uncharted Isles of Catan. Each game brings you to new seas and new lands. You might even discover the precious gold fields (a very valuable new terrain). Embark on an epic quest to settle the home island, build ships, and chart nearby waters. Guide your brave seafarers to victory through cunning trades and wise development. Be first to create new sea lanes and settle the newly-discovered isles. The best strategy and a nice dash of luck decide who will be the undisputed ruler of the rich Isles of Catan! This is NOT a complete game! The base Settlers of Catan game is required to play this expansion.
UPC: 029877030736
Mayfair Games
This Pack Contains:Risen Risen 2 Dark Waters Risen 2 DLC Pirate's ClothesRisen 2 DLC Treasure Isle Risen 2 DLC Air Temple Risen 3 - Titan LordsRisen 3 DLC The Adventure GarbRisen 3 DLC Fog IslandRisen 3 DLC Uprising of the Little GuysRisenThe island Faranga needs a new hero, you! Delve into a gritty, raw and atmospheric fantasy world in which every action has a consequence. In the epic world of Risen, filled with mysterious earthquakes, fearsome monsters and unimaginable treasures, forge your path with the sword, learn the art of staff fighting or become a powerful mage. Risen 2 Dark WatersSet several years after the end of Risen, raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt. The hero, now a member of the Inquisition, is sent out to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures from the deep. His quest begins with rumors that the pirates who frequent the southern islands are the only ones who know a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all and end their reign of terror.Risen 2 DLC Pirate's ClothesA set of stylish premium pirate items that includes a hat, boots, trousers, a pistol and a special ring to increase the rate in which the player accumulates experience by 5%. These items will be part of the player's inventory right from the beginning of the game.Risen 2 DLC Treasure IsleEmbark on a brand new adventure in pursuit of the legendary treasure of Captain Steelbeard. Join Captain Steelbeard's daughter, Patty, on a journey to an unknown island that offers new environments to explore and many puzzles to solve, treasures to loot and mysteries to unravel. An all-new exclusive legendary item awaits those who have the courage to undertake this quest.Risen 2 DLC Air TempleGargoyles have infested the world of Risen 2: Dark Waters. Explore the mysterious Air Temple to uncover the mystery that surrounds it as you embark on an extensive new quest. Explore and discover an additional island with new characters, quests and enemies.
Piranha Bytes
Before The Perfect Storm, before In the Heart of the Sea, Steven Callahan's dramatic tale of survival at sea was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than thirty-six weeks. In some ways the model for the new wave of adventure books, Adrift is an undeniable seafaring classic, a riveting firsthand account by the only man known to have survived more than a month alone at sea, fighting for his life in an inflatable raft after his small sloop capsized only six days out. "Utterly absorbing" (Newsweek), Adrift is a must-have for any adventure library.
ISBN: 0-618-25732-2
Finally, a fish that you can cuddle with!We know the struggle of having a pet fish and not being able to cuddle with them. Having to look at their cute little faces inside of their glass bowls and not being able to reach in and give them a great big hug is so tough. We get that fish need to be submerged under water at all times because they breathe through gills, but we still wish that we could bond with our scaly pets in a more loving way.Well, we happen to have some great news for you! Now you can snuggle and curl up with one of pop culture's most treasured fishy friends. Cuddle, nuzzle, and squeeze this jumbo Nemo Pillow Pet whenever you want to give some love to your little buddy who spends all day swimming around in his aquarium. This officially licensed Disney/Pixar plush will provide all the love that you want, but can't get, from your seafaring friend!
UPC: 813461016424
Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is a 3D RTS game focusing on space combat. In the main campaign's story-driven missions, you begin play as Jim Hawkins, a cadet in the Royal Navy's fight against pirates and the deadly Procyon Fleet, with an eye toward eventual promotion to fleet commander. Skirmish and multiplayer modes allow the choice of playing as all three factions.Successfully completed missions result in ship and fleet enhancements, more experienced crews, and upgraded weapons.
Author Name: Sue Unstead Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Publishing Date: August 01, 2014
3 Piece Seafaring Mate Features; zipper shorts, bra with attached half cape, hat, patches 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Diamond Clubwear
UPC: 067003022927
One if by land, two if by sea.does Kate Aspen have a seafaring favor that's sure to fill you with glee! Featuring a smiling face, this navy blue whale-shaped frame brings a warm ambiance and a touch of the ocean to your next nautical special occasion. Whether used to display photos of the birthday boy or used as menu cards in the buffet line, your party guests can take home these whale frame favors to remember the day! Features and facts: Navy blue whale-shaped resin frame features light blue and white water spout, white eye and smile Holds 2" x 2" photo Frame measures 4.1" w x 0.4" d x 4" h
Results 1 - 15 for seafaring 
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