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Award Winner! Velvety red-black, 4" blooms with a bright yellow-green throat. Blooms last 16 hours! 30" tall.
Silhouette 5207 Chassis glasses are designed for men. The Silhouette 5207 Chassis glasses model is made of titanium and manufactured in Austria.
UPC: 692740861395
Silhouette P/N: 4725
The Puma Men's Mobium Elite v2 Running Shoes take a second-skin approach, conforming to the shape and motion of your foot. Built on the Mobium last, this upper-crust shoe changes in length, width, and proportion to adapt to your foot as you move through your gait cycle for a wildly natural feel while still wearing shoes. Lightweight and breathable mesh on top stays close to your toes for a sleek profile. TPU overlays are bonded on for seam-free support. The EverFit lockdown system uses the laces to fix your midfoot in place on the off chance you've excess volume inside. An EcoOrthoLite insole gives you step-in comfort and additional moisture-management (which comes in handy when going commando). Your toes and heel stay on a level playing field while injection-molded EVA offers some shock absorption without altering your natural footstrike. The Windlass Chassis is the unifying element that joins the movements of midsole and the outsole to simulate the same movements in your foot. An elasticized Mobium Band traces a figure 8 in the outsole to mimic and maximize the same movements as your foot's tendons. Expansion Pods under your forefoot cushion, protect, and follow your foot's flexion as you toe off into the next step. As the final flourish, EverTrack rubber ensures high-wear areas stay strong until you're ready for a new pair of shoes.
UPC: 887121630244
Puma P/N: 18691205-10
Find me a college student that doesn't like to sleep in, and I'll introduce you to a seagull that finds fish unappetizing. Fact is, however, you can't always snooze till nearly noon as there's days where you've got to be in class, at practice, at rehearsal, or elsewhere early in the morning. This Impecca Folding Travel Alarm Clock is a smart choice for taking along with you this fall. It features an ascending volume beep alarm that will rouse you reliably no matter how groggy you may be, and the compact, lightweight, and folding design means it's easy to plunk in your bag anytime you're straying off campus for whatever reason. You don't want to be that guy or gal who tries to nonchalantly slide into class late like it's no big thing when the sweat on your brow clearly indicates you've been sprinting for the last 10 minutes, so grab this great deal on a travel alarm clock. Want to know more? Handy travel alarm clock Folding design makes it easy to pack in any size bag Loud ascending beep alarm Easy to read dial Time and alarm setting knobs on back of clock On/off alarm switch Quartz movement Operates on 1 AA battery Available in your choice of Blue-Green, Orange-Yellow, Red-Black, or White
Results 1 - 4 for red-black 
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