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Based on patented design and technology, DiCAPac WP-711 DC Waterproof Housing Case gives you the ability to bring your digital camera deep underwater up to 16ft depth. The WP-711 case is available in different models to accommodate compatibility with various models of digital cameras. Detachable neck strap and friendly operation are also available. The Roll & Velcro zipper system let you open and close the case easily. It'fs made of PVC with silicon and rubber that allows convenient control for camera buttons as well as perfect visibility for the LCD screen.
The Pentek 153097 can be used on the Ametek, USFilter, Pentek PBH-420-1 and PBH-420-1.5 Filter Bag Housings. The 153097 sumps come with a drain hole but they do not come with the 144357 FNPT x 3/8-inch NPT PVC valve at the bottom of the sump. Sumps do NOT come with the OR-100 o-ring or the PBR-420-BK bag filter basket. If needed, these parts must be purchased separately.
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