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Enjoy operating your favorite locomotives, train sets, and accessories with the 80-Watt CW-80 Transformer. From the handsomely designed controller, reminiscent of the famous Lionel ZW, you control speed and power by raising and lowering the engineer handle. Operate your favorite features with the bell, whistle/horn, and direction buttons. On the rear of the unit, you will find a 0-18 volt variable AC output, as well as a programmable AC output for accessory operation. Simply set the accessory voltage to your desired output, and your accessory operates at that output until you turn the unit off even when you stop the train! Perfect for train sets and small- to medium-sized layouts, the CW-80 provides the power you need to enjoy all your Lionel favorites.
UPC: 023922141989
Take yourself off the market with this sweet vintage piece. This necklace features an antique copper "Novia" brooch (Spanish for girlfriend) and a vintage glass pearl teardrop. This classic piece hangs from brass chain and finishes with a gold-plated diamond patterned lobster clasp. -Necklace measures 17 inches. "Novia" measure approx. 2 inches across. -Packaged in a small box for safe shipping and gift giving.
Phul Effect Jewelry
Tee off the competition with this handsome golf tee box set.
Introducing the most stunning competitive advantage ever created. Designed for the worlds top riders with never-before-seen features. The utmost in elegance and classic traditional styling making this the highest quality off the shelf boot available.
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