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JK Specific Features: Stronger bracketry than factory OEM. JK specific CNC laser cut bracketry from 1/4 steel provides the highest strength. Run 38 tires with confidence. Maximum control arm and trackbar adjustability with multiple mounting locations. Maintain factory drivability and sensor control system information. JK ESP, ABS and speedometer sensor compatibility. Proper pinion angle for lifted JK applications to maximize power transfer. JK CRD60R Features: The original and industry leading aftermarket high pinion Dana 60. 100% engineered, designed, and built in the USA. CAD designed housing and bracketry for precision. Proven tri-chamber oil system for maximum oil flow to critical bearings. Maximum ground clearance (more than a Dana 44). HD oversized outer pinon bearing for superior strength and heat reduction. Off-the-shelf bearings and parts for easy maintenance and repair. Housing features cast ribs and gussets for strength to resist deflection. Thicker axle tube than factory - 3 OD DOM tubing. Premium UV protected powder coating for superior quality finish. Smooth radius bottom to glide over rocks and obstacles. HD 3/8 cast cover for extreme rock protection defense. 100% new components used throughout for a true "0-mile axle. No Excuses warranty - 1 year, unlimited mileage. JK HD Axle Shaft Features: Rolled splines for a stronger shaft vs. cut splines. 4140 Chromoly shafts with dual wheel bolt pattern (5 on 5 or 5 on 5.5). Axle shaft profiling for improved shaft strength and fatigue resistance. 35 spline shafts provide maximum strength and interchangeability with lockers. 4.56 Gear Ratio;ARB Air locker;35 Spline Chromoly Axle Shafts;Stronger Bracketry;5x5 and 5x5-1/2 Bolt Patterns;Maximum Ground Clearance;Adjustable Control Arm And Track Bar Mounting Locations
TeraFlex P/N: 3351456
Always ahead of their time, designers Charles &; Ray Eames used industrial production techniques and standardized off-the-shelf parts in 1952 to create their Bauhaus-inspired Herman Miller Eames desk, an innovative piece that extended the frontiers of modern design to include a ;machine aesthetic"; and the concept of ;modularity. "; The zinc-coated steel cross-supports and uprights give the units a bold industrial feel, and the dimpled plywood on cabinet fronts and plywood drawer fronts and shelves exemplify the furniture's Mid-century modern appearance. With an expansive birch top desktop and storage space below, plus a handy drawer that accommodates hanging file folders, the Eames desk will shine as a stylish and functional workspace in your home. Some of its features include:Birch finish on tops and drawer frontsPainted hardwood sides and back panelsPainted surfaces available in neutral or bright colorsAvailable with file drawer at left or rightDesk frame, legs and cross supports all made of zinc-coated steelAs striking now as when it was introduced, the iconic Eames desk is a sophisticated and highly functional addition to your home office.
Herman Miller
Three power supply options: D-cell holder pack Holds four off-the-shelf D-cell alkaline batteries. Source batteries in any situation or environment. NiMH Rechargeable battery. LiSO 2 one-time-use battery
The CM12 delivers 10,500 Btu/H of cooling in a compact, self-contained unit that mounts easily with standard, off-the-shelf hardware above a standard drop ceiling and requires no special electrical connections, saving time and money. The ceiling-mounted CM12 packaged air conditioning unit provides a quick and easy cooling solution for the most critical hot spots."Saving space, time and expense for spot cooling has become essential for many businesses with critical equipment operating in confined spaces with no ventilation or air conditioning," according to John Doran, manager of the MovinCool Sales Department. "MovinCool pioneered the concept of workspace spot cooling with its portable units," Doran added, "and now, with the CM12, offers an out-of-the-way ceiling mount solution that will certainly save our customers time and money, as well as space."The new CM12 comes with a variety of built-in capabilities and safety features:A condensation pump, mounting brackets and both return and supply air flanges are all built-in. The unit can be controlled by an off-the-shelf thermostat and uses off-the-shelf mounting hardware. The unit can be wired into the building controls. Automatic shut-off is controlled from a common fire alarm control panel.Also, the CM12 has a wide operating range of 60° to 95°F on the evaporator and 60° to 113°F on the condenser. Separate ducts for supply and return air provide more air movement, improved circulation and more efficient cooling, even in tight spaces.
Get the convenience and flexibility of a custom phone system for an off-the-shelf price with this four-line phone system that expands to up to 16 corded base stations. Easy-to-install system can expand to accommodate the needs of growing businesses. Each base station can also be paired with a cordless accessory handset (sold separately) for added mobility and convenience. Professional features make it easy to manage calls and contacts. Headset and hearing aid compatible. Base model. Lines: 4; Telephone Type: Corded; Cordless; Speakerphone: Base; Volume Control: Base.
UPC: 044319703016
RCA P/N: RCA25423RE1
Uses off-the-shelf gigabit IP switches for extension and distribution.
Embedded computer systems literally surround us: they're in our cell phones, PDAs, cars, TVs, refrigerators, heating systems, and more. In fact, embedded systems are one of the most rapidly growing segments of the computer industry today. Along with the growing list of devices for which embedded computer systems are appropriate, interest is growing among programmers, hobbyists, and engineers of all types in how to design and build devices of their own. Furthermore, the knowledge offered by this book into the fundamentals of these computer systems can benefit anyone who has to evaluate and apply the systems. The second edition of "Designing Embedded Hardware" has been updated to include information on the latest generation of processors and microcontrollers, including the new MAXQ processor. If you're new to this and don't know what a MAXQ is, don't worry-the book spells out the basics of embedded design for beginners while providing material useful for advanced systems designers. "Designing Embedded Hardware" steers a course between those books dedicated to writing code for particular microprocessors, and those that stress the philosophy of embedded system design without providing any practical information. Having designed 40 embedded computer systems of his own, author John Catsoulis brings a wealth of real-world experience to show readers how to design and create entirely new embedded devices and computerized gadgets, as well as how to customize and extend off-the-shelf systems. Loaded with real examples, this book also provides a roadmap to the pitfalls and traps to avoid. "Designing Embedded Hardware" includes: The theory and practice of embedded systems Understanding schematics and data sheets Powering an embedded system Producing and debugging an embedded system Processors such as the PIC, Atmel AVR, and Motorola 68000-series Digital Signal Processing (DSP) architectures Protocols (SPI and I2e used to add peripherals RS-232C, RS-422, infrared communication, and USB CAN and Ethernet networking Pulse Width Monitoring and motor control If you want to build your own embedded system, or tweak an existing one, this invaluable book gives you the understanding and practical skills you need.
ISBN: 0-596-00755-8
Polycom External Speaker Integration Kit Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Item # 2215-17409-001 The Polycom External Speaker Integration Kit helps the Sound Station VTX 1000 to connect to the speaker set using these adapters. The same adapters are also available as regular off-the-shelf components. The External Speaker Integration Kit simply offers all the necessary parts in a convenient bundle. External Speaker Integration Kit Features: Audio Adapter Kit, Male Connector - Right/Left Connector: RCA Phono x 2, Female Connector - Right/Left Connector: Mini-Phone Stereo 3.5mm, Compatible With Sound Station VTX 1000, Includes: Polycom External Speaker Integration Kit, Y Cable, Y Adapter, Audio Coupler
Polycom P/N: 2215-17409-001
SYMPLA is a fully customisable component rig system, but a limited number of pre-configured kits is also available to provide ''off-the-shelf'' answers to the most common requirements for HDSLR rigs. The Long Lens Support kit is designed to reduce the vibrations generated while shooting with camera bodies in combination with long lenses, which usually have to be supported on the lens L-bracket, which itself makes the camera very susceptible to shake. The Long Lens Support gives a rigid, stable platform for filming with any camera/lens combination, by providing two height-adjust rubber-coated supports that raise and push against the base of the camera body and the end of the lens to stabilise both of them, and therefore eliminate vibration that can be caused by simple things like pressing the camera Rec button, or focusing the lens. Compatible with all Manfrotto Video Heads. Kit comprises: 300 mm Rods (2), Sympla Variable Plate, Sympla Lens Support, Sympla Body Support, Sympla V-Offset, 150 mm Rods and Clips. We recommend: Offset, Shoulder Pad, Adjustable Handles.
Mimo 15' Extended USB Cable - USB15 Product Features Specially designed by Mimo Monitors for Mimo Monitors Due to popular demand, Mimo Monitors has designed a high-quality 15' USB cable specifically for our monitors. USB signal strength degrades rapidly and most off-the-shelf cables are unable to provide the necessary transmission of power/data required by Mimo Monitors. This product allows you to extend your monitor further away from your PC (USB cable that is included with your monitor is 4.5' long)
The XMC1100 CPU Card for Arduino™ has two rows of pin headers which fully compatible with Arduino™ shield. Hence, user can buy various Arduino shield boards off-the-shelf to test the capabilities of XMC1100 microcontroller. Moreover, it features a detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger, a UART virtual COM port as well as 7 LED lights.
UPC: 2050003817240
Infineon Technologies P/N: KIT_XMC11_BOOT_001
Results 1 - 11 for off-the-shelf 
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