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Like a good multi-use tool you'll only need one soft-shell with the Patsch GT all weather jacket by Spyder. A yearly bestseller this updated classic soft-shell protects and shelters you from the elements. Slick with a off-centered geometric vibe the Patsch features 3 zippered pockets one on the chest and the others as handwarmers. An adjustable hood opening and a hem drawcord keep the elements out so you can rock your adventure without worrying about moisture or heat loss. Encapsulating a cocoon the Patsch by Spyder is the only jacket you'll need whether you're walking the streets or riding down the mountain in spring slush.
4.5 Inch Rear Lift Block Rear Block; 4.5 in.; Off-Centered Pinned; 5 Deg.; Ductile Iron Skyjacker 4.5 Inch Rear Lift Block RB245 Suspension Block
Skyjacker P/N: RB245
Results 1 - 2 for off-centered 
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