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These are convenient flavor packs to add to your drinking water. Each serving provides 15 mg of resveratrolas much as in 16 bottles of red wine and just five calories. . Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring compounds found in colorful fruit and vegetables and even in dark chocolate. They benefit us by supporting the health of all the tiny cells that make up our bodies. . That's why antioxidants are associated with optimal health benefits, such as:. Improved resistance to infection* . Increased energy* . Reduced risk of coronary heart disease and certain cancers* . Slowed aging process* . Healthy, lustrous hair and skin* . One particular antioxidant, resveratrol, is an ingredient found in red wine. It has been shown to have a broad range of health-enhancing properties, including calming inflammation in the body and killing germs. . These products give you all the antioxidant benefits of fruit and chocolate including the taste without the calories or carbs! . Lactose Free, Caffeine Free, Vegetarian, Kosher Parve. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Silk'n facefx is an at-home, anti-aging device that uses a combination of fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating to stimulate collagen production and achieve long-term, radiant skin. Users can receive professional anti-aging results in the comfort of their own home and at a fraction of the cost. The red light energy and dermal heat work together to increase cell turnover, improve skin texture and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product targets the top layer of your skin to improve its texture and also the deeper layer, to address wrinkles and discoloring. Warning: it is recommended that users keep their eyes closed when treating the eye area. Also, areas with little skin or fat can heat up much faster than areas with more fat.
UPC: 7290012137723
Silk'n P/N: SN-001
A subscription for Parrots Magazine will open up a whole new world for parrot and parakeet lovers. Every month, Parrots magazine is packed full of fabulous information, and stunning photography, covering all aspects of keeping parrots as pet and aviary birds. The world's best parrot experts write about pet behaviour, healthcare, breeding, conservation and much more informing all parrot and parakeet owners about the important issues that can affect their birds. Many advertisers are featured in Parrots Magazine offering the widest range of products and services, satisfying all the requirements that parrot owners need, which makes buying all those favourite things so easy. Subscribe to Parrots magazine and experience a whole new world about your favourite subject! Why not buy a gift subscription for a relative or friend?
From the Maipo Valley in Chile, this highly rated yet value-priced wine is, in the words of the Wine Enthusiast, ''The real deal in affordable Chilean higher-end Cabernet Sauvignons, offers a little of everything, from spice to herbs to olive to fine fruit.'' We offer this exquisitely balanced Cabernet in a wooden wine crate for a memorable gift presentation. So rich with fruit-forward flavor and plush tannins, this is the wine to give to your favorite red wine drinker: they'll thank you for it. Crate measures 15'' x 5'' x 4''. Due to the alcoholic content of this gift, an adult signature is required upon delivery. Personalize It! Complete the engraving option during checkout and we'll add a sandblasted name or message to the bottle of wine. Sandblasting creates a uniform, semi-opaque etching onto glass surfaces that lasts much longer and is more beautiful than any other form of engraving. One line with up to 20 characters.
The Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM fixed-length wide-angle lens incorporates the best in Canon lens technology for spectacular sharpness and impressive performance at all settings. It features two high-precision large-diameter aspherical lenses for sharpness across the sensor. Lens elements have an anti-reflective SWC (Sub Wavelength Coating) by using an extremely fine structure that minimizes ghosting and flaring across the lens surface. It also features two UD lens elements to minimize chromatic aberrations. Additional features include: rear-focusing quiet high-speed AF circular aperture water-resistant L-series construction plus much more!
UPC: 013803092769
CANON P/N: 2750B002
25 yards per roll., 100% nylon netting., Affordable and easy to accent all types of packages with over 40 of the most popular colors to choose from., A elegant wedding ribbon, wedding favor ribbon, bridal flowers, baby gifts and so much more., Ribbon gives gift bags style, and adds a light and airy looking bow to any gift box., Made in the USA., Multi-functional American Beauty Tulle ribbon is an alternative way to wrap gifts or gift baskets - the light netting can be used in a number of ways that makes use of it's stretchy quality and fluffy look
Even if your podium ambitions are limited to the local Thursday training crit, you still deserve to reap the benefits of comfort and technology designed for the pros. The Mavic Galibier Shoe features a racing DNA culled from Mavic's high end road shoes that won't break your budget. Taking a closer look, the Galibier features Mavic's Energy Carbon Comp Outsole. While many shoes in the mid-price range come with a nylon/fiberglass blended sole, Mavic wanted the Galibier to be worthy of your hard training. To that end, the Energy Carbon Comp sole adds carbon to the nylon/fiberglass blend to increase stiffness. A stiff sole assists in directing power transfer to the pedals. You'll also notice that the sole of the Galibier is much thinner than other road shoes. This brings your foot closer to the pedal which also creates more efficient power transfer. Additionally, to increase foot stability, Mavic used its Ergo Fit 2D insole with a high density cradle to keep your heel locked into position. The Galibier's upper was constructed out of synthetic leather and mesh for an ideal blend of comfort, durabilty, and breathability. The Climavent tongue adds to comfort with an EVA foam insert that provides relief from abrasions and pressure over the instep. The Galibier are secured with the Ergo Lite Ratchet strap and two hook and loop straps. The ratcheting strap micro adjusts so that you'll get an almost custom fit. The Mavic Galiber Shoes are available in whole and half sizes from 4. 0 to 12. 5 and in the color White/black.
UPC: 887850110420
Mavic P/N: 35514632
On days when you're feeling less than enthusiastic with much of your wardrobe, pump up your spirit, and your style by popping this stainless steel bracelet. It looks wonderful alongside the simplest of cotton dresses, leggings, and ankle boots! The tricolor gold-plated charms will have your clothing dispute settled in no time and will cause you to crack a smile each time you catch a look at your gorgeous reflection. With an accessory like this added to your jewelry box, finding an outfit will never be a fight again! Want to know more? Crafted with 18kt yellow gold-plated stainless steel, 18kt rose gold-plated stainless steel & stainless steel Features a circle charms motif Decorated with cubic zirconia accents Hypoallergenic-suitable for all skin types Lobster clasp closure Measures 7" L x 0.2 W x 0.4 H
Featured in Good Housekeeping's 3 Top Red Wine Stain Removers! Advanced formula fast-acting! Even better than the original Wine B' Gone customers hail as 'the best on the market.' Advanced surface-active agents remove wine stains faster and safer than ever from clothing upholstery carpets sinks countertops. just about anything. Removes coffee and many other stains too! Removes Wine Stains and So Much More In addition to red and white wine stains Wine B' Gone Ultra removes many other tough stains even old ones such as: beer brandy whisky rum cola apple juice coffee tea berries most fruits vegetables sauces balsamic vinegar mustard ketchup grass hair dye iodine blood medicinal stains and perspiration stains. Works on Fabrics Hard Surfaces Metals Even Hands Wine B' Gone Ultra works on colorfast washable fabrics; upholstery; carpets; furniture; laundry; stainless steel; platinum gold silver and diamond jewelry; sinks; plastic items; cabinets; countertops; glassware; and hands. Wine B' Gone Ultra contains surfactants safe solvents and stain-reducing components and has no phosphorous peroxide or chlorine bleach. It is pH neutral and will not adversely affect colorfast washable fabrics. And it keeps colors vibrant and whites whiter without oxidizing agents. Size: 3-3/4 oz. spray bottle.
UPC: 031333016918
Wine Enthusiast
This 72'' wide felt is fade-resistant, cuts cleanly with no fraying and can be sewn and/or glued. It is made from eco-fi which is a high quality fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Rainbow felt is the perfect all-around craft fabric-great for school, camp, costumes, home projects, scrapbooking and much more! Made in the USA.
Absolute clarity regarding your goals is essential to high performance. Begin the powerful process of goal-setting and achievement, and experience success in every area of your life. This 3-part guide gives you a personal roadmap for accomplishing everything you want in life-and much more! Plan for success and improve the quality of your entire life and career.
Brian Tracy International P/N: 198
For a velvety, luminous, subtly iridescent eyes.A very soft, silky powder texture, easy to apply, for a very even, harmonious result. Instant coverage, use as much as you like, to play on lightness or intensity. Long wear, 6h without running, luminous true colour. The Single Eyeshadow contains all the natural benefits of bamboo silica extract. Tested under ophthalmological supervisionThe Plus :-Colour stays true from compact to skin -Quality applicator1.0 oz/3 g compact
Yves Rocher P/N: 32679
Biomedics Toric lenses provide optimised comfort and vision for those with astigmatism. They stabilise quickly and easily in the eye, locating quickly in 3-4 blinks to give improved visual consistency and comfort. Having been developed in a world renowned institute of eye research Biomedics toric has taken comfort and vision consistency to a new level. This lens addresses the issue of visual inconsistency, associated with the rotation and movement of the lens within the eye, by offering a smooth continuous surface and wide ballast band making this lens much more comfortable. The identical lenses are also sold by some opticians as Ascend Toric and we accept prescriptions for these when supplying Biomedics Toric lenses.
Coghlan's Collapsible Tumbler The Coghlan's Collapsible Tumbler is a tumbler built for outdoor adventures. This pack comes with 2 collapsible tumblers that you can store easily in your pack. It is very convenient as it does not take much space and weight when you are traveling. It also eliminates the use of disposable cups which has a great impact on your budget and the environment. Each tumbler can hold up to 5 oz or 142 ml of liquid, and its colorful plastic adds more fun to your trips. Be prepared and organized when you plan for a trip or outdoor adventure with the help of this product. The Coghlan's Collapsible Tumbler is perfect for outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, and more. Get one now!
UPC: 056389006553
Coghlan's Camp Kitchen P/N: 655
The Tefal GV8930 Pro Express Total Auto Steam Generator combines the right combination of steam and temperature for each fabric type to obtain the best ironing results. As each fabric is different the irons settings for temperature and steam output must be adapted to each type the most fragile or the most resistant such as jeans for perfect results every time.The Tefal GV8930 Pro Express Total Auto Steam Generator has exclusive Auto Control Smart Technology Tefal offers three optimum preset temperature and steam combinations easily selected with a touch of a button for the fastest and most efficient ironing.The three preset temperatures. Consist of Normal Max and Min. The normal programme is ideal for all common items made of cotton wool silk polyester viscose etc. (labelled with the 1-dot or 2-dot symbol). The Max programme (jeans) is the most effective for thick or difficult fabrics (and those labelled with the 3-dot symbol). The Min programme (delicates) is very gentle for the most delicate items and fragile colours.The Smart Technology controls the steam and temperature electronically and with the greatest precision automatically providing the ideal combination of the two. The programme can be selected at the touch of a button using the steam stations control panel.To guarantee outstanding results with each programme the Pro Express Total Auto Control GV8930 Steam Generator offers exceptional steam performance. It has 6 bar pressure for effective steam penetration into the fabric fibres with 120g/min variable steam and a steam shot of 310g/min for thick fabrics such as jeans and difficult creases.The GV8930 features an exclusive Autoclean Soleplate by Tefal which provides long lasting glide ability thanks to an exclusive patented technology. This soleplate eliminates loose fibres that can stick to it and damage clothes and also features a comfort tip for those hard to reach areas like in pockets and around buttons.As the water across much of the UK is very hard scale can build up and affect the performance of appliances. To combat the problem the GV8930 features a new and enhanced Anti-calc Collector which can collect up to twice as much limescale. Meaning maintaining the life of your steam generator is a breeze.Safety is a key priority for Tefal which is why the Pro Express Total Auto Control has an auto-off function. Your steam generator will be as safe as possible when not in use by automatically shutting off when left unattended. It also features a lock system so you can safely carry the appliance by the handle with just one hand.The GV8930 has a super fast heat up time of 2 minutes so it is ready when you are and with its continuous refill you do not need to worry about waiting for your steam generator to cool down before refilling.
UPC: 3121040046999
Tenergy Ultra high capacity 14.4V NIMH 13, 000mAh. (13 Ah) NiMH F (Long D size) size battery NIMH Batteries offer memory free operation and you can charge batteries at any status of charge in the battery. Idealfor power intensive deviceslike E-bike, Radios andAudios, Boom Boxes, Remote Control Cars, and much more. Perfect for portable or emergency power source for Medical applications, transportation, communication and power tools. Manufactured under ISO9001 and tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life timeThis is a customized pack. Please contact if you need this pack. Technical SpecificationsNIMH 14.4 V working voltage. Standard discharging rate (1C)13Amp ( Recommended and warranted) Discharging:- Highest Discharging rate for continuous running40Amp - Max. Dischargingrate for short time60Amp Charging:- Rapid Chargingat 1 C (13A current) rate with auto cut off device-Standard Chargingat 1.2 A current for 12 Hrs- A recommended chargerSmart Universal Charger Dimension:195 mm Length. x 65mm Width x 92 mm Height Weight:3 kgOrdering InstructionThis is a customized pack. Please contact if you need this pack. Contact us for technical and application discussion.
Tenergy P/N: 11705
Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas - Premium Chinchilla FoodFeed your chinchilla just what she wants and needs with Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas. This fortified mix of high fiber hay, healthful whole grains, and dried veggies and fruits is just what your chinchilla needs to live a happy, healthy life. Fiesta MAX chinchilla food is full of nutrients essential to your small pet's health, including: balanced Omega-3 fatty acids that help develop healthy coats; antioxidants to boost the immune system and fight illness; and insoluble fiber to keep that digestive system on track.Chinchilla owners know that their little furry friend has a particularly sensitive digestive system. High moisture and super fatty foods, those that chinchillas are not naturally accustomed to eating, can make them ill. That's why top quality Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas is designed with a variety of fortified nutritional ingredients to give your small pet just what she needs. The high fiber portions of this chinchilla food are good for her, and the sweeter dried foods taste good to her. The balance of healthy fiber and tasty treats keeps her eating what's good for her but doesn't hurt her little tummy.In the wild, chinchillas have adapted to survive on little because food can be sparse in their mountain habitats. Similarly, their domesticated relatives are naturally light eaters, so it can be easy to overfeed a pet chinchilla. It's important to give her only as much chinchilla food as is recommended by the manufacturer (usually just a couple of tablespoons per day). Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Chinchillas is available in a 2.5 pound resealable package; store it in a cool, dry place or freeze it for long term use! Be sure to shop for Kaytee Fiesta MAX pet food and all of your other essential chinchilla supplies at
UPC: 071859426501
Pure Hockey Says: Mission realizes that things can get pretty heated during a hockey game on the ice as well as in your skates. Mission is utilizing a new technology that will literally INHALE air through the skate which we think is pretty cool and so will your feet! The Inhaler AC5 come with a NEW Aluminum HI-LO chassis with HI-LO HL1 wheels and HI-LO ABEC 7 bearings that will have you coasting for days. With a comfortable white felt tongue the lacebite insert will create a comfortable fit and prevent those laces from grabbing your feet too much! And at this price you won't have to remember to inhale when you look at the price.
The StudioPRO Double Strobe Softbox Kit is perfect for the photographer who has or wants to begin using strobe lighting as opposed to continuous lighting. These strobe lights produce a single- powerful flash of light which capture the image of your subject instantly. This Strobe Lighting Kit comes with two softboxes that deliver even- natural light and can easily be adjusted to your specifications. Set up is easy and the kit is lightweight- which makes it ideal for a pop-up shoot anywhere. Also included in this much needed kit is a background support system that comes with your choice of a black- white- or green muslin background that will instantly provide your photos with a professional touch.
When you started out as a parent, chances are you felt completely unprepared to deal with the challenges of a child. But at some point in your journey, you've probably found yourself feeling confident in your parenting role and abilities. The routine and predictability of your child's life became manageable and fairly easy to navigate. Now that your child is a teenager (or soon-to-be teen), you may be feeling overwhelmed at times with fear, confusion, frustration, and a lack of understanding. It almost feels like you're starting all over with a screaming, needy, and sometimes whiny child (only much taller and with more attitude!). The changes of adolescence, while normal for every teen, feel completely abnormal to parents and teenagers, often leaving you feeling like a helpless bystander. But you're not alone, and there is hope to help you (and your teen) get through these challenging, changing years. For more than 30 years, Dr. Walt Mueller has studied adolescents and the culture they're surrounded by. His expertise was put to the test when his own children became teenagers. Now he's bringing wisdom from research and his own experience to help other parents through the tumultuous years of adolescence. With empathy and practical tools, this book will help you understand the changes your teen is experiencing, and help you effectively parent them as you explore how to: create a smoother adolescent period for your teen begin to break through the walls of confusion, fear, frustration, and misunderstanding be a positive and proactive bridge-builder into the life and world of your teenager Dr. Walt Mueller is the founder and president of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, a nonprofit ministry organization that has served churches, schools, and community organizations worldwide for more than 30 years. He's a sought-after authority on youth culture and family issues and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and the BBC.
Neither Love Scent, nor the manufacturer, completely understand all the uses of Androstadienone Pheromones . Androstadienone Pheromone is provided for experimental/educational purposes only, due to a raging outcry for its availability from customers. There are certainly no claims or guarantees whatsoever made or implied by Love Scent or the manufacturer of Androstadienone Pheromone, other than of course that the bottle actually arrives to your door and that it contains what and how much we say it does. It is reported that Androstadienone Pheromone is a strong sex pheromone that can be used by men and women and is great for picking up the opposite sex. Try the best Sex Pheromone and pick up some Androstadienone Pheromones Today! Reagent grade Androstadienone Pheromone . Androstadienone Pheromone comes in a 10ml eye-dropper top bottle. Guaranteed to contain 10mg dry wt. of androste-dienone. Warning: Do NOT buy Androstadienone Pheromone if you are a newbie.
Love Scent
A compact, fun-filled book that features entertaining facts and insights about life, love and the law!Not many books can address quitting your job or going tosmall-claims court - then recommend watching "Office Space" orcover how cases end up before Judge Judy.Your Little Legal Companion, our most engaging book yet, does this and much more! Covering everything from birth to deathand everything in between in an easy-to-read "Top 10 list" format, you'll find quick tips on: going to college buying a car renting an apartment dealing with an accident quitting a job starting a business dealing with identity theft becoming a landlord buying and selling on eBay moving in with a significant other (yikes!) starting a band taking your dream trip surviving a natural disaster holding the best garage sale ever fighting a traffic ticket writing a will and much, much more.Turn to Your Little Legal Companion for quick, practical and justplain friendly advice from the experts, the editors of Nolo, America's leading do-it-yourself legal publisher. A quick readthat's guaranteed to make you laugh, it makes a great gift, airplane book and - yes, it must be said- bathroom reader!
ISBN: 1-4133-0542-3
You can never have too much storage space. Alfresco's all-welded commercial stainless steel access doors with polished stainless steel handles provide easy and attractive access to the volume of space inside your island kitchen. Integrated storage rail inside doors provide extra space. The front of these doors are stamped with the Alfresco logo in the metal. Be assured that if your accessories are stamped with the Alfresco logo that you are receiving the highest quality equipment - now available at AJ Madison.
It spins like a knob. It clicks like a mouse. But it's so much more.You can use PowerMate to edit home movies, or scroll through long documents, or create your next audio masterpiece. How can PowerMate be this cool? Because it's an assignable controller that you can program to do anything you want, in any application.PowerMate functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for your Mac or PC. But that's just the beginning of PowerMate's possibilities. Edit movies just like the pros, using PowerMate as a precision Jog/Shuttle wheel. PowerMate makes editing a breeze, anything from home movies to your next demo. It even comes preset to work with iMovie and GarageBand, right out of the box!But the real power of PowerMate is its programmable driver. You can quickly and easily program it to execute any Key Command, in any application. And if you're running Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, we have software for you that supercharges your PowerMate [ watch the video ].PowerMate 3.0 requires Mac OS 10.6 or greater. Download PowerMate 3.1
Griffin Technology
9x16 TRAMPOLINE ComboNOTE: GREAT FEATURE!!!This trampoline has middle leg braces, this helps the frame not flex as much, it also allows the enclosure to fit better on the trampoline. Specifications:9 x 16 Frame-All Galvanized SteelTrampoline jumping mat is Permatron polypropylene material 7'x 14'104 (8.5) Galvanized Springs (17 short side, 33 long side & 1 in each corner)Royal Blue Frame pads covers the corners completely2 thick, 12 wide with 14 oz. VinylWarranty:Frame: 10 YearsSprings: 2 YearsFrame Pads: 2 YearsMat: 2 YearsAvailability: Usually ships the next business day. Motor FreightAllow 7-10 business daysTrampoline Enclosure With Extended Net - Net overlaps (beware some nets do not overlap)SHIPPING DISCLOSURE:Orders that are delivered by freight require someone to be there for the delivery to sign for what is delivered.Please make sure you check all packages before you sign for anything to make sure you are receiving the correct number of packages that are listed on the delivery ticket and that they are in good condition.By signing for the delivery you are agreeing that you are receiving the correct number of packages and that they are in good condition.Related Products:
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