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Urbane and Elegant You instantly become urbane and elegant as you wear the Genf (the local name for Geneva). You'll be floating on your feet wherever you go fun drinks concerts art viewings business meetings city walks or just enjoying your free time.You have the choice of three colors so the Genf suits every occasion.The Genf shoe comes in chocolate brown black and beige. If you need it the Genf Black and New Beige have more adjustability options than the Chocolate model. They have an additional high-quality velcro strap across the midfoot as well as an elastic extension on the middle strap. Available Sizes US 5 - 11.5 Available Colors Beige Chocolate Black Upper full-grain bovine leather (Chocolate & Beige) Artificial leather (Black & New Beige) Lining full-grain leather Insole suede antibacterial treatment Sole PU Sole Type/Shape Sandal Sole (wide - for everyday standing walking and other activities)
UPC: 7640162698283
All-Star FPFG09A Women's Infielder Faceguard. FPFG09A Women's Infielder Faceguard: Softball Infielders Mask Clear and durable polycarbonate construction Women's size Adjustable straps and chin cup
All-Star P/N: 6684
Red Cologne by Giorgio Beverly Hills 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men Introduced in 1991 by Giorgio Beverly Hills, Red is a masculine scent that is alluring. The top notes include, cumin, basil, bergamot and green. The middle of this manly scent is juniper, geranium, rose, jasmine and thyme.
Giorgio Beverly Hills
Casmir by Chopard is a oriental vanilla fragrance for women. Casmir was launched in 1992. Top notes are peach, apricot, black currant and raspberry; middle notes are mandarin orange, carnation and cinnamon; base notes are vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean and opoponax.
UPC: 3414202051529
KangerTech Genitank The KangerTech Genitank is a new product line by KangerTech. The genitank can hold up to 2.4ml of e-liquid. It has an airflow control valve to control the amount of air coming into the tank while you inhale it. It’s updated to the newest dual coil as well All parts are replaceable to the genitank. It can be fitted with most 510 drip tips and it heats from the bottom. It’s still considered as a wick-based tank but it’s not visible. The coil head can with majority of kangertech units such as the protank 3, the T3D, evod 2, evod glass, and all the aerotanks. The genitank is a new designed tank. It holds a 2.4 capacity and uses a dual coil. It’s a Pyrex glass tank that has a spring loaded connector for the middle post. It’s made with the new designed, upgraded dual coil with an airflow control valve. The airflow control valve is located towards the bottom of the tank with 5 holes drilled into it. Rotating the swivel either covers the hole or leaves the hole open. Having the hole open, inhaling the vapor gives it air flow which helps the hit become smoother and easier to inhale. The rotation wheel can rotate to cover 1 or all the holes depending on your preference. -Tube is made out of Pyrex glass and is still possible for the glass tube to break- INSTRUCTIONS ON FILLING TANK: Flip the tank upside down Twist off the threaded cap Pour e-juice into tank avoiding the center airflow tube Twist on threaded cap & flip it right side up FEATURES: Dual coil cartomizer Replaceable 510 drip tip 100% glue free Any part that is damaged could be replaced Designed with a stronger base and adjustability to control its airflow Every piece falls off (easier to clean)
The Tech21 Pure Clear™ case not only keeps your Galaxy S8 protected from everyday drops; it also lets you continue to appreciate your phone s smart look, thanks to the case s fully transparent design. BulletShield™ shock protection, designed with the same material used in bullet-proof glass, absorbs impact force and repels it away from your device. The Pure Clear case is ultra thin, lightweight and designed for complete access to all functions. Intelligent BulletShield™ protection. BulletShield™ is a multi-layer, impact protective material used in bullet-proof glass. The top layer spreads shock over a wider area. The middle layer absorbs and dissipates the force. The third layer slows and further absorbs any remaining shock. Slimmer and lighter. Because of BulletShield s superb impact absorbing properties, Tech21 was able to reduce the amount of material used, slimming Impact Clear down to just 2mm on the sides and 1.5mm on the back. That's less bulk for you to carry, and it's easier to handle. Unhindered user experience. Pure Clear is designed so that nothing impacts the performance of your Galaxy S8. Not only does the case offer a secure fit and feel, it also provides exact access to all ports and buttons. And thanks to the super-thin, BulletShield construction, Pure Clear won't interfere with signal quality, Wi-Fi or sensors.
INDIVIDUEL created by Mont Blanc in 2003. This is the result of the following top Notes: bergamot, lavender and ginger. The middle notes are: cardamom, sandalwood and rosewood and the base of the fragrance is: ivy, oakwood and neroli.
UPC: 090174239603
Hard-shell case for hollow body electric guitars that is designed to fit most standard Gretsch 16” flat hollow body shapes such as the Nashville, Anniversary, Tennessee Rose and Axe. It features a classic Tolex exterior, Wine Red plush interior, lockable golden latched and a handy accessory compartment. Dimensions: overall length – 109.2 cm, depth – 10.5 cm, upper bout – 30.5 cm, middle – 25.4 cm, lower bout – 40.6 cm. Black colour.
A sexy sweet & romantic fragrance for girls having love fantasy Inspired by the 1960es which is a time of music fashion freedom Top notes of bergamot aquatic hyssop & geranium Middle notes of freesia water lily & white peach Base notes of musky rose sandalwood & ambergris Perfect for all occasions
UPC: 737052291550
Anna Sui
Democrat Stars and Stripes Personal Checks allows you to show off your patrioticism with the American flag background and a donkey in the middle.
Pure Lightness is a floral fruity fragrance for women launched by Adidas in 2008. Top notes are melon and red apple; middle notes are magnolia, jasmine, lily of the valley, and violet; base of musk.
Love Scent
Women's 3.3 oz EDP Spray. A fresh crystalline floral fragrance that opens with an inviting note of living rice flower and evolves into an array of rich elegant florals. The background is warm and provocative defined by alluring amber woods and musk. The top notes are Living Rice Flower Dewy Green Accord Italian Bergamot. The middle notes are Blue Lotus Flower Living Gingerlily Rubrum Lily and Golden Sunset Orchid. The base is Indian Sandalwood White Amber Skin Sensual Musk.
UPC: 085805785345
Elizabeth Arden
Author Robin Jones tells the story the classic British Narrow Gauge Lines. Their purpose – to take trains through upland regions where normal sized railways would be too costly to build. How they negotiate difficult terrain in a comparatively cheap and cost effective manner. Britain's Weirdest Railway's Author Robin Jones sets out to discover the extreme versions of the railway concept, the weird and wonderful guises in which it has manifested itself. Feature articles include – How the Lincolnshire coast was home to Britain's only prison railway used by Borstal boys undergoing hard labour and Brighton's legendary Daddy Long Legs railway Britain's only steam monorail and Liverpool's Overhead Railway – the dockers' umbrella The Snowdon Mountain Railway – Britain's only rack and pinion line Spurn Head Railway in Yorkshire, where trains were hauled by sails! The hidden railway that runs through the middle of the fairytale St Michaels Mount in Cornwall and the Haytor Tramway–Dartmoor's giant ‘Brio' set that built London bridge
Our patent pending combination fabric introduces a revolutionary offering for personal and property fire safety. Rated to exceed all ASTM-1930 and NFPA-701 standards for fire protectant blankets, the FR-Xtreme fabric provides emergency and preemptive protection for industrial and residential applications. The thermal qualities provided by FR-Xtreme technology afford maximum burn protection for people, property, and our planet. Applications: The FR-Xtreme fire blanket can be used in emergency situations to aid in personal safety such as car accidents, where victims are trapped and fuels could ignite, structure fires, hospitals, hotels, office complexes, manufacturing plants, school buses, airplanes, wild land fires, oil field drilling and production operations. Emergency first response Manufacturing plants Commercial buildings Multi-story Hotels Hospitals Schools Warehouse Oil and gas production Homes Description: FR-Xtreme has a proprietary blend of fabrics with each layer working for a specific purpose. Our patent pending blend is not only fire proof, but also prevents flammable liquids from penetrating the surface and allowing them to burn off. The inner layer provides thermal protection from radiant heat giving maximum protection. Weighing only 9.5 pounds, our 58" x 78" rectangular blanket, complete with eyelets along outside edges, inner pockets for added protection, and handles in all four corners for easily carrying or dragging a victim to safety. Thermal barrier: Wool synthetic blend inner layer for superiorthermal Fire proof: Woven fireproof middle layer for protection fromflames Liquid proof: Liquid proof outer layer for protection from oil, gas, acid, etc. Performance: This technological breakthrough of fire proof and liquid proof materials far exceeds ASTM-1930 and NFPA-701 standards for fire protectant blankets. Testing was performed at NC State University’s PyroMan thermal protective clothing analysis system using a 3-layer skin model. Test results show on a six second burn only 1.75% of the body had third degree burns using our blanket, while our competitors were 63.14%.
Fire Fabrics
Cedarwood Atlas has been traditionally used in cedar chests and closets to deter moths. Many of us have a special mom or grandmother that passed down the cedar chest she received as a wedding gift. I just love opening my mom’s cedar chest and smelling its wonderful aroma all these years later. Cedarwood Atlantica essential oil is clear to yellow in color with a strongly aromatic scent that is both dry and slightly sweet, woody and with hints of both balsamic and spicy. In blends, Cedarwood Atlantica is considered to be a middle/base note.
UPC: 680912010177
Plant Therapy
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