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Heirloom favorite!Dark green acorn winter squash has orange colored flesh. Fruits measure 5'' long and 4'' wide. Excellent storage. Old time favorite is great tasting baked in the oven or microwaved. 86 days.
Carry a packed lunch to school or office in this hard case Staples® Lunch Box made of durable polypropylene This Staples® lunch box helps you enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked meal and keeps it either warm or cold. An ideal way to carry packed lunches to school, office or picnics, this bag is perfect for everyday use as the hard polypropylene finish and 420D nylon fabric protect it from daily wear and tear. This lunch box features two compartments that offer sufficient storage. Store drinks and cold snacks in the accompanying cooler bag and consume them with cutlery made from ABS, a low-hazard material known for its strong and long-lasting properties. This box is dishwasher safe and can also be microwaved with the lids removed. The insulated lining of this box ensures that your food does not spoil due to variations in outside temperature and keeps it safe to consume at any time during the day. Each easy-to-carry lunch bag also comes with a zip closure and short carry handle Insulated lunch box to carry to school or work Body made of durable polypropylene; top made of 420D nylon fabric Comes with 1200 ml cooler bag and cutlery Two compartments for storage Carry handle and zip closure for easy portability Size: 21 x 13 x 13 cm Colour: Blue/White.
UPC: 718103231473
Featuring streamlined amenities to simplify your cooking needs, the 1.1 cu. Ft. digital microwave from Magic Chef is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Easy-to-use electronic controls with digital display are complemented by 8 pre-programmed cooking modes for commonly microwaved foods. And, you can customize your cooking perfection with the choice of 10 power levels. Includes rotating glass turntable. Convenient auto-defrost modes by weight & time. Express cooking function for instant start-up. User-friendly push-button door release. 1000 Watts.
UPC: 665679003068
Magic Chef P/N: MCM1110B
Wearing a full chef's outfit might not turn your famous “microwaved hot dogs on stale bread surprise” into 4-star dining, but going through years of culinary school to learn how to properly filet and sear a halibut takes innate talent and a lot of time, not to mention a sizable financial investment in your future as the next Anthony, Mario, Wolfgang or Emeril. This chef costume just takes the willingness to assume a role you haven't put any of that effort into. Bam! It'll kick your party up a notch. That's a current reference, right?Liven up the kitchen with this dashing master chef costume. Cooking shows, once all the rage, are still omnipresent on TV and, supposedly, the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Roll up your sleeves and juggle your cooking knives like a hibachi chef to really sell the look. You may not know ceviche from the sous-chef, but you'll fool everyone in this authoritative king-of-the-kitchen getup. Do you have a “Kiss the Chef” apron that never seems to get obeyed when you slave over a hot stove all day for your honey? Don this costume and leave no doubt to whom the order refers.Now, don't get confused––this is a Master Chef costume, not a Master Chief costume. Don't order this for your Halo cosplay and complain that it's not an accurate reproduction of John-117's SPARTAN's tactical armor. It's not our fault you typed the wrong thing into Google.
UPC: 897164903915
Underwraps P/N: UN29039-ST
Real bananas are baked with ground soybeans to create this filling and healthy snack Tastes even better microwaved (unwrap first) for 8-10 seconds, it becomes a banana bread-like treat Convenient individually-wrapped bars don't melt or freeze
Petzl Stainless Vacuum Thermos, The Petzl Stainless Vacuum Thermos keeps water hot water hot and cold water cold for longer time period than conventional bottles. For best insulation performance, condition the bottle by filling it with hot (for hot beverage) or cold (for cold beverage) water for 5-10 minutes immediately prior to use with lid on. Z75 IWC Features: Espresso Cup, Material Type: Stainless Steel, Not Meant to be Frozen/Microwaved
Petzl P/N: Z81 BT
The Wahl Hot and Cold Gel Pack Massager is an innovative, new concept offering a customisable hot or cold massage experience. The reusable gel pack is easily removed from the application pouch and either frozen or microwaved before placing back into the pouch. Then simply activate the battery operated vibrating massage disc. The gel pack amplifies and transfers the vibrations of the disc into a deep penetrating, soothing, comforting massage covering a large application area of 35cm x 12cm. 1 speed setting. Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included). Manufacturers 2 year guarantee.
UPC: 5037127019818
Wahl P/N: 6049838
With more than 50 million Americans living alone or in twos, there is a growing audience looking for something beyond a microwaved frozen meal or take-out loaded with fat, salt, and preservatives. Busy people want a real oven-baked dinner without all the fuss - not to mention leftovers The solution? The trusty toaster oven - which is designed to bake, roast, toast, and broil small portions of food efficiently and economically. Pop It in the Toaster Oven teaches any time-pressed cook how to prepare delicious, healthy meals, while showing them the wide range of dishes that are possible using a toaster oven, such as Buttermilk Pancakes, Minted Lamb Chops, Ginger Miso Calamari, Spicy Beef Fajitas, and Pear Praline Pie. With special tips on choosing the best toaster oven and the proper cookware to use, Pop It in the Toaster Oven will help readers rediscover this wonderfully convenient appliance and break away from the "toast" function.
ISBN: 0-609-80768-4
Durable polyurethane construction for years of carefree use. Handy Wide Mouth opening accommodates drink mixes and ice cubes. Contents can be frozen or microwaved directly in the bag. Large opening allows easy access for cleaning and drying. Patented bite valve. Made in U.S.A. Size: 2 Liter. Wide mouth opening accommodates drink mixes and ice cubes•Durable polyurethane construction for years of carefree use•Contents can be frozen or microwaved directly in the bag•Patented bite valve•BPA Free•15in. x 7in.
Results 1 - 9 for microwaved 
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