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GE Lamps Magnetic quad core and coil HID ballast is ideal for a wide variety of lighting applications. It features precision-wound coils, ensuring even heat dissipation and the highest electrical integrity.It measures 5.200 Inch x 1.200 Inch. Quad ballast has a voltage rating of 120/208/240/277 Volts with line voltage regulation of 10%. Oil filled capacitor has a capacitance of 10&microF at a temperature rating of 105°C.
UPC: 043168673358
GE Lighting
CAPACITOR 3 MICROF - 68462-4-7320
The LP5900 is a linear regulator capable of supplying 150 mA output current. Designed to meet the requirements of RF/Analog circuits, the LP5900 device provides low noise, high PSRR, low quiescent current, and low line transient response figures. Using new innovative design techniques the LP5900 offers class-leading device noise performance without a noise bypass capacitor. The device is designed to work with 0.47 microF input and output ceramic capacitors.
UPC: 2050002082656
Texas Instruments P/N: LP5900TL-3.3EV/NOPB
Results 1 - 3 for microf 
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