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Micro pave CZ earrings are designed to look and feel like real diamond hip hop jewelry. Micro pave iced out CZ earrings are constructed from genuine .925 Sterling Silver then plated with a thick layer of Rhodium for a real platinum looking shine. The ice is genuine Cubic Zirconia stones hand set by prongs, by a professional jeweler, so they will never fall out or lose their brilliant shine. Get the same bling bling look as the genuine diamond earrings and save thousands of dollars. Micro pave cz set jewelry is the best quality available on the market, it is considered by many to be replica hip hop jewelry. For more information please visit our Micro Pave Jewelry Information and Rhodium Jewelry Information pages .925 Solid Sterling Silver with Rhodium Finish 16 Clear CZ diamond stones that bling bling like the real thing Iced out set by hand, not glued, stones will never fall out! Measures 9mm x 9mm Retails in high end jewelry stores for over $75
Advanced Shatterproof Technology Zizo Nano Tech shatter proof screen protector is the state of the art protection for your iPhone. It is the cutting edge of innovation as it uses 4 impact, shock, dispersion, and scratch resistant layers to combat the dangers of everyday. All without sacrificing HD clarity, touch sensitivity, or stopping glare. It's designed to keep your phone's screen safe from almost any impact. It can handle directhits from hammers, rocks, and screw drivers, leaving your phone's screen intact. You can even use it to hammer in a nails without any worries. Nano Technology Shatter Proof Design 4 Layers of anti scratch, impact, dispersion, and shock. HD Clarity, and no loss of touch sensitivity Bendable and flexible Anti fingerprint and smooth touch Easy, one-push installation split Engineered to take the damageNano Tech4 micro layers protect your phone from shock, impact, scratches and glare. It's the state of the art technology that keeps your screen going even when used as a hammer.HD ClarityOur glass delivers 100% image clarity allowing you to view every pixel in your HD display at full resolution like it was meant to be. Qualifies for:
Charge both Apple and micro USB devices with the mophie powerstation plus — and do it without having to carry around multiple cables. This charger's built-in, switch-tip cable accommodates both power ports. The 6000 mAh battery will deliver up to two additional charges to your smartphone and can also power up other devices, including tablets. Dual output USB charging ports let you charge two devices simultaneously. mophie Charge Vault Technology holds the power. Count on mophie for dependable power. Exclusive Charge Vault Technology allows the powerstation plus to hold its charge for extended time periods. A safe, quick charge. When you connect the mophie powerstation plus to a device, its digital power management communicates with the device to determine the correct amount of power required for a safe, quick charge. The mophie powerstation plus is triple tested.* Each battery is triple tested to ensure peak performance and safe operation. Slim, attractive design. The mophie powerstation plus sports a striking aluminum finish and is thin enough and light enough to carry in a briefcase, purse and even some pockets. WHAT'S IN THE BOX One mophie powerstation plus (6000 mAh) with Switch-Tip-Cable, Micro USB Cable and Warranty Documentation.
FINE MESH COVER SOLVES THE MESSY WINTER POOL COVER CLEAN-UP PROBLEM! Fine mesh winter pool covers for above ground pools are designed to allow rain water and melting snow pass through the cover while keeping larger debris from entering your pool water. When it comes time to open your pool in the spring, simply remove the cover and vacuum the small amount of silt on the pool floor. Fine mesh winter pool covers are an ideal choice for individuals living in climates with a lot of precipitation as they prevent the nasty build-up of water and debris on your cover. No cover pump needed! Fine mesh pool cover drains rain & snow melt. Cover Clips Pool Cover Clips help secure your winter cover to the top of your pool to prevent wind problems. A complete set of clips can be purchased with our fine mesh cover (see listings below).
UPC: 060993390014
GLI Pool Products P/N: 45-0015RD-ESM-3-BX
Glass Caviar Nail Beads, Micro Beads, No Hole, Transparent Colours, Crimson Size: about 0.4~0.6mm in diameter. These beads have bright appearance which makes them charming and attractive. The ideal color and size are excellent for nail art projects
Here at E-Cigarette Empire; we all own an UM10 Charger by Nitecore. These bad boys are a go to when it comes to charging your batteries for your vape. The UM10 Charger by Nitecore has a nice, sleek LED screen that displays the wattage of your battery and the current power level. This way you can have an idea on when your battery will be finished charging. The best part about the UM10 Charger by Nitecore is that it has a USB slot so you can also use it to charge your phone if it had a micro USB port. Now that's convenient. The UM10 Charger by Nitecore is compatible with several types of batteries. Batteries such as Li-ion and IMR battery types like 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16430, 14500, and 10440 are all batteries that will work with the UM10 Charger by Nitecore. All in all this charger boosts a battery up in a decent amount of time and is very sleek and convenient. Come grab a UM10 Charger by Nitecore before they are all gone; everyone should have one! Product Features: · USB output charging and USB data transfer · Made of durable ABS fire retardant material ·
UPC: 875912002868
2600m Ah battery pack for micro USB compatible phones With this portable charger you can keep your battery life up whilst you are on the go. Charge phones, tables and other USB enabled products. Great for people who use their electrical products a lot or products that do not have long lasting battery lives Built in USB plug This product has a 2600m Ah capacity Comes with 5V at 1A output Charged via micro USBCompact and lightweight.
UPC: 4029948026206
Enjoy sharp, vibrant images in any light with Right Light2 Technology. A glass lens provides more lifelike images, and the high-performance sensor captures detailed photos. ; ;Performance Glass lens: Enjoy more lifelike images with a glass lens. High-performance sensor: Capture finer, more accurate photos - up to five megapixels (software-enhanced). Right Light2 Technology: Adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dim light or backlighting. Integrated micro.
UPC: 097855052001
Logitech P/N: 961465-0403
Muvi HD PRO - 1080p Handsfree camcorder Designed for professional use the Muvi HD Pro comes complete with 8Gbmemory card, full 1080p video, wireless remote control, universal suction mount plus much more. The Muvi HD Pro model also includes a self timer, noise activation, touch panel, digital zoom and ships with a 8GB Micro SD card (upgradable to 32GB) and a 1400mah internal battery that will give 4hrs record time . As well as the rich technical specifications the MUVI also comes with a range of sports mounting clips, universal suction mount and accessories that enables you to record in almost any situation. Specifications Angle: 160° Record time: up to 3 hours continuous recording Memory included: 8GB (Micro SD) Max 32GB Cmos lens: 5 Mega pixel Resolution : Full HD 1080p Frame rate: 30fps Battery: 1400mah Lithion rechargeable Digital zoom: 3 x (when using 720p resolution) Optical zoom: None Image stabilization: None Wireless remote range: 5 meters Screen: 1.5" LCD - Bright color Camera ISO range: 400 ISO Minimum focal aperture: 2.5 Maximum focal aperture: 2.5 Minimum focal length: 2.5cm Maximum focal length: Endless Mounts included: In-car mount, universal mount, helmet mount Dimensions: H 80mm x W 47mm x D 19mm Weight: 82g
2.5mm-2.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable 6f Compatible Devices This is a 2.5mm plug to 2.5mm plug stereo interconnect cable for connecting together two micro stereo phono ports. Note: This cable features 2.5mm plugs, which is NOT the standard headphone jack size. A standard headphone jack is 3.5mm. 2.5mm connectors are commonly found on cell phones and PDAs. However, this cable will not work with all cell phones. Before purchasing, please make sure your cell phone is compatible with 2.5mm TRS plugs (the ones without a mic conductor).
This German tea filter is made from micro-fine, stainless steel mesh construction that doesn't affect aroma or taste, filtering out the smallest tea particles.
Did you know sea turtles have been on Earth for 100 million years? Make a splash at any event you attend! Bring the sea to life right on your own chest with the Micro Sea Turtles Bow Tie. This 100% silk bow tie will have everyone wishing they were spending a day at the beach. Imported.
Alynn Bow Ties
Dual tip allows you to charge and sync mini or micro USB devices Compatible with cameras cell phones smart phones mp3 players GoPro and more 4ft cable length
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