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Listen, we all know a guy who's maybe not the smartest or most evolved of humans. Perhaps he never learned to read good, or maybe he relies solely on poorly constructed and illogical memes to drop the mic on all Facebook arguments and debates. We can't all share the same gifts! Sure…the world would probably be a better place if all of us were intelligent, and most likely the health and longevity of our planet relies on it, but it hasn't happened yet, and so we must embrace the positive aspects of each person and learn to appreciate them for what they are.For instance, when it came to the original squad of dinosaurs, T-Rex here was probably not the smartest, kindest, or most chill person to invite over to your dinner party. He was loud, crude, and clumsy, and if you were a meat product of any kind, he would definitely try to eat you. He didn't have the brain for stimulating conversation, but you gotta think that, what the dude lacked in manners, he must have made up in personality, right? Maybe he was really good at jokes, or used his muscles to turn out a few cool party tricks, or maybe he was one of those guys who was really good at making fun of himself so as to put everyone around him at ease! Because hello…you don't become the king of the Cetaceious period unless you know how to work with what you got, right?That's why this Adult Plus Size T-Rex Dinosaur Costume is so great.made out of sculpted velour reptile-print fabric, it shows a softer side of the T-Rex. The soft green bodysuit has attached lizard-like feet and hand covers, and a big plush tail to wave around during your festivities (because what else disables fear of a ferocious meat eater better than a few choice dance move, yeah?). So go ahead.slip on this T-Rex costume and show everyone that there's more to being your favorite dinosaur than having the logic reasoning and future planning skills that would have likely saved them from total extinction!
UPC: 652792272785
Princess Paradise P/N: PR4631ADX-2X
Xtreme in-ear earbuds offer excellent sound quality with a tangle free flat cord. They also feature an in line mic and audio control of volume as well as skip, pause, play or answer functions. Three sizes of ear gel tips are also included.
UPC: 805106949945
USB 2.0 Stereo Sound Adapter with Mic Input, Windows 7 Ready Specification USB 2.0 Full-speed (12 Mbps), USB Audio Device Compliant. USB Bus Powered. External Power Not Required. Connectors:. USB Type-A. Stereo Output Jack. Mono Microphone Input Jack. LED Indicator for USB Activity. Package Info Dimension: L 0.75 x W 4.75 x H 5.5 inch. Weight: 0.1 lb. . Package Includes USB Sound Adapter. Software Requirement Plug Play Under the Following OS:. Windows 7. Vista. Windows XP. Windows 2000. Windows 98 SE. Windows ME. Microsoft Server 2003. Microsoft Server 2008. Linux. Mac OS/X 10.5x or Higher. Hardware Requirement Computer with USB port.
UPC: 810154014484
Whether you’re a pop princess. a rocker chick or a disco diva. this Pink Microphone Dangle Charm from Soufeel will make you sing with delight. This cute little microphone is cast from 925 sterling silver and encrusted with pink Swarovski crystals to give it some showbiz razzamatazz. For a musical themed bracelet. pair it with Swarovski crystal music note or headphone charms by Soufeel. These charms can be worn on other branded charm bracelets and make an ideal gift; for a different look. this cute little mic can also be worn on a silver chain or choker around the neck. Turn your charm bracelet into open mic night with this Pink Microphone Dangle Charm and let your inner diva sing!
Be a karaoke star anywhere-no bulky, complicated sound equipment required! All-in-one mic and speaker wirelessly connects to your bluetooth-enabled smartphone or music device for instant karaoke performances and jam sessions! Compact, portable system is perfect for parties, contests, performing in viral videos, or just rocking out at home. With reverb and volume controls, plus 3.55mm line output for recording or connecting to larger speakers. Includes USB charge cable and protective zipper case. Approx. 8.5"L x 3"-dia. mic with 10"L x 4"-dia. case.
The Swann home automation camera for indoor use offers remote access while keeping a watchful eye and extra set of ears on your home or office.
UPC: 840236104918
Swann P/N: SWO-SVC01K
40 CB and 10 weather channels, all controls in Mic, instant channel 9/19, LCD display panel, 4 watts RF power, remote compact size: 3.75 x 7.75 x 5.25 and SoundTracker. A CB radio is a great way to stay in contact with your group on the way to the trail as well as getting valuable information on the trail. Ever been about in the middle of a trailride of 20 to 30 Jeeps and you are wondering what's happening at the front and now the Jeep behind you is lagging behind. Your CB can keep you in contact with the front of the group as well as knowing whether you need to go back to help your buddy that just got hung up on that last rock that you easily traversed. CB radios are required by many organized trailride groups, do not be left out! This kit includes everything you need to install it on your vehicle. PAK includes: Cobra 40 Channel CB, 18' Mini Coax, 4' Firestick antenna, Heavy-Duty Antenna Stud Mount and JK CB antenna mount. 2 and 4-door models;Kit includes: CB, 4 foot antenna, antenna mount and 18 foot coaxial cable;Compact remote mount CB;10 NOAA Weather channels;Dual watch and full channel scan;4 Memory channels and key lock;External speaker jack;LCD Display with signal strength and power output meter
4Wheel Drive Hardware P/N: CB75JKPKG
PCI Race Radios In Helmet Headset - Helmet Wiring Kit - 218 In Helmet Headset / Helmet Wiring Kit;4 Conductor Plug;Mic Sock and O-Ring Included;Highest Quality in the industry PCI Race Radios PCI Race Radios In Helmet Headset - Helmet Wiring Kit - 218 218 UTV Helmet Accessories
PCI Race Radios P/N: 218
The One Man Band -72 is the ultimate mobile production solution for the solo videographer that does it all. The main internal compartment is designed to be customized using the provided dividers and detachable pouches. It will fit numerous set up configurations and to hold, protect and organize all the necessary equipment in just the one cohesive bag. Various configurations will allow you to take camcorders such as the Sony A1 or Sony EX1 and similar with attached accessories, external mic,batteries, and small monitor. This bag complies with most airline regulations for carry-on luggage and can carry a small video tripod on the outside. Full internal customization lets you create the perfect bag for your unique gear. Carry along your tripod by strapping to the top of the bag. Numerous external pockets let you organize and quickly access your smaller accessories. Carrying options include interlocking handle, provided shoulder strap and a rear sleeve will let you slide in the Kata Insertrolley (not included) for an easy carting option.
The The Rock Standee shows The Peoples Champion in his signature ring poise with the mic in one hand and his eyebrow raised. The Rock Standee is printed on cardboard and measures 76" high x 27" wide. Use The Rock Standee in your wrestling fans bedroom or as a fun addition to your birthday party!
UPC: 082033011277
UPC: 872541007172
Stephanie Johnson P/N: KEY POP MIC
Features 22 channels with rechargeable batteries and convenient drop-in desktop charger, call alert, channel scan, auto squelch, mic and headphone jacks, and belt clips. Compatible with all other brands of 2-way radios. Includes two 2-way radios with up to a 24-mile range and owners manual. 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
Some wizards are not only terrible spell casters, but terrible musicians as well! Join their ranks, and explore a variety of music history's greatest styles, from the heavy-metal guitar to the cool-but-moist saxophone! Take the lead in Aldrheim's very own misunderstood progressive basement band, adorned with musically inspired robes and powerful magickal instruments.Key Features:Heavy Metal Robe:Come to the party armed with The Last (Mic) Stand and the mighty Guitaxe, which also comes equipped with chains.Tribal Drummer Robe:Included with this impressive robe is a heavy Bongo Drum and a Bass (not the fish) Drum Beater.Epic Sax Robe:Armed with a Saxophone and a deadly Vinyl Record, bring epic sax solos to all the people of Midgård.Innovative and dynamic spellcasting system with thousands of possible combinationsUp to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player optionExperience the parody and satire of a cliché fantasy world
Pet Costumes - This Blonde Pop Queen Dog Costume includes the blonde wig with attached mic, and the costume with cone bra. Now your dog can be a diva!
California Costumes P/N: PET20110
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