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Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Processor and Graphics Intel Core i5-2410M Processor 2.3 GHz (2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology), 3MB L3 Cache Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset Mobile Intel HD Graphics with 64 MB-1696 MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory Memory Configured with 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz (max 8GB) 2 main memory slots Storage Drive 640 GB (5400 RPM); Serial ATA hard disk drive TOSHIBA Hard Drive Impact Sensor (3D sensor) Fixed Optical Disk Drive Blu.
UPC: 883974832095
Toshiba P/N: PSK08U-02E00G
1X2 VGA Splitter 250MHZ -1 in 2 out Compatible Devices 1X2 VGA Splitter 250MHZ -1 in 2 out Note: This item without power supply cable. * Support ULTRA HIGH 250 MHz video (-3dB) bandwidth * Enhance Video Signals for Distance up to 65m * Can be Daisy Chain * All Metal Casing * Small Form Factor * Support 1920x1440@60Hz
High-performance analog wireless microphone system for vocals that provides an ideal plug-and-play solution for musicians and small installed sound venues, and contains SR 45 receiver and HT 45 handheld transmitter. Preset frequency sets, 30 MHz selection bandwidth and Auto Setup Mode allow for easy setup from single-channel applications to multi-channel systems. Both receiver and transmitter operate in the 500 to 560 MHz UHF carrier frequency range and offer up to 8 selectable carrier frequencies. Stationary receiver is equipped with professional balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS 1/4” outputs and the SMPS solution, and offers adjustable audio level and squelch threshold. Handheld transmitter features a dynamic transducer with cardioid polar pattern that ensures maximum gain before feedback and low-handling noise sensitivity, a spring-steel wire mesh front grill and a built-in wind and pop filter. It is equipped with gain control, low battery indicator and noiseless on/off/mute switch. Transmitter uses an integrated antenna and is powered by a single AA battery (up to 10 hours of operation). Universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter, SA 45 stand adapter and one AA size dry battery are included. System T.H.D. @ 1 kHz: 0.8%. Signal/noise ratio: 105 dB. Receiver dimensions and weight: 200 x 190 x 44 mm, 360 g. Transmitter dimensions and weight: 229 x 53 x 53 mm, 214 g.
AT&T 3300 / 3301 / 80-5071-00-00 / 91076 / GE TL26506 / TL96506 / CPB-400D, The ATTBAT-3300 3.6v, NiCd, 600m Ah replacement battery is compatible with AT&T 900 MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz phone models. Replacement Battery For The Following AT&T 900 MHz Phone Models 6100 6200 8220 8241 8243 8270 9210 9230 9257 9301 9311 9312 9320 9340 9341 9345 9350 9351 9353 9355 9356 9357 9370 9371 9410 HS-8200 HS-8201 HS-8210 HS-8211 HS-8220 HS-8240 HS-8241 HS-8243 HS-8255 HS-8270 HS-8271 HS-8500 AT&T 2.4GHz Phone Models 1150 1155 1175 1185 1256 1412 1430 1440 1450 1455 1475 1460 1480 1485 2256 2300 2320 2325 2355 2365 2375 2385 E2116 E2126 E2127 E2717B E2718 E2727B E2728B AT&T 5.8GHz Phone Models E5905 E5908 E5909 E5945, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), 3 AA Cells / 3.6V / 700m Ah
AT&T P/N: Battery for AT&T 3300
Axiom Memory DDR3 - 4 GB - SO-DIMM 204-pin - 1333 MHz / PC3-10600 - unbuffered - non-ECC - for Apple iMac; HP Elite 8000; EliteBook 25XX 87XX; Lenovo ThinkPad T420; X201 Tablet; (AX27592078/1)
UPC: 845282056174
Axiom Memory P/N: 6091
manufacturer-number: RRV912 - Synco living - Heating Circuit Controller + RF-controlled heating circuit controller for up to 2 heating circuits + RF communication based on KNX standard (868 MHz, bidirectional) + Connection facility for one 3- or two 2-position actuators + Mains-powered AC 230 V + 2 universal relay outputs + 1 universal input + 1 universal output DC 0.10 V Use: + For integration into the Siemens Synco 900 system + Suited for use in heating plant: & ;& ;- With central heat distributors (e.g. underfloor heating or soft steel piping system) & ;& ;- For use with motorized radiator valves (e.g. with sill covers) + Heating circuit control with 2- or 3-position actuators + Universal relay outputs, e.g. for control of the apartment pump, DHW heating, or fan speeds + Universal input, e.g. for connection of a DHW temperature sensor or an alarm + Universal output DC 0.10 V for forwarding the heat demand signal Equipment combinations: The RRV912 heating circuit controller is designed for use with the Siemens Synco 900 system. For more detailed information about equipment combinations, refer to the Data Sheet covering the central apartment unit (CE1N2707en). Scope of delivery: The RRV912 is supplied complete with Mounting Instructions. Product documentation: The Operating and Commissioning Instructions for the RRV912 are contained in the product documentation of the central apartment unit. Functions Main function: In operation, the RRV912 maintains the required room temperature of the individual heating circuits. The central apartment unit delivers the relevant data via RF. Universal relay outputs: The universal relay outputs can be used to control different types of devices. Release is controlled via the central apartment unit and delivered via RF. [1] Universal input: The universal input is used for connection of the DHW temperature sensor, for example. The data are forwarded to the central apartment unit via RF. [1] Universal output DC 0.10 V: The RRV912 converts percentage-scaled signals from the central apartment unit (e.g. heat demand) to analog DC 0.10 V signals. [1] [1] = For detailed information about assignment options for the inputs and outputs, refer to the Synco 900 Mounting and Commissioning Instructions (CE1C2707en). Parallel operation: Several heating circuits can be assigned to one room and, therefore, operated in parallel. In that case, the first heating circuit ensures the actual room control and, at the same time, controls the other assigned heating circuits. Antilime function: The antilime function is triggered by the central apartment unit. When receiving an antilime command, the heating circuit valve will be fully opened and then closed again. When the antilime function is completed, the valve will return to the previous control position. Summer operation: Summer operation is triggered by the central apartment unit. When receiving a command to start summer operation, the heating circuit valve will be opened or closed, depending on the position predefined by the central apartment unit. If the antilime function is activated in summer operation, it will be performed. When completed, the control loops will resume summer operation. Window airing function: The window airing function is triggered by the central apartment unit. The function interferes in the control process in a way that overheating of the room will be avoided both during and after the window airing time. Frost protection for the room: Frost protection for the room becomes active if the room temperature drops below the frost protection setpoint. It remains active until the room temperature returns to a level 1 K above the frost protection setpoint. Binding: The b - RRV912
UPC: 7612914029720
Siemens Building P/N: RRV912
Porta Systems Corp 4-Pair Protector pack with 27 Volts modules is designed for or protection of data network equipments like outers, switches, hubs etc. It features low capacitance solid state technology provides protection transparent to frequencies up to 100 MHz for CAT 5E performance. It mounts directly on DIN rail or may be mounted on industry standard 89 style standoff bracket for wire management. It has 4-pair modular design allows for custom configuration and clamping time of less than 40
UPC: 098809000000
Porta Systems Corp
Ultra HD (4K/24p) Upscaling Reproducción Blu-ray 3D™ Stream Smoother Link 36-bit Deep Colour, “x.v.Colour” BD-Live™/BONUSVIEW™ Compatible con aplicación iControl Audio Audio DAC 192 kHz/24-bit Reproducción de audio 192 kHz/24-bit (WAV, FLAC, ALAC) Reproducción DSD 2.8 MHz Reproducción de audio multicanal (5.1ch, 5.0ch)(WAV, FLAC) Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Digital Plus DTS-HD Master Audio/DTS-HD High Resolution Audio/DTS-ES/DTS 96/24 Sound Retriever Link
UPC: 4988028301032
Communication is key and the DR-1 Commander will keep your communication gear in the right place at the right time. Almost a twin to the RCP-1 Pro radio chest harness the DR-1 Commander comes equipped to hold two BK/800 MHz radios. We incorporated all the RCP-1 Pro features and designs our customers love into the DR-1 Commander to make it the ultimate dual communication radio chest harness. Two Main Radio Holsters - Fits Two BK / 800 MHz radios Large Wide-Mouth Zipper Close Main Pocket Two Internal Pockets within the Main Pocket for Organization Fold-Down Platform for Reading/Writing Open Air Back Plate Cuts Weight and Allows Airflow Writing Tool Pockets Adjustable Radio Holsters to Fit Multiple Radio Sizes Spare Battery Shell / Cell Phone Pocket Hi-Strength Grommets / D-Ring to Secure Extra Gear Great Visibility - Reflective Material & Glow Stick Holder Removable Mod-u-Lox C-Clip Holds Mini Mag Lite® Lifetime Warranty
Features Simply connect the MP3/CD Transmitter's audio input plug into your MP3 / CD / microcassette player and tune your vehicle's open FM station. Fine tune as necessary for best reception. Full FM band selector (88-92 Mhz, 92-98 Mhz, 98-108 Mhz) Power On/Off switch with LED indicator Fine tune thumb wheel Sporty design Single-wire connection Operates on 2 AAA battery (not included)
Wagan P/N: T-9753
The standard edition of the X7 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player from FiiO is a titanium-colored, Android-based smart device that supports lossless and lossy audio files, including WAV, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WMA, MP3, and OGG. It also supports higher formats such as DXD, DSD (up to 5.6 MHz), and PCM files at up to 64-bit/384 kHz. The standard edition does not ship with an amp module and only provides a protective stopper at the bottom. In order to charge and listen to music, an amp module must be purchased. Available amp modules include the AM1, AM2, AM3, and the AM5. Additionally, the non-amped AM0 module is also available, which only includes a USB port and no headphone output. The AM0 module is designed for users who wish to use the X7 as an audio source while connecting to an external DAC or amplifier. Beneath its aluminum chassis, the X7 houses an audiophile-grade architecture that includes the dynamic Rockchip RK3188, which helps ensure faster performance and long runtime with low current leakage. It's equipped with a ESS ES90185 DAC chip, which is designed to produce enhanced SNR and dynamic range. In addition to this architecture, the X7 is also highly customizable. The X7 is equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and supports pairing with other compatible devices for hassle-free wireless playback. It comes equipped with 32GB of internal storage (27GB available for music), 1GB of RAM, and features a microSD card slot that supports microSDXC cards up to 128GB for additional storage. The X7's internal 3500 mAh li-polymer battery provides up to 9 hours of playback under normal conditions.
UPC: 6953175760122
Manage and grow your business with easy, scalable business software applications Track business cash flow and account balances Efficiently manage all inventory processes Web access mode for remote access Track staff check-in times and hours worked Improve productivity using reports on where employees spend the most of their time Maintain customer information, including contact details, interactions, notes and more System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, Pentium II, 500 Mhz or more, RAM, 256 MB, Hard Drive, 500 MBBusiness Suite Includes: Express Accounts - accounting software Express Invoice - invoicing software, Inventoria Inventory management Flexi Server – productivity and attendance management Copper - point of sale software Reflect - customer relationship management Hour Guard - time sheet software.
UPC: 817775010321
FEATURES of the Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Neck Wallet RFID Blocking Technology helps protect personal information on Passport and credit cards up to a frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz Hook and loop top closure Main pocket with mesh divider for organization of Passport and currency Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel Soft adjustable neck strap with strap keeper
UPC: 766182244228
Eagle Creek P/N: EC041177055
: 1.5m 5Ft HDTV HDMI to VGA HD-15 3 RCA Converter Adapter Connector Cable For DVD Features : Home Theater interconnect for DVD players, projectors TV sets, A/V receivers, HDTV receivers etc. High-speed data transfer rate up to 340 MHz/ 10.2 GB/s. Change your entertainment PC on a big screen, perfect fit for gaming, surfing the Internet, watching DVDs and more. Work with any analog component input device such as projectors, A/V receivers, HDTVs, etc. Work for Satellite TV, HDTV, RGB Component video and most LCD Projectors. Connect Digital Video and Digital Audio in one and it is used to Connect HDMI to RGB, you can use your component video input device, or display with this HDTV component Video Adapter. It is High Quality Generic HDMI HDTV to VGA HD-15, HDMI to 3 RCA Component Audio. Resolution : 1080P Connectors(Gold-Plated) : HDMI HDTV, VGA, 3 RCA Cable Length : Approx. 1.5m / 59.06" Note : Analog signal and digital signal are hard to transfer. It only fits High Definition Player, converter is needed when connect the PC and TV. Package Includes : 1 x HDMI to VGA 3 RCA Converter Adapter Cable Details pictures :
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