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The Lee Bottle Neck Handgun Factory Crimp Die incorporates a collet to apply a rifle type crimp to the case. Makes these very difficult to crimp cartridges a delight to reload. Bullets do not need a crimp groove as the collet is so powerful it will form one. Mfg: Lee
This TCM Greatest Classic Films Set includes these four great films: Blackboard Jungle (1955) - Racial and sexual tensions. Violence. Gangs. Apathy. Hot-button issues in schools today were tackled in Blackboard Jungle, with Glenn Ford as an idealistic inner-city teacher and Sidney Poitier, in a star-making performance, as a teen misfit. Edge of the City (1957) - Two laborers (Poitier and John Cassavetes) face corruption on the New York waterfront and bond across societys black/white divide in this directing debut by Martin Ritt (Sounder, Norma Rae). The powerful cast includes Jack Warden and Ruby Dee. Something of Value (1957) - In colonial Kenya, former childhood playmates Peter (Rock Hudson) and Kimani (Poitier) have maintained a deep, if unlikely, friendship. But with the bloody Mau Mau uprising, the men discover that even the strongest bond may not be stronger than the cry for freedom. A Patch of Blue (1965) - Selina (Elizabeth Hartman) is blind and white. Helping her see the world anew is kindly Gordon Ralfe (Poitier), who is black, through Selina doesn't know it. This impactful film won Shelly Winters an Oscar* for her role as Selinas bigoted, abusive mother.
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Results 1 - 3 for mau 
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