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MacGregor Tourney 2013 Stand Bag Never again will you have to leave important on-course gear behind. The lightweight MacGregor Tourney 2013 Stand Bag offers plenty of storage options along with an extremely comfortable, easy-to-use, padded double strap and sectioned hip pad. Stay focused on your game, knowing your gear is in good hands. Additional features: Seven-way top with integrated handle Eight pockets, including a cooler pocket, valuables pocket, and scorecard pocket Pen holder Glove and towel ring Three-tee holder
Much against her better judgement, Rina Martin accepts an invitation to join her protégé, Tim, and his fiancée, Joy, at Aitkensthorpe, a country house with a sinister reputation. Gathered there are a collection of scientists, magicians, and experts in the esoteric; their plan is to reenact an incident from 1872 that left one man dead, another driven half mad, and led a third to become a recluse. Rina is relieved when her friend DI MacGregor comes to rescue her. But then the weather closes in, a blizzard cutting them off from the world outside, and Edwin Holmes, grand old man of psychical research, is found murdered in his bed. Trapped in the house with a killer, Mac and Rina must find the culprit.
How far would you go to save your family? In Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream" (2007), limits are tested when two blue-collar, debt-ridden brothers are offered a way out of their sinking life - but for a price. If they are willing to commit murder, then they will be free. Ewan MacGregor, Colin Farrell and Michael Clayton star in this riveting tragedy about family, desperation and betrayal.
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Results 1 - 3 for macgregor 
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