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Our sampler pack features some of the key "super foods" recommended by Nicholas Perricone, M.D. from his book The Perricone Prescription.
Qualify for Social Security disability benefits, quickly and easily Here’s the step-by-step guidance you need if you’re dealing with a long-term or permanent disability. This comprehensive and compassionate book covers both Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Newly updated, it shows you how to prove a disability and explains how your age, education and work experience affect your chances. Parents will find special information about benefits available to children with a disability. Learn how to:find the disability criteria for your medical conditionprove the severity of a disabilityappeal if you're denied benefitswork part time while keeping your benefitsprepare for a Continuing Disability Review, and more. Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability is written by a former Chief Medical Consultant for the Social Security Administration whose expert deciphering of the medical portions of SSA regulations will help you determine whether your condition will qualify you to receive disability payments, including breathing disabilities, heart disease, mental disorders, speech impairments, cancer, immune system disorders - and much more. Plus, this book is packed with samples of all the major forms you’ll need. “A thorough analysis and discussion of the requirements to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.”-The Wall Street Journal“The most significant addition in many years to our Continuing Education curriculum for re-certification of RNs, rehabilitation professionals and counselors.”- Carl Dye, President, American Schools Association“Guides applicants and recipients through one of the world’s largest bureaucracies.”-Reference & Research Book News
ISBN: 1-4133-2223-9
Are you a fan of the most enigmatic doctor of all time? Well, why not show it off in style? This officially licensed House t-shirt will let everyone know that you're an Alumni of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, making it the perfect choice for any die hard fan of the show. Who wouldn't want to be an alumni of the hospital where Dr. Gregory House works? Who wouldn't want to show off that they are done wearing scrubs and they have moved up to wearing a white coat? Show some love for this pill popping doctor with an awesome House M.D. T-shirt! Gray 100% Cotton Standard Fit Officially Licensed More House items: House Merchandise Size chart
Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Starter Set helps promote healthy, youthful skin.
UPC: 301876103018
Obagi P/N: 5501450
World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea-the power of our mindset. Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. She makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment, but may actually jeopardize success. With the right mindset, we can motivate our kids and help them to raise their grades, as well as reach our own goals-personnel and professional. Dweck reveals what all great parents, teachers, CEOs, and athletes already know: how a simple idea about the brain can create a love of learning and a resilience that is the basis of great accomplishment in every area. "If you manage any people or if you are a parent (which is a form of managing people), drop everything and read Mindset." -Guy Kawasaki, author of "The Art of the Start "and the blog "How to Change the World" "Highly recommended an essential read for parents, teachers and] coaches as well as for those who would like to increase their own feelings of success and fulfillment." "-Library Journal ("starred review) "A serious, practical book. Dweck's overall assertion that rigid thinking benefits no one, least of all yourself, and that a change of mind is always possible, is welcome." "-Publishers Weekly" "A good book is one whose advice you believe. A great book is one whose advice you follow. This is a book that can change your life." -Robert J. Sternberg, author of "Teaching for Successful Intelligence" "A wonderfully elegant idea It is a great book." -Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., author of "Delivered from Distraction"
ISBN: 0-345-47232-2
Author Name: Gabriel Cousens M.D., Tree of Life Cafe Chefs No. Of Pages: 544 Pages Publisher: North Atlantic Books
FEATURES of the Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel The visual communication tool helps you get medical care in any language or far-flung locale - allowing you to overcome any language barriers in an emergency Helps you maintain pain and illness with a wide selection of medications to treat pain - inflammation - and common allergies Hospital-quality tools - including bandage scissors and precision forceps set the standard for travel medical care A wide assortment of medications treat stomach ailments - which is the most common travel ailment Die-cut moleskin and GlacierGel hydrogel bandages designed to stop blisters and protect hiker's from getting them Supplies are organized into injury-specific pockets - making first aid fast and effective Comes with the Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine by Eric A. Weiss - M.D. which goes over the most up-to-date info on wilderness travel and medicine
UPC: 707708104350
Adventure Medical Kits P/N: 0130-0435
"Start the Conversation!" Malaria is a serious disease, usually tropical, credited with killing more people than any other infectious disease with the exception of tuberculosis. Infection is caused by one or more species of the Plasmodium protozoa. The parasite is transmitted from human to human by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. Modern anti-malarial drugs have historically been able to cure Malaria but insecticide-resistant mosquitoes and drug-resistant protozoa are becoming more common, making world wide efforts at eradication problematic. Original images courtesy of Rick M. Fairhurst, M.D., Ph. D. The name of the design is positioned discreetly on scarf border (inconspicuous when worn). Note: IA contributes a portion of proceeds to research, education or support associated with important non-profit public health agencies and organizations. Imported.
Infectious Awareables
Let's face it: Love can make you do some seriously crazy things. And in the case of ol’ Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D., sometimes it came make you literally crazy!Sure, we've all had a bad boy phase or two (or three, or four - they're hot, alright?!). Harleen isn't the first woman in the world who's ignored common sense when it comes to pursuing someone who's so messed up that they've literally been locked away for the good of society (for instance, let's talk about the fact that Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and one half of the Menendez brothers actually got more female admirers after they were locked up…wait, on second through? Let's not!). Sometimes, when you're in the thick of it - like, say, putting your hard-earned professional credentials in jeopardy for a psychopath - you do things that just don't make sense!But it's fine! We get it! Love is crazy! There's literally a release of hormones to the brain when you fall in love that mirrors the effects of cocaine.who could argue that you're still supposed to act totally normal when something like that happens? And yeah, maybe not all of us decide to shed our old identities - and our old wardrobes - for the love of a clown-faced weirdo, but it's an insane out world out there, and you're just livin' in it, sister! So you might as well slip on this Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume, pull down the hood to show the black eyemask, and get to doing some tricks for your treat, the Joker. After all, you said it yourself, kid - you might look like a doll, but you're dangerous. So go ahead and give those people of Gotham City a reason to light up the Bat Signal!
UPC: 082686178396
Rubies Costume Co. Inc P/N: RU17839-PL
A rich-textured soothing night cream Developed with QuSomeTM technology that delivers nutrients to the dermal layers Works overnight to improve skin’s softness & pigmentation Soothes inflammation & reverses environmental damage Accelerates skin's natural healing process while imparting moisture Reveals a calmer smoother even-toned younger looking complexion To use: Apply at night to cleansed face after Stimulate The Serum
UPC: 850161005020
Colbert M.D.
Women's 30ml/1oz . A rich-textured soothing night cream Developed with QuSomeTM technology that delivers nutrients to the dermal layers Works overnight to improve skin's softness & pigmentation Soothes inflammation & reverses environmental damage Accelerates skins natural healing process while imparting moisture Reveals a calmer smoother even-toned younger looking complexion To use: Apply at night to cleansed face after Stimulate The Serum
UPC: 180232000013
Colbert M.D.
Her name is Harleen Frances Quinzel M.D. but you can call her Harley Quinn! She may look a little funny, but this villain always means business. Speaking of business, have you seen Batman? Harley is planning an attack! Add this POP Heroes figure to your Batman themed collection of Funko figures!
UPC: 830395034386
Funko P/N: FN3438-ST
The TeraFlex trail series medical kit is designed to provide non-critical triage medical support during remote off road trail trips. This kit contains supplies to treat the most common injuries, including small wounds, stabilizing sprains, and stopping bleeding. Weighing just one pound and compact enough to fit virtually anywhere in the vehicle, the TeraFlex medical kit is required equipment on your next off road adventure. Includes an assortment of adhesive bandages, gauze pads, moleskin, antiseptic swab pads, nitrile gloves, cloth tape, aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and the book Wilderness & Travel Medicine by Eric A. Weiss, M.D. Designed to provide non-critical triage medical support;Contains supplies to treat the most common injuries;Weighing just one pound and compact enough to fit virtually anywhere
TeraFlex P/N: 5028550
UPC: 661868314991
Lüften Sie medizinische Mysterien in diesem dramatischen Puzzle-Abenteuer! Folgen Sie Elizabeth und ihren ärztlichen Kollegen, Mitarbeitern und Vertrieblern in einer fesselnden Story! Suchen Sie nach Hinweisen, die Ihnen bei Ihrer Diagnose und beim lösen der medizinischen Probleme einer Vielzahl von Patienten helfen werden. Studieren Sie Röntgenbilder, Bluttests und 4 weitere medizinische Minispiele, um die Lebensfreude und die Zukunft Gesundheit Ihrer Patienten zu gewähren! Eigenschaften: 3 neue Krankheitsbilder. Neue Charaktere & Hintergrundgeschichten - reisen Sie zu auf Bauernhöfen, Bootfahrerstegen, Tierkliniken, etc. um Hinweise zu finden. Interaktive Inventar-Gegenstände - Öffnen Sie Schubladen und bewegen Sie Vorhänge, um weitere Hinweise zu finden! Nach der Überprüfung der Beweise können Sie die Diagnose erstellen.6 neue Mini-Spiele - Röntgenbilder, Blutuntersuchungen, Pulsmessungen und vieles mehr! Über 20 einzigartige Suchbilder.
Gunnar Games, Inc.
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