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Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor and Soft Strap: Set the standard for heart rate measurement with the H10 from Polar. Building upon Polar's legacy of heart rate technology; the H10 is set to be the standard for the most consistent and accurate heart rate thorough the utilization of advanced materials and optimized construction. Combining the latest in Bluetooth Smart technology with updated algorithms; this smart strap will provide the precision serious athletes deserve. This unit is versatile - use it with your Polar unit; your favorite smart device or exercise equipment found at your local health club to get the most out of your training. However you pair it; utilize the Smart Coaching feature which delivers motivating feedback; calculates your smart calories based on personal height; weight; age and max HR; measures your aerobic fitness and last - but not least - helps you determine whether your sweat session was a fat burning exercise or an overall improvement of your general fitness. Make every beat count with the H10 Heart Rate Sensor from Polar. Product Features Built-in memory store 1 heart rate training session perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use Gopro compatible allows pair your H10 heart rate sensor directly to the gopro Hero 5 compatibility camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video Updateable firmware that enhance the functionality Enhanced battery life up to 400 hours of operation time on a user replaceable Comfortable fit revised strap design provides the comfort and security needed when exercising Specifications Dimensions: 7 x 1.3 x 4 inches Weight: 4.2 ounces Color: Black Size: M-XXL (26-36 inches) 7-in-1 Fitness Kit Includes: 2 x Push Up Bars Helps you achieve a total upper body workout Can be used with many different exercises Weighted Jump Rope Adjustable rope for different heights 1/4 Pound weight in each handle provides extra workout intensity Smooth bearings provide easy rope rotation Provides a full body workout Can be used at home, the gym, or on the road Full Body Stretch Cord Provides a full body, strength training workout Helps build and tone muscles by isolating more effectively Cushioned foam handles offer a comfortable grip Can be used at home, the gym, or on the road Made from Non-Latex Materials Upper Body Resistance Cord (Chest Expaner) Adds Upper Body Resistance Training to your workout Helps build and tone muscles by isolating more effectively Cushioned foam handles offer a comfortable grip Compact, lightweight, and portable Made from Non-Latex Materials 2 x Hand Grips Increases Hand and Wrist strength Lightweight and portable for travel Helps increase strength and dexterity Compact and lightweight
UPC: 841434188311
Polar P/N: E2POL92061852
When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to your training equipment. With Polar H10, heart rate monitoring is more accurate than ever. Polar H10 works with all Polar watches and trackers that use Bluetooth to transfer data. Polar H10 & Polar Beat Hook up Polar H10 with Polar Beat, Polar's free fitness and training app, and get accurate real-time heart rate directly to your phone. Not a fan of working out with your phone? With Polar H10 you can track your training session without your phone with you and transfer your heart rate data to Polar Beat after you finish. Just start a training session in the app, leave your phone waiting and get going. Connect your heart rate Polar H10 works with leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices. Connect your heart rate to your favorite app or gym machine and optimize your training to reach your goals. Suitable for swimming Polar H10 is fully waterproof and transfers heart rate data in water with 5 kHz transmission. If you don't have a compatible Polar watch, you can use Polar H10 to track your heart rate in the pool and move your heart rate data to the free Polar Beat app afterwards. Polar Pro Strap Polar H10 comes with Polar Pro strap, a soft textile strap with improved electrodes to make sure your heart rate is measured accurately and without interference. The material is comfortable to wear, and the silicone dots and the improved buckle keep the strap firmly in place. Features: PRECISION: The improved electrodes make Polar H10 the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar's history. CONNECTIVITY: Polar H10 is compatible with top fitness apps, gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices. UPDATABLE: The Polar H10 keeps on improving with OTA software updates. SUITABLE FOR SWIMMING: The 5 kHz transmission makes sure you can monitor your heart rate even in water. BUILT-IN MEMORY WITH POLAR BEAT: Polar H10 has built-in memory for heart rate data from one training session. The data can be ttransferred to Polar Beat, Polar's free fitness and training app. COMFORT: The new Polar Pro chest strap is comfortable to wear with soft textile material, slip-preventing silicone dots and a secure buckle.
UPC: 725882035468
Polar P/N: 92061854
Accessory type (activity trackers): Replacement wrist strap; Colour: Black; Size (XS - XXL): Uni
UPC: 725882040783
Polar P/N: 91065995
Results 1 - 4 for m-xxl 
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