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Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 provides you with the most intuitive, dynamic and smart visualization tools to take diagramming to a bold new level, and advance sharing to a more real-time and interactive experience. Transform complex ideas into "aha!" moments and get everyone on the same page with less time and effort. Create clear and attractive diagrams in minutes, with a diverse set of modern, pre-drawn shapes, pictures and templates, with an intuitive navigation and with new automatic drawing tools. Bring your diagrams and scattered islands of data together in one dynamic, data-driven picture.
Microsoft P/N: v-D87-04973
Use this Pugster Fall Squirrel Fun Photo Heart and flower pendant to let everyone see what you are thinking even when you aren't saying a word. Featuring a funky squirrel having fun in the fall autumn leaves this Heart and flower pendant will surely attract attention. Whether you keep it for your own Heart and flower pendants bracelet or give it to a friend who also collects Heart and flower pendants this Heart and flower pendant like all Pugster Heart and flower pendants is a fun addition to anyone's dynamic Heart and flower pendant collection. Made from the highest quality stainless steel each Heart and flower pendant's face is soldered on to its base rather than the lower quality glue used by some other Heart and flower pendants manufacturers. Crafted and authenticated by Pugster™ Inc. Fall Squirrel Fun Photo Heart and flower pendants are available for both retail and wholesale purchase in our store and are compatible with Heart and flower pendants from all major brands.
Pugster P/N: PD_01VPH1595
The beauty of Danze is more than chrome deep. Danze is a manufacturer of premium showerheads, faucets and bath accessories. The Danze brand was introduced in the United States by Globe Union America Corporation in 2000. Danze has rapidly developed to include over four hundred decorative products including eight collections of faucets for the bath, over one hundred faucets for kitchen and entertainment areas, over 160 bath accessory products and an increasing line of spectacular brass shower products, now with over 130 styles of showerheads and unusual shower arms. It has more personality than most persons. It draws you in with curves every bit as fluid as water itself. The modern design of Sonora offers a sleek, dynamic look and scale that people can't help but notice. The lustrous finishes further hold your attention (especially the contrast of Chrome with Satin Nickel). Danze Introduces New Trim Line Faucets Creating a room that offers serenity is one of the hottest trends in the bath today. To help homeowners achieve the minimalist style perfect for that relaxing retreat, Danze is introducing Trim Line - smaller scale variations of its contemporary collections. The new Parma Trim Line, Sirius Trim Line and Sonora Trim Line widespread lavatory faucets follow the same sculptural styling of the collections on which they were based. Yet with a sleeker, more understated look and refined scale, each offers the grace and style to perfectly complement a minimalist design aesthetic in the bath or powder room. "Minimalist style gets its beauty from simple lines and architectural forms that maximize space, " said Jeff Pratt, vice president of sales for Danze, Inc. "By eliminating clutter and focusing on the room's space and geometry, it's easy to create an environment that is elegant and serene." The new Parma and Sirius Trim Line faucets are available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes. The new Sonora Trim Line faucet is available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Chrome with Satin Nickel finishes.
Yamaha YAS-201 Soundbar is a two-component system with total power of 160W. Bar speakers together with separated subwoofer will give you clear realistic and specious sound and in combination with and Air Surround Extreme technology will bring your home entertainment enjoyment to a next level. The Yamaha YAS-201 Soundbar has digital amp and two speakers (5.5ch cone) with large magnets to produce high sound quality. Wireless active Subwoofer with YST II (Active Servo Technology) technology ensures that you will hear deep and smooth bass whatever you watch or listen to. Now you can enjoy movie effects clearer richer and more powerful than ever. Yamaha's exclusive AIR SURROUND EXTREME delivers 7.1-channel surround sound from a single unit. Now you will be able to take a full pleasure from realistic striking sound experience with clear notes in the front and dynamic sound action at the back and sides. Furthermore the YAS-201 Soundbar is compatible with various surround sound formats like Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround so you can get full effect of multichannel movie sound. Yamaha YAS-201 Soundbar is designed with special care and focus on simplicity and elegance. Its rich glossy black finish and elegant shape will add a stylish accent to your living room interior.
UPC: 4957812518666
The best sounding thing to come out of Bikini Bottom!Enjoy your music with these fun headphones featuring everyone's favorite sponge! The stereo headphone jack features SpongeBob's best friend, Patrick!- Â2013 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg., Lightweight (0.4 ounces/12 grams) Neodymium dynamic microdrivers Headphone jack features SpongeBob's friend, Patrick! Fits the headphone port on most cases.
Griffin Technology
Two in one Bluetooth speaker system that provides rich, room filling sound. Portable Bluetooth speaker plays studio quality sound wherever you go. Desktop speaker delivers a full, rich sound with dynamic range and deep bass. Compatible with any Bluetooth media device. Music transfers seamlessly from portable speaker to desktop speaker when docked. Desktop speaker doubles as a USB charger. Easily connects to all media players that have a 3.5mm jack. Portable speaker charges when docked to the desktop speaker so it's ready to go when you are. Complement expansive sound and revolutionary mobility with Origin, a two in one desktop and portable Bluetooth speaker combination. Fill any space, anywhere you go, with a high fidelity, light weight, Bluetooth speaker, or dock it into the desktop speaker to boast a muscle packed sound. Feel the rich depths of bass tones, the soaring power of high frequencies and a natural tonal clarity in your home, at work, at the park, or anywhere imaginable. . The Origin portable speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. When you are ready to go, just remove the portable speaker from the desktop and enjoy crisp, clear music. The desktop speaker also charges the portable one when it's docked, so you don't have to worry about finding a power source. So go on, immerse yourself in the natural sounds of your music with the most convenient and flexible sound system available . LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ORIGIN ».
UPC: 843404090730
The Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera features a 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor a wide ISO range of 100-25600 expandable to L: 50 H1: 51200 and H2: 102400 for incredible image quality even in low light and a DIGIC 5+ Image Processor delivers enhanced noise reduction and exceptional processing speed. 11-point AF including a high-precision center cross-type AF point with EV -3 sensitivity allows focusing in extreme low-light conditions. Additional features include: continuous shooting up to 4.5 fps Full HD video with manual exposure control multiple frame rates built-in Wi-Fi built-in GPS 63-zone dual-layering metering sensor 3.0-inch LCD Monitor High Dynamic Range mode weather-resistant construction and much more.
UPC: 013803204131
CANON P/N: 8035B002
Ease Digestion Complaints with Probiotics + Digestive EnzymesProbiotics and digestive enzymes are powerful partners that support the absorption of precious nutrients from the foods and supplements in your diet, alleviate digestive discomfort—especially just after mealtime—and promote the lifelong health of your digestive tract. But to be truly effective, you need enzymes that work both in the stomach and small intestine. Plus, you need a probiotic with multiple strains that can survive harsh stomach acid to reach the intestines.Flora Zyme® is a dynamic duo of 18 vegetarian digestive enzymes and 5 hardy probiotics to support digestive health and deliver blissful relief.You get five specialized probiotics at 5 billion CFU per serving* to support healthy bowel movements, good digestion and colon health. And, to nourish the probiotics and help them thrive, Flora Zyme® includes scFOS® non-gas forming prebiotic fiber.Flora Zyme® Digestive Aid also gives you a powerful blend of 18 vegetarian digestive enzymes to help break down the hard-to-digest fats, sugars, carbohydrates, lactose, and proteins in your food that often lead to post-meal bloating and discomfort.Each of Nutri-Health’s formulas is made with high-quality ingredients, backed by clinical research. Learn more about the ingredients and science behind Flora Zyme® and click on the Science & Research tab above. * At time of manufactureThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
With over 1 billion PCs and Macs running Office, Microsoft® Office is the most-trusted and most-used productivity suite ever. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to help you do more with your Mac your way. Use familiar applications like Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® to help you take your ideas further. And since Office for Mac is compatible with Office for Windows®, you can work on documents with virtually anyone on a Mac or PC. Store your files in a password protected online SkyDrive® folder to access, edit, or share your work from virtually anywhere with the free Office Web Apps What’s New and Improved: Ribbon: Access favourite commands quickly, and personalize your workspace. Office Web Apps: Post, edit, and share files from virtually anywhere Co-authoring: Simultaneously edit a file with authors in multiple locations Template Gallery: Visually select the perfect template for your next project Photo Editing: Remove backgrounds or add colour filters right within PowerPoint® Full Screen View: Use full screen to maximise space for reading and writing Presentation Broadcast: Broadcast a presentation instantly online, even to people without PowerPoint Improved Publishing Layout View: Create visually rich newsletters, brochures, and documents easily Sparklines: Create small charts in a single cell to discover patterns in your data Visual Basic Support: Automate repetitive tasks by programming your favourite commands Dynamic Reordering: Rearrange layers of text, photos, and graphics quickly. Requires a Windows Live® ID, internet connection and supported browser Word for Mac 2011: Powerful writing tools help you create outstanding documents, then store, edit, and share your work easily on the web Excel for Mac 2011: Clarify your financial picture with easy-to-analyse spreadsheets you can post online to view, edit, share, or co-author with your team from virtually anywhere PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Create powerful, professional presentations that engage and inspire your audience, and present online as effectively as in person System Requirements: To run Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, your computer must meet the following system requirements: A Mac computer with an Intel processor Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later 1 GB of RAM recommended 2.5 GB of available hard disk space HFS+ hard disk format (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus) DVD drive or connection to a local area network (if installing over a network) 1280 x 800 or higher resolution monitor Additional items or services are required to use some features: Certain online functionality requires a Windows Live® ID Certain features require Internet access (fees may apply)
The Nordica Men's Transfire R1 All Mountain Ski Boots are a brand new boot that expands on Nordica's award-winning Firearrow performance shell design with the introduction of all new top performance features demanded by modern skiing; yet in a package specifically tuned for those skiers who are less confident and not as precise in their movements from edge to edge. The new Transfire boots are specifically tuned for the advancing recreational skier by allowing for easier handling and a more comfortable stance.Instead of just one number representing the flex; Nordica has adopted the Dynamic Performance Code to measure three performance parameters. Stiffness (1-20) measures the amount of force needed to bend the boot forward. Progression (1-3) is how much stiffer the boot gets as it is flexed forward. Rebound (M=slow; H=medium; E=fastest) is how quickly the boot returns to neutral from its deepest flex. The stiffer the boot; the higher the transmission of power to the ski. The R1 has a flex rating of 13.5. The bigger progression; the stiffer the boot behaves through the forward flex allowing the most precise load transmission of the ski. The R1 has a medium progression rating of 2 . The higher the rate of rebound the faster the boot returns; enabling a quicker turn and ski edge change. The R1 also has a medium rebound rating of H .
UPC: 885315264558
Nordica #325430 P/N: 050180 00 9L8
Mars: War Logs is a 3rd person action RPG that takes the player into a futuristic and decadent universe, with a strong storyline where each choice is crucial. Using the same universe as our previous project, we rewrote a story, adapted to a 'short' format for digital, and came up with new characters. We also re-thought the gameplay to make it solidly RPG, with a variety of quests, dynamic and tactical combat, varied skill trees, multiple-choice dialog and a complex craft system. Mars: War Logs is therefore a 'short story' in the Mars universe that offers complete and solid gameplay with high replay value. Take on the role of Roy Temperance, a multi-talented renegade, and surround yourself with companions with real personalities. Choose from the numerous dialog possibilities and influence the destiny of your people. Personalize your fighting style through a dynamic and developed combat system, for entirely different approaches depending on the choices you make. Personalize your development by choosing from dozens of skills and numerous additional perks! Modify and create your own equipment with our craft system.
UPC: 3512899110663
A perfectly matched and flawlessly sounding speaker system, the SXHTBFR has the best of both worlds. With high reproduction qualities in music as well as surround sound home theater, this system is perfect in any application. The SXHTBFR is internally braced - both vertically and horizontally - to ensure that the acoustic image remains free from cabinet vibrations and driver resonances. The audio grade MDF wood construction also supresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, accurate response. The SXHTBFR fronts produce a brilliant and dynamic low frequency performance. Coupled with Neodymium balanced pure silk dome tweeters - rare in speakers at this price - the SXHTBFR also provides a smooth and accurate high frequency projection. By utilizing only premium components and boasting a distinct design with a classic natural beech finish, the SXHTBFR offers a pure listening experience that will harmonize perfectly with any modern living area.
UPC: 871363016782
Excellent color accuracy & high contrastEnjoy 3D content without compromise to picture quality. Wide Viewing AngleExperience 3D from a wide viewing angle with Sony's dynamic 3D active glasses. Stylish, Ergonomic DesignAdjustable frames will fit just about everyone in your family with a comfortable ergonomic design. Long Battery LifeEnergy efficient design, including an auto-standby feature, will give you up to 100 hours of 3D viewing (replacement batteries sold separately). Synchronizatio.
UPC: 027242808287
Sony P/N: TDG-BR50/B
Enjoy excellent sound quality with these Increased Dynamic Range noise isolation earphones that produce brilliant highs, silky smooth mids and powerful bass. Adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, take handsfree calls and more from the integrated tapLINE controls and mic. Interchangeable color caps let you customize the look and feel. These headphones have been designed by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts. Listen and you'll hear the difference.
Scosche P/N: IDR355m
Pure Goalie Says: The Reebok 16K Pump Goalie Skate uses the new Dynamic Support System to provide stiffness in key areas and flexibility in others. For extra support and mid-game adjustments, The Pump offers customization unavailable from other manufacturers.
Created for the collaborative workplace, the Steelcase Qivi is a dynamic chair with a pivoting backrest and sliding seat. Great for extended sitting with no adjustments needed?any posture is supported comfortably.
Empower 5lb Comfort Grip Kettlebell with DVD Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebells are a dynamic training tool that deliver an intense and time efficient workout. Kettlebells provide a total body workout completed in about done in half the time of a traditional workout, and produce twice the results. Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebells are made with a soft touch plastic shell for added comfort and a wide grip handle for smooth, controlled moves. Your kettlebell also includes a workout DVD with three workouts (totaling 45 minutes) and an illustrated, boot camp-style workout guide.
Bringing together the best that Dynamic Entry® has to offer, the Tactical Entry Kit #3 features the non-sparking, electrically non-conductive Monoshock Ram™, with the now standard Tactical Backpack Kit™ and the revolutionary Break-N-Rake™ for less than conventional manual tactical entries. In addition, the kit also features the new Mobile Home Breacher™, the first tool designed specifically to tackle every breachers worst nightmare - the outward opening door. The easily deployable Dynamic Duo™ is also included. All tools are electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC. With this kit, Nothing Shall Stand in Your Way™ DE-MS MONOSHOCK RAM™ The flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line Expert breacher's ram of choice Non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC Semi-flex handle system absorbs most of the impact stress Unique design allows for maximum force from a lighter weight tool DE-MHB MOBILE HOME BREACHER™ With minimal force, the Mobile Home Door Breacher will allow for safe, rapid and effective entry into outward opening mobile home doors during tactical operations. D-handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC Designed with Dynamic Entrys legendary standards of excellence to withstand years of abuse DE-TBK-B TACTICAL BACKPACK KIT™ (INCL. DE-SOB, DE-TM, DE-BM AND 60ME00BK) Quickly becoming the new standard for most breaching operations Features a Boltmaster, a Thundermaul, and the newly redesigned Special Operations Breacher Constructed of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon and heavily padded with closed cell foam, the backpack has pouches and retention straps for each tool and fully adjustable chest and waist straps DE-BR BREAK -N- RAKE™ Specifically engineered for window entries Head constructed of carbon steel Reinforced laser cut hook effectively removes curtains, blinds and other obstructions, Serrated blade aids in removing glass and window tines Three 12 raking fins designed to clear glass and other debris left in the window frame D-Handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC DE-DD DYNAMIC DUO™ (INCL. DE-TS, DE-TB AND DYNAMIC DUO QUIVER) Features the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge with counter-angled friction ridges Counter-angled friction ridges also provide stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage a fety-guard hand grips reduce the possibility of the operator's hands slipping onto the working end of the tool Handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC DE-TS THUNDERSLEDGE™ Sure-Grip handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC Handles will not absorb glass shards and are self-extinguishing Drop forged, high carbon steel head DE-TB THE BREACHER™ Features a heat-treated, stainless steel wedge for added strength Wedge features non-skid friction ridges for added stability Handles will not absorb glass shards, are electrically non-conductive to 100, 000 volts AC and self-extinguishing
TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Individual Iron with Steel Shaft The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Iron is the latest and greatest from one of the top names in golf. This Tour-preferred iron has a muscle back for a better feel and control on shots and is designed for more experienced golfer. This MB Iron offers the ultimate in shot control. Additional Features: Shaft Type: Dynamic Gold Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58R
When the JET 9 RDO Carbon Mountain Bike Frame first kicked dirt into the eyes of cynics, it broke every preconceived opinion of ultralight full-suspension 29ers. It also marked RDO as a true, no-holds-barred quality designation. And since the introduction of the Race Day Optimized JET 9, Niner's added components, a hardtail, and a mid-travel full-suspension to the lineup, placing Niner well ahead of the 29er-super-bike curve. Where the hardtail AIR 9 RDO is going to be a sprinter's favorite, and the full-suspension RIP 9 RDO is an enduro and backcountry racer's dream, the JET 9 RDO is a cross-country marathon machine. 100mm of lauded CVA suspension combined with one of the most refined and technically advanced carbon chassis to date, has resulted in a package that possess a mountain of high-speed potential. What you're looking at is not just a feathery, eye-pleasing frame, you're looking at hundreds of hours of 29er-specific research and development. Niner turned this R&D into an optimized carbon monocoque structure by using the latest in computer modeling to explore every conceivable option. Then, after accumulating hours and hours of prototype-fatigue testing at both in-house and independent testing facilities, Niner places the protos under highly skilled, enthusiastic, and abusive riders. The results are clear - take a look at the bottom bracket area; massive and menacing. It houses the new BB30 PressFit standard, a direct-mount front derailleur interface, the shock mount, and mounts for the lower forged aluminum linkage. This packaging focuses dynamic forces into a central area where the carbon structure is tuned for heightened strength and efficiency. It also results in a lower center of gravity, where the 29er's advantage of a lower BB-height in relation to the axle center line is heightened for a truly lively handling on trails crowded with tractor-trailers. Adding to the JET 9 RDO's pinpoint and enthusiastic handling are details like a tapered hea.
UPC: 026011306719
Niner P/N: 02-601-13-06-71
Petzl GRIGRI 2 Belay Device - The Petzl GRIGRI 2 belay device with assisted braking capability is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers. The GRIGRI 2 works equally well for lead climbing and top-roping. It may be used on all single dynamic 8.9 to 11 mm ropes on the market (optimized for 9.4 mm to 10.3 mm ropes). The belay technique is identical to classic belay technique, and the assisted braking capability facilitates arresting falls. A fall is stopped by tightening the hand on the free end of the rope. During fall arrest, the belayer holds the free end of the rope, the cam pivots and pinches the rope, increasing the braking action until the rope stops sliding. The GRIGRI 2 has a new design that allows excellent control during the descent. One hand holds the rope and the other uses the handle to unlock the cam. The patented handle design allows a very gradual release of the rope. In
Petzl P/N: D14 2G
Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge - Traditional Sole The Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedges feature Traction Control (TC) technology to enhance spin on both long and partial shots. Aggressive Tour-Y grooves are milled for consistency and enhance spin on full swings. Micro-spin enhancers, or sets of 11 laser-etched lines between each groove, enhance spin on partial swings. Features: Unique Sole Design The Traditional sole features optimal width and camber for a player with a medium to steep swing. Spin-Enhancing Face Technology The proprietary Tour-Y groove design and 11 laser-etched micro-spin enhancers between each scoreline support maximum spin on both full and partial shots. Both grooves and lines stand near the USGA maximum for surface roughness. Additional Information Golf Digest 2013 Hotlist award winner. Used by Kevin Streelman to win 2013 Tampa Bay Championship. Stock Specifications Grip: Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Flex Options: Wedge
Wilson P/N: WILSON
Let serenity penetrate your being and distractions fade away with this modern outdoor set. Sit leisurely as an unwavering inner joy rises to the surface and a firm message of relaxation and harmony take hold. Dynamic lines help infuse your special gatheri
lexmod P/N: 610-EXP-WHI-SET
Vintage View has designed this rack while keeping elegant design in mind. This rustic black Vintage View 6 bottle* wine rack features scroll work on the top to finish off their most popular size with a little grace. As always this innovative racking system stores bottles with the labels facing out for a dynamic presentation and easy accessibility to the wine you want. Exceptionally flexible easy to install and surprisingly affordable stores from as few as 6 bottles to many thousands when used as a system. It also provides the perfect airflow between bottles. Size: 27'H x 8-1/2'W Bottle capacities are maximums when storing standard Bordeaux 750mL bottles.
Explanar Power Roller Trainsretrains and builds the golfing muscles, creating a more dynamic and athletic swing.
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