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We offer three cultural sailings in spring and six in autumn. Experience Norwegian culture at its best, either when the coastline awakens after a long winter or during the autumn gold. Sailing along the coast, there are several exciting cultural activities to participate in, both on board the ships and ashore. Some of our concerts will be set in unusual surroundings and the on-board activities will trigger all of your senses, being a mix of lectures, concerts and tastings of scrumptious specialties sourced along the areas we visit. Select cultural events are included for all guests though to truly enhance the cultural experience, there's also a Cultural Package for sale onboard costing 800 NOK for the 6-day Voyage South Package. Music to your ears No Norwegian cultural voyage would be complete without concerts celebrating the mesmerizing music of Norway’s famous classical composer Edvard Grieg. Enjoy a series of live concerts of Grieg and other musical artists both onboard and ashore in unique venues such as a cave, a mine, and even an old industrial fish-oil tank! Insider insights We’ve been exploring Norway’s coast and culture for 123 years, so the insights we bring our guests in the form of lectures and on-deck presentations are truly priceless. It’ll be our pleasure to introduce you to Norway’s traditions and other gems of precious knowledge. Norway’s Coastal Kitchen The delectable dishes we serve on board our ships are traditional, fresh, and homely. We take great pride in sourcing our ingredients straight from the surrounding sea and landscape. Flavours are skilfully preserved, enhanced, and presented by our talented team of chefs, be it the buffet or the refined à la carte dining option. Easy on the eyes Your eyes will be in for a true treat with the breathtaking panoramas of Norway’s famous fjords and mountains. These magnificent views are captured in paintings on display in local art galleries which can be visited as part of the cultural voyage. Each ship a
Doug Aitken’s Song 1 is an astonishing 360°, moving-image opus commissioned by the Hirshhorn Museum. Employing eleven high-definition projectors, it illuminates the façade of the museum’s iconic cylindrical building with a seamless blend of imagery and the single song, I Only Have Eyes for You. Designed by the artist, this distinctive book, Doug Aitken: Song 1 reprises the Hirshhorn’s shape, while visually interpreting the work from an art historical and cultural context.
Smithsonian P/N: 10607
Ilan Alon and Dianne Welsh have created a valuable franchising resource focusing on the West and North European market. The book's articles/chapters cover a huge range of important franchising issues, and are both interesting and insightful. It is crammed with interesting and useful information." Dr. Callum Floyd, Editor of As companies globalize, they are finding many new opportunities in more and more markets around the world. Forward-thinking businesses are profiting from operating in markets that previously seemed closed or inaccessible. But as the company grows and diversifies, it becomes more important to understand the legal, cultural, and business landscape in each new target country or region. Entering new
ISBN: 0-8080-0963-X
This tour combines both great urban vistas, not typically seen, and ethnic neighborhoods that are the essence of city's cultural mosaic. Your tour begins with a ride on an aerial tram, with your bike on board, high over the East River. The ride is surely like none other in the world with its 360°views of the Big Apple. Your first destination is Roosevelt Island, "a city in the city, " which was once viewed as a "dumping ground for undesirables" - but no longer. With quiet streets, parks and wonderful river promenades, it is today very "in, " although seldom visited except by its residents. In Queens, you pedal under the imposing Queensboro Bridge to Gantry State Park. At this historic location you can see restored "gantries" and learn about their critical role in the city's commerce in the first part of the 20th century. The view across the East River, directly opposite the United Nations and the world's tallest apartment building, provides an unforgettable photo opportunity. As you enter Brooklyn, you have a first hand opportunity to appreciate more of the fascinating nature of the city. Is it like a "melting pot, " in which diverse immigrant groups meld together? Or is it more like a "salad bowl, " in which different cultures mix together but still keep their own customs and traditions? Or, is it a bit of both? The most dramatic example of our salad bowl analogy comes out bursting with flavor in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn neighborhood where Hassidic Jews continue a century's old culture begun by the most religious of Eastern European Jews. As you pedal on its main street and side streets, you will find it hard to believe that you are in New York City in the 21st century! But we want you to do more than just stare, as we explain to you the traditional culture and how it has adapted, on its own terms, to the broader American society. Just blocks away from Williamsburg is Greenpoint, a vibrant Polish neighborhood that keeps its roots with a sense of pride, food, and language. Here you see how New Yorkers live outside the frantic pace and congestion of Manhattan. Then, a simple turn of the corner brings you to the very "hip" neighborhood of younger, trendy New Yorkers, who bring with them their transportation of choice - the bicycle! Their ride, as well as yours, is across the Williamsburg Bridge, which provides more rarely seen views of the city and its skyline. As you leave the bridge, the pace of the city takes over, for you are now in the heart of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Here early and recent arrivals from Europe, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and China are mixed together with assimilated New Yorkers. All are seeking an "inexpensive" place to live in Manhattan. And all are seeking, like generations before them, "a bargain" place to shop. As you complete this tour, you will pass directly in front of the United Nations. What better place than this to reflect on the unique urban mosaic that makes The Big Apple such a fascinating place to explore, especially by bike!
Explore the glorious past of Venice, a city that takes pride in its significant historical and cultural landmarks. Visit Piazza San Marco and explore noteworthy historical monuments like the Basilica San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Bell Tower, Clock Tower and the Procuratie. Many of these monuments are the best-known examples of Italo-Byzantine and Gothic-style architecture still standing today.Explore the Santa Maria Formosa, the perfect example of Renaissance architecture. Walk through the Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo, a site housing many significant landmarks. Learn all about the history of Marco Polos House and the Malibran Theatre and uncover how these sites have influenced one-another over the years. Take a walk through the Mercerie, the city's main shopping hub. After this walking tour, you may use a free coupon to visit Murano glass factory on Murano Island. This walking tour of Venice is not to be missed!
Pamphlet, 24 pp.
Another Man mixes credible modern icons with art, music, high impact fashion photography and strong opinionated writing by key cultural voices. A magazine for men who like their lifestyle rocked with passion and intelligence, luxury and a sense of adventure. Another Man magazine is Men's fashion and lifestyle magazine coming with high octane fashion photographs, cultural notes, art, music, luxury and adventure. Another Man magazine is designed for men who make no apologies for enjoying finer things in life. A subscription to Another Man is a real treat for any trendy man.
Explore the world's great myths and legends, brought to life in this enthralling retelling of age-old stories passed down from generation to generation. Unravel the meaning and context behind the myths, understand their cultural significance, and discover the characters and themes. From heroes of ancient Greece to the dreaming or Australian aborigines, here are the myths that, thousands of years after they were first told, are still relevant today. Featuring: Classical Mythology - Learn the truth behind the classics from Poseidon to Athena. Heroes and Heroines - Explore famous fables from King Arthur to Aprodite. Relive Ancient Stories - Iconic tales from around the globe brought to life. The Meaning Behind The Myths - Discover the role they have in today's world.
Jon Nordström, responsible for the smash hits Danish Tattooing and Nordic Tattooing is back with another obscure cultural history - Danish pornography between the late 1800s to 1980. A book about porn, made with love, as the cover states.
Books P/N: 1762
Tooniforms Unisex V-neck Print Top - The Batman - 3x-large - As Batman told Robin "Come on, there's not a moment to lose!" The Batman unisex V-Neck print scrub top is now available! Tooniforms has designed an impressive scrub top featuring the super hero Batman. The Black Knight is featured on this V-Neck scrub top with a double left chest pocket with D-ring, side vents and double needle topstitching for an upgraded appearance as well as extra durability. The signature Batman logo is on the upper front shoulders and double left chest pocket. Below is the image of the Caped Crusader with the skyline of Gotham City behind him. Sleeves and back are solid black. The double left chest pocket has a D-ring to clip your badge to. Side vents and double needle topstitching for an upgraded appearance as well as extra durability. Tooniforms has created an awe inspiring nursing scrub top with this American cultural icon!100% CottonLength 29"
UPC: 716605737325
Tooniforms P/N: 6788CBDMTH3X
Content that's free for the taking Millions of creative works - books, artwork, photos, songs, movies, and more - are available copyright-free in the public domain. You can use Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes, Beethoven and Irving Berlin, the Mona Lisa and Monet. The Public Domain, is the only book that helps you find and identify which creative works are protected by copyright and which are not. It covers rules for :writingsmusicartphotographyarchitecturemapschoreographymoviesvideosoftwaredatabasescollections This edition of The Public Domain is completely updated with new case law, and includes new developments in the world of international copyright. The book also provides hundreds of resources to help you find and use public-domain works. Named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Reviews for Academic Libraries.“A public domain was one of the Framers’ most important gifts to our cultural tradition. This extraordinary book makes real the value of that gift in the 21st century.” - Lawrence W. Lessig, Stanford Law Professor & Author of Code & Other Laws of Cyberspace“A superb offering.” - Chicago Tribune“How do you tell the difference between what’s copyrighted and what isn’t? A good starting point is . The Public Domain.” - Associated Press
ISBN: 1-4133-2028-7
At the edges of Paris, hotelF1 Paris Saint-Denis Stade is within easy reach of the biggest sports and cultural events in Paris: our hotel is located 164 yards (150 meters) from the Stade de France stadium, 15 minutes' drive from the Parc de la Villette and Le Zénith concert arena, 15 minutes' drive from Montmartre and its picturesque district, and 15 minutes from the center of Paris and Paris Bercy Arena by public transport.
Rue de la Cokerie P/N: 93210
Features an image of the colorful cloth lamps Colorluxe series 1000 pieces to keep you busy for hours
LPF Limited
African masks checks rotate between 4 images of masks from different African tribes. African masks have been around since Paleolithic times and are considered some of the finest creations in the art world. Masks were used in ceremonies with both traditional and cultural significance where the masks often represent a spirit, deity, or ancestor possessing the wearer during ceremonies. African Masks personal checks are available in single and duplicate check format. Matching address labels and a coordinating checkbook cover are also available.
A social communication project presented through 930 posters by graphic artists from around the world on subjects such as global warming, human rights, sexually transmitted diseases and other important social issues created for various NGOs, charities, institutions and social volunteering organizations, including Amref, Amnesty International and Greenpeace, collected by the Cultural Association Good Design. This anthology tells the history of the project - started in 2007 - through selected posters by an international jury of renowned graphic designers including Massimo Vignelli and Alain Le Quernec, together with original texts and an illustrated account of the initiative. A reference book for whoever searches a source for the communication of their social causes, backed up by an online database with all 10, 000 entries and an inspiration for graphic studios and young graphic designers. A true celebration of the poster, as an iconic media of communication.
ISBN: 88-6613-897-5
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