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The Rokinon 14mm T/3.1 Cine Manual Focus Wide Angle Lens has been developed primarily for professional cine / movie making purposes. It features a De-clicked Aperture to reduce noise while shooting. This lens is follow-focus compatible to provide a convenient quick and precise method for controlling the focus on your camera. The lens has an 8-bladed aperture and optical construction is comprised of 14 elements divided into 10 optical groups with one aspherical lens element and one hybrid aspherical element. Multi-coated glass allows for a high level of light transmission and it minimizes flare and ghosting.
UPC: 084438760781
Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker System
UPC: 050036332644
Reminding us of the oversized “shades” of mid-20th-century cinema stars these classic, go-with-everything wide-frame Iconic Sunglasses feature UV400 lenses.
Smithsonian P/N: 48367
Single soundbar provides distinctly improved sound quality compared to your TV Dialogue mode make every word and detail stand out Bluetooth connectivity wirelessly stream music from any of devices One connection Universal remote command bass module more
UPC: 017817700238
Bose P/N: 732522-2110
Film International is devoted to bringing the reader all the latest news and developments in the world of international cinema. Film International covers film culture as part of the broader culture, history and economy of society. We address topics of contemporary relevance from historically informed perspectives. We wish to bridge the gap between the academy and the outside world, and encourage the participation of scholars from a variety of disciplines. We refuse the facile dichotomies of 'high' and 'low', Hollywood and independent, art and commercial cinema. We discuss Hollywood films seriously, and 'art' movies critically. We aim at becoming a truly international publication recognising local specificities, but also the ultimate interconnectedness of an increasingly globalised world.
Product Specifications: Screen Size - 55 Screen Size Diagonal - 54.6LG Smart TV - Yes Native Display Resolution - 1920 x 1080p Contrast Ratio (DCR) - 4, 000, 000:1MPRT - 60 HzLimited Warranty - 1 Year Parts & Labor BROADCASTING SYSTEM Analog - NTSCDigital - ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM (1 Tuner) VIDEO XD Engine - Yes Aspect Ratio Correction - 5 Modes (16:9/Just Scan/Original/4:3/Cinema Zoom) Color Temperature Control - 3 Modes (Warm/Medium/Cool) Picture Mode - 7 Modes (Intelligent Sensor/Vivid/Standard/Ci.
UPC: 719192580152
LG P/N: 55LV3700
Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller? He's one of the greatest characters in the history of cinema! He really knows how to take it easy and have a good time. If you've ever wanted to take an epic day off, why not show it off in style with this awesome Ferris Bueller costume! Featured in one of the most memorable scenes of the film, this Ferris Bueller sweater is perfect for any fan of the film. Combined with a simple white t-shirt, the illusion will be complete with this laid back Matthew Broderick costume! Black and Gold 15% Wool, 85% Acrylic Standard Fit More Ferris Bueller's Day Off Items: Ferris Bueller's Day Offi Merchandise
Costume Agent
The Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster is the world's first multi-function light meter that can be programmed to match and be calibrated to the sensitivity of your digital camera sensor or type of film for perfect exposure control. They have produced an incredible meter that more than meets the needs of the photographic community. This full-featured meter will definitely make everyone happy as it is loaded with every imaginable feature - and then some. Expanding on the unqualified success of the L-558R, Sekonic has taken the next step and designed a meter that offers advanced features such as Spot/Incident measurement modes, flash/ambient measurements, flash analyzing, built-in PocketWizard wireless triggering, plus Exposure Profiling, Pre-Exposure warning, 14 selectable custom settings, and much more. This weather-resistant meter not only meets the needs of the digital community but can also serve the cinema community. The L-758Cine model will have expanded cine speed (fps) 1 thru 1000, Lux 0.63 to 190, 000, Foot-Candle 0.10 to 180, 000, Cd/m to 190, 000, Foot-Lambert 0.07 to 190, 000 and Preset filter compensation values (including Kodak Wratten filter number) The L-758DR measures light beyond the capabilities of your camera and ensure repeatable accurate and consistent measurements. In addition, the dynamic range of a particular digital camera or film can be stored, recalled and displayed. Using the USB transfer cable (included) and the Sekonic Digital Input and Transfer software (included), a digital camera or film's exposure profile can be uploaded from a computer (Macintosh or Windows) to the L-758DR. Up to three different digital camera or film exposure profiles can be saved and quickly retrieved with a touch of a button. With its Pre-Exposure warning indicators and adjustable mid-tone settings, the L-758DR puts the power of digital exposure control in the palm of your hands. When you need to take a light reading - think Sekonic. Important : To comply with local broadcast regulations, Sekonic wireless systems sold in the various markets around the world are designed to operate at different frequencies. When purchasing and/or installing a transmitter module or using the meter with a receiver, be sure that the meter, module and receiver are designed to be used in your location and use the same frequency. The FCC designation indicates the meter and module are designed for operation in the USA/North American market. Frequencies: CH 1 to 16: 344.0 MHz; CH 17 to 32: 346.5 to 354.0MHz The CE designation indicates the meter and module are designed for operation in European countries. Frequencies: CH 1 to 16: 433.62 MHz; CH 17 to 32: 434.22MHz When purchasing and/or installing a transmitter module or using the meter with a receiver, be sure that the meter, module and receiver are designed to be used in your location and use the same frequency. The wireless flash triggering system used in Sekonic meters consists of two parts that are designed to be.
UPC: 4962294011383
Spice up your Rome tour with a visit to Romes most exciting theme park dedicated to the world of cinema. Cinecitt World is an absolute must-do for thrill seekers and movie buffs, boasting 20 attractions, 8 sets and an entire area (Sognolabio) dedicated to little ones. Dedicated to the wonderful world of cinema, the popular show Enigma at the Historic Theatre takes you on an illusory voyage like no other. Grab a bite at any of the four excellent restaurants. All four restaurants boast their own distinctive themes and delicacies, with expert chefs on-hand to ensure you have a truly special dining experience. Immerse yourself in the world of cinema where different genres, evocative emotions and interesting stories come to life! The commute to and from Cinecitt World is not a problem at all, with a shuttle bus at your service to drop you off and pick you up from the theme park. A day at the Cinecitt World promises to be fun and thrilling for the entire family. Attractions like Pestlejumper, Grindamax, Vapocauldron, Puffpress and the Altair rollercoaster assure that theres never a dull moment at this popular theme park!
Moda, beauty, cultura. E poi viaggi, design, architettura, cinema. E ancora personaggi, eventi, news e curiosità. Il mondo di VOGUE Italia. Internazionale ed esclusivo. E insieme a VOGUE Italia potrà apprezzare anche i suoi splendidi supplementi.
PARIS perfume was introduced by YVES SAINT LAURENT in 1983. Paris is a floral fragrance and is the result of the following top fragrance notes: rose petals, orange blossom, mimosa, cassia, hawthorn, nasturtium, bergamot, greens, and hyacith. The middle notes are: rose, violet leaves, jasmine, and orris. The bottom notes are: sandalwood, amber, musk, moss, iris, cedarwood, and heliotrope. Paris perfume comes in a clear round bottle with a jet black cap accented in rose petal pink. The bottle is enclosed in a matching pink box with gold and black accents. Other fragrances by Yves Saint Laurent include Opium and Cinema.
UPC: 090174249237
Dimensiones (anchoXaltoXprofundidad): 230x39x194 mm Peso: 0, 8 kg Qué Incluye La Caja: Manual De Instrucciones, Mando A Distancia (Rmt-b127p), Pilas (Tipo Aaa X2), Tarjeta De Registro Del Cliente, Tarjeta De Garantía Capacidad De Reproducción: Bd, Dvd, Cd, Usb, Servicios De Red Funciones De Imagen Y Audio: Super Scaler (Escala Precision Cinemahd), Deep Colour (16 Bits), 24p True Cinema™, Ntsc/pal, Salida De Dvd A 24p, Hdmi®, Coaxial, Óptica (Posterior)
UPC: 4548736013544
Features 12 full-color images of vintage Italian movie posters Months and days are in English and Italian Poster format
Istituto Fotocromo Italiano
The 3D Deco Lights are comforting, cordless, decorative night light that are loved by children and adults. The lights are a great addition to any child's rooms, study, cinema room or office. LED Lights Requires 3 x AA Batteries - not supplied Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 12.2 x 32.8 cm
UPC: 816733020150
Star Wars P/N: 50021
You'll feel the pull of the One Ring in this licensed Witch King mask from the Lord of the Rings. The mask is designed to completely conceal your face so that you can step into the role of this truly fearsome character, instantly transforming you into the Black Captain. Lord of the Rings fans will be completely jealous of just how authentic you look, compared to their close enough costumes, yours will look almost exactly like the one from the cinema.Even if those you encounter throughout the night have never seen The Lord of the Rings and aren't quite sure how the Witch King of Angmar is that ok! You will still look killer in this, it is still quite the creepy design. Silver distressed detailing will make it look as if you just stepped off the battlefield, fighting against all that try to cross you.
UPC: 082686041782
Rubies Costume Co. Inc P/N: RU4178-ST
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