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Aqua Chek Red 4 Way Bromine (50 Count) Ideal for customers who use bromine as a sanitizer in their pool or spa. Tests for: Total Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness. User friendly easy-grip bottle with flip-top strip dispenser cap. Includes water chemistry insert and directions. Includes a fourth test for Total Hardness- warmer water temperatures increase the potential for scale build-up making it particularly important for spa owners to maintain proper hardness levels. Get 4 important test results in just one dip! Just dip an Aqua Chek Red strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove it immediately. You get test results in seconds! To keep your pool at its best, test at each end a minimum of twice a week, and test your spa before each use. It's also a good idea to write down your results each time you test.
UPC: 090944012528
Hach P/N: 521253A
Product:Zinc/Bromine Flow Battery Color:MultiColor Dimensions:9x2x2
Taylor Basic DPD Test Kit Test: Free Chlorine (.5 - 5 ppm), Bromine (1 - 10 ppm) and pH (6.8 - 8.2)
Proudly made in the U. S. A. ; Our replacement spa and hot tub covers use the strongest available materials in the industry and come in 5-3 taper, as standard. The 5-3 tapered, 1.5lb density foam cover is unparalleled for heat retention. Designed to withstand the harsh winter months. Includes a 2 year, bumper to bumper, non-prorated warranty. UV/mildew resistant, 30oz marine grade vinyl. Tapered design for strength at the hinge and run off. 100% virgin, 1.5lb density, eps styrofoam inserts wrapped in 6mm double coated, heat sealed polyethylene vapour barrier to increase longevity and retain water temperature. Galvanized c; channel added at centre of foam inserts for support. Dabond bonded polyester chlorine and bromine resistant marine thread is used throughout the entire cover for superior strength. All high-stress areas are reinforced with dabond stitching, paying extra attention to the hinge, handles, tie downs and skirt. Brown coloured inside. Size: Depth 213, Width 213, Height 12.5, .
UPC: 758076002403
Canadian Spa Company P/N: 1476743
Continuing the tradition of combining theory and practice, the 5th edition of The Handbook of Chlorination is a major revision of this classic book. This new edition is a thorough up to date reference on the use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peroxone bromine, bromine chloride, iodine, and ultraviolet radiation in water and wastewater treatment. It covers the regulatory impacts of using various disinfectants; the potential impacts of the end use of disinfected water; the advantages and disadvantages of each disinfectant; changes in chlorine production; and new chlorine handling methods. For each disinfectant, the book gives its chemistry, effectiveness, dosing, equipment, and system design requirements.
ISBN: 0-470-18098-6
Due to the excellent material properties the housing is suitable for universal use for various applications in the field of measure and data technology, data transmission, power supplies, and for all devices and applications whose installation is intended in available distribution boxes or on DIN-rails. The installation and dismantling is ie Montage und Demontage is very easy through a locking mechanism integrated in the housing. No extra retaining clips are needed. The material selected (PC-ABS) offers flame protection in line with UL 94 but is free of antimony, bromine and chlorine. The material itself is listed under yellow card no. E41613 UL, V-0 with a 1.5mm wall thickness, and 5VB as of 2.2mm.
UPC: 4016138425284
Results 1 - 6 for bromine 
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