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The Pado sandal is the first Swiss-made kyBoot in our range. Its wide insole makes it especially well suited to customers with broad feet. Available Sizes US 5 - 11.5 Available Colors Black White Upper full-grain bovine leather Lining suede antibacterial treatment Insole suede antibacterial treatment Sole PU Sole Type/Shape Sandal Sole (wide - for everyday standing walking and other activities) For maximum adjustability - please see the kyBoot Jura
UPC: 7640141515112
Actions Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity; cleanses without irritation and has a drying action within the ear canal.
Stay radiant every day without damaging your skin. Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush-on Mineral Powder Sunscreen offers powerful SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection, alone or over makeup. Water-resistant (80 minutes) SPF and finishing powder in one simple, on-the-go application. This self-dispensing, broad spectrum powder sunscreen makes protecting your skin easy, 365 days a year. Perfectly portable and easy to reapply, our brush provides sheer, natural-looking coverage.\n\nThe Sunforgettable SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen Brush provides all-physical, non-chemical water resistant (80 minutes) sunscreen that is better for sensitive skin. Our broad-spectrum protection comes from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals that reflect the sun. For ideal coverage, the Sunforgettable SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen Brush is available in Fair, Medium, Medium Shimmer, Tan, and Deep shades, providing excellent sun protection, regardless of your skin tone.\n\nWith the water resistance (80 minutes) provided by this SPF 30 brush, it is a great choice for active, sweaty lifestyles, whether walking, running, biking, jogging, doing yoga, or golfing.
Revolution is a monthly spot-on treatment that controls a broad spectrum of both internal and external parasites found in cats.
SkinMedica Essential Defense Everyday Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 47 is a lightweight, sheer broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen that provides powerful daily protection against the sun.
UPC: 300235738182
SkinMedica P/N: 95738
In addition to a broad spectrum of vitamins and mineral that support detoxification pathways DetoxiCleanse contains a blend of amino acids phytochemicals and antioxidants that support the elimination of toxins and protect cells from damage
The edding e-8 Colour Marker is great for producing bright and colourful designs This colour marker uses food colouring based ink which allows for deep colour on every page. The marker is fun and safe in that it can be washed from skin and most textiles. The edding e-8 Colour Marker uses abroad bullet tip that produces an approximately 3 mm line width, which creates a bold and confident style. The marker's ink allows it to be mixed with different colours of the same marker, to create new and exciting hues. Furthermore, the marker features special "cap off" ink, which means the tip won't dry out with the cap off for up to 3 days. When washing the ink out of textiles, wash at 40 °C to allow the colour to come out fully Colour markers Food colour based ink for bright hues Washable from skin and most textiles at 40 °C3 day cap-off-time without drying out Colour mixing capabilities Broad bullet tip Line width: 3 mm Colours: Assorted - Yellow, Red, Brown, Purple, Blue, Light Green, Green, Grey Pack of 8.
UPC: 4004764974306
Give new tenants the basic information they need in one document Your lease or rental agreement gives the broad overview and legal details involved in renting out a dwelling, but it's important to provide a new tenant with the basic information they need at the beginning of their tenancy. Nolo's Move-In Letter provides you with the basics for creating a move-in letter suitable for your building and situation. In one document, clearly lay out: the manager's phone number and other contact informationemergency contact information and instructionsrules and procedures that are too numerous or detailed for a lease or rental agreementmaintenance dos and don'tsnew roommate procedurean overview of the move-out procedure Plus, as an extra precaution, be sure to have the tenant sign the final page indicating that they have read and understood the contents to avoid disputes down the road. Additional Technical Support FAQs
Granofen Wormer for Dogs and Cats is effective against all major roundworms of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. Granofen broad spectrum worming granules are available online at discounted prices with free shipping in USA.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS is a magazine for today's businessman looking to keep abreast of current affairs. FOREIGN AFFAIRS is America's leading magazine on international affairs. For more than 75 years, FOREIGN AFFAIRS has been providing government, business leaders and international affairs students with insightful and thought-provoking analysis of world events. FOREIGN AFFAIRS can do more to inform public opinion by a broad hospitality to divergent ideas than it can by identifying itself with one school.
Transform your ordinary bedroom arrangements into a more compelling decor with the Addison bedroom set. The Addison bed with its open design and broad leg support, proves that elegance doesn't need to come at the expense of simplicity.
12” regular hi-hat cymbal pair from Expression series that possesses a powerful, full-bodied, assertive sound, combining energy with a controlled sustain and a defined tone. It is very expressive, powerful and explosive and has a broad dynamic range, which make is a perfect choice for medium to high-volume music. The cymbal is hand-hammered from B20 Plus alloy (80% copper to 20% tin) with Brilliant finish.
From daguerreotype portraits taken before the Civil War to twenty-first century digital prints, the Double Exposure series is a striking visual record of key historical events, cultural touchstones, and private and communal moments that helps to illuminate African American life. In addition to featuring fifty photographs from a broad range of African American experiences, each thematic volume includes introductions by some of the leading historians, activists, photographers, and writers of our times. Through the African American Lens is an introduction to the photography collection, revealing the ways in which African Americans have used activism, community, and culture to fight for social justice and create a better life.
Smithsonian P/N: 10696
Linksys N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router with Linksys Connect Including Parental Controls & Advanced Settings (E1200) Compatible Devices Highlights Enjoy the benefits of Wireless-N (802.11n) in your home ideal for surfing the web, emailing and printing wirelessly Connect your computers, wireless printers, smartphones, and other wireless devices at up to 300 Mbps transfer speed Enjoy broad wireless coverage provided by MIMO antenna technology Use four Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) ports to directly connect wired devices Keep your network protected with customizable security settings, including WPA/WPA2 Personal and SPI firewall protection Give visitors password-protected Internet access on a separate network?so your visitors have access to the Internet, but not your computers or data Set up your wireless network in three easy steps using included Cisco Connect software Use Cisco Connect's Parental Controls to block specific websites and restrict Internet access during certain hours Overview The Linksys E1200 offers fast speed and reliable range so you can create a powerful wireless home network. Connect computers, wireless printers, and other Wi-Fi devices at speeds up to 300 Mbps. MIMO antenna technology provides broad wireless coverage throughout your home. WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall help keep your network protected. Included Cisco Connect software gets you set up in three easy steps and offers powerful tools for ongoing management of your network. Establish a separate guest network, limit Internet access using Parental Controls and access advanced settings.Linksys E1200 Wireless-N Router Fast Wireless Speed The Linksys E1200 offers fast speed to connect your computers, wireless printers and other Wi-Fi devices at transfer rates up to 300 Mbps speed. Reliable Wireless Coverage Built with leading 802.11n wireless technology, the Linksys E1200 offers reliable range to create a powerful wireless network. MIMO antenna technology provides broad coverage so you can enjoy your wireless network from anywhere in your home. Advanced Security Keep Wi-Fi freeloaders and Internet threats at bay with WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall to help keep your network protected. Quick to Install Linksys Software helps you set up your home wireless network in three easy steps Easy to Manage Linksys Software helps you customize your settings, and quickly add multiple devices to your network: Create a separate, password protected network for guests Limit access time and websites with Parental Controls Access advanced network settings easily
A weightless color-protective leave-in masque Formulated with Colorfinity Complex to seal hair cuticle & lock color deep inside Shields hair from environmental & thermal stress that will damage color Developed with Ionic Technology to strengthen damaged areas of hair Contains UV filters for broad range color protection Unveils bodified more lustrous hair with rich & brilliant hair Leaves no build-up on hair To use: Apply to shampooed hair no need to rinse out. Style as usual
UPC: 633911639160
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