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One seeks for words worthy of the authenticity and intimacy of this beautiful book. It is a treasury of perceptions, tender and unsparing, of our planetary existence; a sensual affinity with all that grows, flourishes, and dies-conveyed in a clear voice unlike any other." - Shirley Hazzard An arresting reflection on the human relationship with nature, Wolves and Honey is grounded in the exploration of two eccentric personalities - one a trapper, the other a beekeeper - and their very different attitudes toward the world. While illuminating her own poignant relationships with these men who deeply influenced her, Susan Brind Morrow offers a meditation on the land itself - specifically, the rich and storied Finger Lakes region of New York. Keenly attuned to unexpected scientific, historical, and metaphorical connections, Morrow's writing provides a strikingly original perspective on the fine but resilient threads that bind us all to the natural world. "Beautifully crafted prose trac es] the rich histories of two men - one a beekeeper, the other a trapper One of those rare nature books that mixes a perfect combination of personnel insight and historical depth." - USA Today "A riveting compendium of observations from a very curious, very interesting mind Morrow manages paragraphs as poets manage line breaks." - Boston Globe "A meditation on the outdoors that evokes 'the smell of damp earth, the sweetness of maples and pines as through it were freedom itself.'" - The New Yorker "So venerably beautiful it makes your teeth ache." - Kirkus Reviews Susan Brind Morrow is the author of The Names of Things.
ISBN: 0-618-61920-8
Results 1 - 2 for brind 
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