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UPC: 053993770825
Premium Aluminum Alloy Metal Case For Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / B+ Feature: Please choose the color you want 1. This Tiny protective case is designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi B+ 2. Aluminum Alloy made. Durable, Solid as a rock. Small Size and Portable. Ultra Thin with good ventilation 3. Removable Side Panels with easy access to the GPIO port. Easy to assemble and disassemble 4. Wall Mountable. Access to Micro SD card slot, consumer ports and GSI, camera ports and GPIO pins 5. Come with screws to fit your Pi inside the case and Rubber feet to stick to the bottom Case Material: Aluminum Alloy Case Size: 3.54inch x 2.51inch Package Included: 1 x Aluminum Alloy Case ( Not included the Raspberry Pi )
FUSE Yellow Polarized Lenses for Ray-Ban Wayfarer B&L 5022 (50mm)
Specifications of 4 Series LiFePO4 Batteries Charge & Discharge Guard Shield Application The product could be widely used in the fields of electric devices, electric vehicles, standby power supply and power supply of military equipment, etc. Features Provide protection function and balance function to 15 cells High Power LiFePO4 Battery in series. Over voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit. Bleeding for cell balance. Low power consumption. Functions: The product has 6 main functionsover charge, over discharge, over current, short circuits, balancing and low-current lock. Function of over charge protectiononce voltage of any battery in the group gets higher than the over charge protection point, charge cuts off to ensure all batteries work within the over charge protection point. Function of over dischargeonce voltage of any battery in the group gets lower than the over charge protection point, discharge cuts off to ensure all batteries work beyond the over charge protection point. Function of over currentduring the discharge process of battery group, once discharge current gets over the set over current protection point, output cuts off to ensure battery group works within the safe limit of current. Function of short circuit protectiononce battery group's output port appears the condition of short circuit, it cuts off to ensure battery group not to be damaged because of short circuit. Function of voltage balancingin the late charging period of battery group, voltage difference that appears during the using process of each battery could get balancing revised to ensure battery group's capacitance. Function of low-current lockseries connection of low-current lock gets reserved and low current controls on-and-off of the main high current to make it safer and more convenient. Specification Overcharge Detection Voltage3.90V (3.87V-3.93V)Overcharge Release Voltage3.80V (3.77V-3.83V)Balance Activation Voltagecells voltage greater than 3.6VBalance Release Voltagecells voltage less than 3.6VBalance Current75m AOverdischarge Detection Voltage2.00V (1.95V-2.05V)Overdischarge Release Voltage2.30V (2.25V - 2.35V)Overcurrent Detection Current25A (20A-30A)Max. Continuous Discharge Current14 ACurrent Consumption in Normal Operation (B-)less than 10u ACurrent Consumption in Overdischarge and Load not Removed (B-)less than 200u ACurrent Consumption in overdischarge and load removed (B-) less than 10u AOperating Temperature Range-20~+60 CHumidity0~90% Rh (No waterdrop) Storage Temperature Range+10~+30 CHumidity0~90% Rh (No waterdrop) Download product data sheet here. Usage and Attention: After purchasing the protection mold, users should connect lines in compliance with the instruction. Voltage usually exists in the battery, so operators should peel one line and then connect another starting from B-. Lines should be connected from the low position to the high position with no mistake of order, or the irreparable damage could be cau
Tenergy P/N: 32064
Römer Performance Pad The car seat Römer Duo Plus/Versafix is only approved for the following vehicles if the performance pad is fitted into the seat. The following cars need the Performance Pad: * BMW und MINI Mitsubishi Colt (3-door und 5-door) Opel Meriva B Smart forfour and fortwo Suzuki Swift (EZ, MZ)
UPC: 4000984030198
Britax Römer P/N: 44760000
The Salice 002 Casual Sunglasses are a stylish way to shield your eyes from harmful UVA rays. UV400 lens rating provides protection against 100% of UVA, B and C rays. Fitted with Hydro repellent lenses, this super smooth lens surface allows water and dust to slide off. The sunglasses are supplied with a protective case. - A.D. Key Features: Salice 002 ITA Casual Sunglasses UV400 lens rating ensures protection against 100% of UVA, and B Euro style casual sunglasses Hydro repellent lens. Super smooth lens surface allows water and dust to slide off Inner lens anti-glare treatment RW - Multi layer mirror coating cuts glare and increases contrast Supplied with protective case Adult size unisex
UPC: 8023929002032
Salice P/N: SA002-RW-025
With a leather upper, its great adaptability ensures style on every occasion.
>Width Inches: 30->Color Finish: Gray->Height Inches To Top Step: 60->Brand: Ballymore->Height To Top Step/Platform Range: 60"-71"->Height To Top Step/Platform: 60"
Tripp Lite 24-Port Cat6 Cat5 Patch Panel Feed Through Rackmount 568A/B RJ45 1URM TAA - Patch panel - black - 1U - 19 - 24 (N254-024)
UPC: 037332131041
Tripp Lite P/N: 864
Diamond-tufted 52'' H x 22'' W x 20'' DAssembly:No Assembly Required: ships fully assembled
The Floor Bracket Package B adds a few accessories to the Pkg. A which add convenience and uses. The first is a Base Mount. This is the rectangular item on the left. Once bolted down to the truck bed, trailer, or tool box, the Base Mount acts as a lockable docking station for your Floor Brkt. and Power Tank. The idea is to save you time and keep your Power Tank from getting knocked around or stolen. The light aluminum Floor Brkt. holds the CO2 tank at the perfect angle to expel vapor yet provide a super low center of gravity for maximum stability. This Package B also adds an air chuck and tire pressure gauge to inflate tires on your truck, bobcat, or tractor trailer. Here's what else is in the Pkg. B: Floor Bracket, a 25' braided SuperFlex hose, the fittings, our 0-200 PSI/40 CFM SuperFlow HPx regulator, the Power Grip regulator guard, a 10lb. capacity aluminum CO2 tank with protective boot, and a regulator cover 10lb. team yellow Powertank;HPX regulator;Power Grip Guard;Floor bracket;Base mount;Regulator bag;Tank boot;Tomco Super Coupler;30 foot Superflex straight hose;Ball air chuck;Pencil pressure gauge
Power Tank P/N: FB10-5250-YL
This is a general use, clear filter that helps to absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish cast of daylight. No additional coloration or contrast is provided, allowing you to pair this filter with others. The UV filter is also useful as a general protective filter to leave on lenses at all times. Filters help to reduce dust and moisture from reaching your lens element and provide additional protection in case of drops or situations where scratching could occur. The Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) is both an anti-reflection coating as well as a protective surface. It helps to increase light transmission by reducing reflections, scattered light, and ghosting. Additionally, it offers greater protection to the filter substrate and stays cleaner for longer than uncoated filters. The Nano coating associated with XS-Pro filters incorporates an additional 8th layer over the regular MRC and results in a better beading effect with water for greater cleaning efficiency. B+W filters are constructed from high quality Schott glass for increased optical clarity and color fidelity. This filter features the XS-Pro Digital mount which is specifically designed for DSLR use with wide angle and zoom lenses. The filter ring is made from brass for durability as well as jamming prevention.
UPC: 4012240008834
Braza Bra - B Cup. Adhesive non-bra support for backless, strapless clothing. Feather-light fabric with open lace grid so it breathes, wicks moisture, and stretches just enough to conform to breast shape. Style 10002.
UPC: 089348100023
Gesticktes Blutgruppen Abzeichen - Hintergrundfarbe oliv - Aufschrift B pos - Rückseite mit Klett - Größe: ca.
UPC: 4051378083863
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