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Futuro FuturoFuturo Futuro is a manufacturer of kitchen range hoods - made in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Their distinctive designs vary from modern high quality stainless steel with decorative glass to classic white finishes with traditional wood trims. They offer very modern and classic wall mount range hoods, island mount range hoods, modular range hoods and vent fans as well as range hood accessories. Beside their instantly recognizable elegance and Italian craftsmanship, all Futuro Futuro products are developed using the most advanced technology resulting in uncompromising, quiet performance which leads the market in innovative kitchen solutions. With the large experience acquired throughout the years, their products' quality and constant research driven Futuro Futuro to attain excellent results as well as reliability and trust in a large group of companies. Become one of the millions of their satisfied customers - complete your kitchen today!Murano Island Range HoodsA kitchen appliance - or a work of art Breathtakingly beautiful, the "Murano Collection" line of island and wall range hoods from Futuro Futuro feature colorful glass enclosures in various designs, becoming much more than a high-power kitchen hood. The new trend-setters bring together innovative technologies, highest-grade materials, and the unique flair of authentic Italian design.The Murano range hoods include the best of modern kitchen ventilation technology - a powerful and quiet blower, 4 speeds, patented Perimeter Suction Filter System, adjustable chimney, bright halogen lights with "Easy-Open" tool-less light fixtures, convenient features such as the filter cleaning reminder and delayed shut-off, and more.Four bright 20-watt halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface, while the dimmable body light lets you adjust the Murano range hood's visual impact - from a subtle accent to powerful, attention-getting design statement that transforms the room.
Futuro Futuro
Mark off traffic areas, physical hazards and work sites with this attention-getting adhesive-backed tape. Yellow-black color design provides a simple, yet effective, way to communicate that an area is off limits. Features a rubber adhesive that sticks quickly to a variety of surfaces, and removes just as easily, leaving no messy residue. Flexible and abrasion resistant, it conforms around corners, curves and on uneven surfaces. Resists most common solvents including acids and alkaline chemicals. Safety Tapes Type: Marking Tape; Width: 2"; Length: 108 ft; Color(s): Black/Yellow.
UPC: 021200045851
Play to your strengths in this attention-getting tee in big, bold red-and wear it with confidence! 100% cotton. Imported.
Byredo Rose Noir Perfume by Byredo 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex) for Women. Make a great first impression with Byredo Rose Noir for women, a fun, floral fragrance that gives classic scent elements a modern twist. Introduced in 2008 by the fragrance experts at Byredo, this delicate, feminine scent overlays light notes of grapefruit and freesia, over a long-lasting middle note of Damask rose and base notes of oakmoss and labdanum, The result is an exciting, attention-getting fragrance that is ideal for both date nights and special events.
Peacocks are known for their beautiful, eye-catching plumage. but do you know why they have it? In simple terms, it's to turn heads, attract attention, and distinguish the bird from the rest of the flock. When you're a 1920s flapper dancing in the jazz age, standing out from the crowd can be difficult, because everyone wore such extravagant styles in that legendary time period. But you can put them all to shame by borrowing the peacock's attention-getting tactics. and there's no better way of doing that than with the bird's feathers themselves! That's why you're sure to stand out with this Deluxe Peacock Flapper Headband!Decked out with black sequins and, of course, the unmistakeable "eyespot" feathers of the male peacock, there's no better headwear if you're going out as a flapper on Halloween. or headed to a "Great Gatsby" party. Just don't forget to add the phrase "Old sport" to your repertoire for the night!
UPC: 721773683381
Forum Novelties, Inc P/N: FO68338-ST
Metallic finish laminated stock two-pocket folder with business card slot. Attention-getting folder features two interior pockets and a die-cut business card slot. Brand: Oxford
Learn how to create beautiful portraits with a touch of Hollywood glamour and elegance that your female clients will love—and portrait recipients will adore. Rolando Gomez takes you through the process step-by-step showing you everything from attracting clients to your business to determining the best style of portraits for each subject to running a successful shoot. Each step of the way you'll learn the critical skills—including tips for building rapport with your subject flattering your subject's unique figure and downplaying perceived flaws with strategic lighting and posing and top-notch strategies for marketing and selling your images. The book Rolando Gomez's Glamour Photography by Rolando Gomez from Amherst Media includes fully clothed semi-nude and nude subjects in a variety of glamour portrait styles that showcase a wide range of portrait options. Whether you are new to glamour photography or are a seasoned professional you'll find countless techniques and images that are sure to inspire! Features: Understanding the changing role of glamour photography and its place in today's market Working with private glamour clients who need more guidance in front of the camera Strategies for ensuring your client's comfort before during and after the portrait session Creating a portrait concept that suits the client's personality Establishing your business marketing your services pricing your work and maximizing your profits Eliciting the perfect expression for an attention-getting image ISBN13:978-1-58428-210-5 The Author - Rolando Gomez is an acclaimed glamour photographer whose images have appeared in Playboy Special Editions Studio Photography & Desi
ISBN: 1-58428-210-X
Amherst Media P/N: 1842
Horns are one of your most important safety devices. These two loud 400Hz + 500Hz horns are attention getting and make sure people notice you. These super-light weight and easy to install horns with weather resistant covers from PIAA. Powerful, attention-getting sports horn;115 decibels at 2.7 amps each;400Hz and 500Hz combination;Announces your presence with style;Easy installation
Piaa Lighting P/N: 85110
Some pieces of fine gemstone jewelry simply demand your attention. That is certainly the case with this bold, yet classic ring. Rarely have diamonds and sapphire jewelry been so attention-getting, but set in a brilliant 14k yellow gold, this 1ct oval sapphire and .2ct round diamond ring really comes to life with the diamonds' G/H color and SI1 clarity. This is truly one of our most magnificent rings. Order from SuperJeweler today!
Attention-getting design, color, and sound - the HP Roar Mini Wireless Speaker. Exceptional size-defying audio while streaming music and calls from a distinctively compact speaker. Product Details Ultra-portable: Fits most accessory pockets at a compact 3-inch by 3-inch size. Engineered for sound: An internal passive radiator enhances a fuller bass Portable: Cable free with up to 30 feet Bluetooth connectivity. Powered to perform: The rechargeable battery lasts up to 28 hours. New sound shaping software with a unique triangular design delivers enhanced audio sound. 3.1 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches Convenient speakerphone functionality
UPC: 888182970980
Sports Horn High Tone Kit 500Hz + 600 Hz, 115Db Powerful, attention-getting sports horn; 115 decibels at 2.7 amps each; 500Hz and 600Hz combination; Announces your presence with style; Easy installation Piaa Lighting PIAA Sports Horn High Tone Kit 500Hz Plus 600 Hz, 115Db - 85112 85112 Horn
Piaa Lighting P/N: 85112
DEMETER® Pink Grapefruit is fabulously refreshing, Demeter's Pink Grapefruit is a citrus and fruity blend without being sharp, the way grapefruit can be. A full bodied, attention-getting scent, anytime and anywhere. Size: 1.0 oz.
UPC: 648389199375
Play peekaboo on the beach with flirty cutouts slashed in this alluring halter bikini swimwear. Crafted made in a very sexy silhouette which features halter ties at neck and back closure. The cutouts design exposes more sexiness you want to show while the bright color makes you more attention-getting in the sun.
New, attention-getting, stretchy ball turns inside out for an amazing visual and tactile sensation. The ball has a squishy texture that's cool to the touch. Ideal for hand exercises and much more engaging than regular squeeze balls. An amusing conversation piece that's easy to manipulate, even for small or arthritic hands. Assorted colors. Washable.
Velvet T Bar Bracelet Display Stand, Black Size: about 155mm long, 255mm wide, 50mm in diameter Lush velveteen offers a luxurious and attention-getting display of your finest bracelets. Velvet is soft and plush to the touch.
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