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Reveals a brighter, more radiant complexion
Misfit Flare is our sleekest and most effortless activity tracker yet. Track light and restful sleep, steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, log activities like soccer, yoga, swimming, and more, and connect with friends via the Misfit App. Plus, utilize Flare's smart button functionality to play music, take a selfie, connect to other household smart devices, and make your phone ring. Designed with your everyday style in mind, Flare fits effortlessly into your life and makes it easier for you to put your best foot forward and stay one step ahead at all times. Flare never needs charging, has a battery life up to 4 months, and is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can track your every move, day and night. That means better data and better insight to keep you inspired and going strong.
Our artisans in Parma Italy handcraft this men's belt from black Columbian Crocodile leather. It features a silver coloured buckle at closure. The width of the belt measures to approximately 3.5 cm. This belt is also available in brown (Piave Moro Mat).
UPC: 4260394479806
If it was possible to store joy in a jar, would you keep it to yourself or spread it all around you?" Our fragrant aromatic oils are powerful mood setters and diffuse gracefully throughout the home. Being at their most powerful when warmed, these make ideal complements to Sabon ceramic burners. Dilute a couple of drops in water, and these make long lasting alternatives to home fragrance. Utterly atmospheric, the combination of flickering candlelight and dreamy scent makes this combination a much loved gift. We also recommend using these fragrant oils to recharge the scent of potpourri.
Key Features This is the replacement ZVac VF20 filter for the Black & Decker brand vacuums. Replaces OEM filters: VF20 and WVF30 Replaces OEM part number: 68720 Filter Replacement 4 pack Product Description This is the replacement ZVac VF20 filter for the Black & Decker brand vacuums. This is a 4 pack. This high quality Black & Decker ZVac VF20 Filter easily installs and filters as well as any alternative but is offered by GoVacuum at a much lower price than the competition. High performance filtering Black & Decker ZVac VF20 Filter captures a variety of large and smaller particles thus reducing the amount of allergens and dust mites back into the air. The Black & Decker ZVac VF20 Filter will fit the Black & Decker V Series hand vacuums that possess a 4.8 volt or higher suction motor and the CMV9630 models. Replaces OEM filters: VF20 and WVF30 Replaces OEM part number: 68720 GoVacuum recommends replacing the Black & Decker ZVac VF20 Filter every 3 to 4 months in order to maintain the best vacuuming performance and longevity. Additional Information Item Width : 0.1Condition : New UPC : 608939823556
Women's 1.33 oz EDT Spray. Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari is pure expression of the modern metropolitan world. It is a celebration of image as indefinable and unrelenting as the color is named for. At the heart is black tea and the rest is still a mystery.
UPC: 783320851827
Sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS) - an antioxidant extract from broccoli seed. An indirect antioxidant that provides long-lasting cell protection (targeted chemoprotection) from free radical damage for days after being consumed*. Activates the body's natural detoxification enzymes*. SGS identified in 1992 by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. SGS thought to be the key factor behind the many health benefits attributed to cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli. Each capsule contains 50 mg of SGS - equivalent to eating two pounds of cooked broccoli.
Thorne Research
The Endless Space: Gold Edition contains: Endless Space: Emperor Special Edition Endless Space: Disharmony This galaxy is ancient, and its first intelligent life was the civilization we call the Endless. Long before our eyes gazed upon the stars they flew between them, though all that remains of this people is what we call Dust. A substance found scattered, or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors. The galaxy will belong to the faction that can take control of the Dust and uncover its secrets…A BORN LEADERGuide one of eight civilizations as you strive for galactic domination. Control the entire galaxy through subtle trade and diplomacy. Explore every corner of the universe to find powerful artifacts and resources. Overwhelm other civilizations with your advanced technologies. Destroy your enemies with massive armadas. ENDLESS DISCOVERIESExplore hundreds of star systems and master the mysteries beneath the Dust. Exploit different planet types, luxuries and strategic resources. Confront a host of strange scientific phenomena. Hire heroes to become fleet admirals or system governors. Discover five hero classes and their unique ability trees and specializations. SPACE OPERAExperience Endless Space with state-of-the-art graphics and interface. Switch between strategic battle decisions and long-term planning. Optimize each fleet for epic battles around contested stars. Create the perfect combinations from dozens of unique ships per civilization. Customize your ships with modules, armament, engines and special mods. TAKE ON THE UNIVERSEPlay against up to seven opponents and build up - or break - alliances at will. Discover an innovative and dynamic simultaneous turnbased gameplay. Permit instant jump-in for your ongoing online games. Define your own custom civilizations and confront the ones created by your friends. ENDLESS REPLAYABILITYControl every new game’s scope, from a quick match-up to an endless war. Generate an infinity of galaxies where every start begins a new adventure. Modify the size, shape, density, age and a lot more to create your ideal galaxy. Choose from different victory conditions and adapt your strategy on the fly. Endless Space: Disharmony The Endless Space: Disharmony expansion will bring many enhancements and additions for Endless Space players. A tenth faction, known as “The Harmony”, basically consisting of living rock, will make its appearance, along with its unique play style and objectives. Space battles have never been more intense, with the addition of fighters and bombers, battle formations, a new targeting system, a redesigned weapon system and enhanced planet invasion mechanics. Revamped AI opponents will now offer vastly more unpredictable and cunning behaviour to make the Endless Space even more dangerous. FEATURESA brand new Faction called “the Harmony” with a single objectivein mind, annihilate Dust! New fighters and bomber units that will completely change the shape of combat Introduction of new Battle Formation and Targeting systems for more battle controlA complete rework of the Ship Design Interface for an improved Weapon System that includes family types for modules (short, medium and long range) New Invasion mechanics: Prepare your population for bombardments, sieges and land invasions! Expect to face a real challenge when playing against AI opponents with the ‘New Adaptive Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence System’ (AMAS)New Rally Points feature for newly built ships, to reduce micromanagement Four new Heroes and the option to Disable Exchange of Technologies, as per the community requests NOTICE: Product offered subject to your acceptance of the Steam Subscriber Agreement (“SSA”). You must activate this product via the Internet by registering for a Steam account and accepting the SSA. Please see agreement to view the SSA prior to purchase. If you do not agree with the provisions of the SS
This silver necklace adds chicness to style. Three blue beads top the necklace from that hangs a layered silver medallion with silver coin fringe at the bottom. Silver-tone finish Long thin chain Aztec medallion pendant Lobster clasp closure
Claire's P/N: 36977
SkinMedica TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is great at fighting environmental aggressors from the inside out.
UPC: 300234953029
SkinMedica P/N: 94953
A great writing classic, designed by the famous Marcello Nizzoli, this legendary cult pen from the 50's, is back. It is the symbol of a manufacturing process still tied to various craftsman phases as well as to the most leading edge technology. The Aurora 88 was the first pen to be exhibited at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. The Aurora 88 Collection offers a look that's elegant and classic. Depending on the look and feel that you want, the 88 is available in black with gold trim or chrome trim, sterling silver, chrome cap, or gold cap. Choose the 88 that's right for you.
Aurora Pens P/N: AU830
Riccardo Bianchi known throughout Europe for his art created using the ''Old Master Techniques'' studied art in Florence and went on to teach painting and art restoration at universities in both Europe and the US. (Oil on Canvas Hand Painted in Italy.)
Bianchi Arte
100% pure, flavorless beta alanine with no fillers or additives so you can train at a higher intensity for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in.*
UPC: 750902102233
Crochet trim cami dress. V neckline. Thin adjustable straps. Round open back. Fully lined. Crochet detailing at hem.
Unisex Men Women Stretchable Braided Elastic Woven Leather Buckle Belt is made of rubber band and faux leather, with black, brown, coffee, dark khaki, light khaki, army green and navy at banggood
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