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You're gonna love all of the great new Greek Gear and merchandise we have available for your wearing and viewing pleasure, like this Alpha Phi Striped Afghan Blanket. Can't you see it laying on your bed or the back of your sofa right now, brightening up your decor? The blanket, sized at 70"x54", is striped with Bordeaux red, pink, and white colors. A vine of green Ivy leaves coils it's way down the middle. In the center you'll find your Alpha Phi logo in a circular design. If you want, for an additional amount you can add one line of personalization to make it all your own !
Slim Liner Boot Socks from Ovation. Thin design to slip easily into your tall boots. Mid calf length. Made with 70 cotton and 30 Coolmax.
The CamelBak Rogue Dark Blue Biking Backpack stays put with adjustable straps and harness Pockets are located at waistbelt and a mesh harness allows for quick access This backpack is designed to keep you hydrated with a 70 oz reservior Camelbaks patented
The Hollywood adaptation of Frank L. Baum's classic story, The Wizard of Oz has entertained kids and grownups alike for almost 70 years. Now, with this set of celebrity ducks you can bring your favorite Oz characters into the tub with you! We've got Dorothy and her three companions, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. For those of you with a darker side we also have the Wicked Witch of the West (with one of her Flying Monkeys)! These are no ordinary rubber duckies. Made of an excellence, this collectible set brings all of the characters to life in the form of rubber ducks. Each Celebriduck is approximately 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Each comes packaged in an attractive bathtub like box. Every duck is brand new and is made even more collectible because each is marked as a special edition on the bottom.
The Dr. RH Cigar Remedy is a high quality PG solution. It gets rid of peaks and maintains a perfect 70% humidity.
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Wasserdichter, atmungsaktiver Schlafsack-Überzug aus Breathatex. Grosszügiger Schnitt, passt für jeden Schlafsack. Länge 250 cm, Breite oben 90 cm, Breite unten 70 cm. Gewicht: ca. 830g Inklu.
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