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A subscription to Vintage Life Magazine will keep you up to date with the past, in the present. "Vintage Life Magazine is a magazine aimed at revisiting and rekindling the wonderful years gone by - bringing those memories alive again! From style and fashion, hair and make-up to house and home, toys and collectables to music and film, everything great about the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s through to the 70s - all in one great magazine!” With a wide collection of experts sharing their knowledge and many featured articles each issue, a subscription to Vintage Life Magazine really puts you in touch with memories past and brings them alive all over again. Concentrating on the 1920s, through to the 1970s, Vintage Life Magazine really does cover YOUR past. Let us take you down memory lane to revisit those cherished times. Not only do we look at the past, but Vintage Life Magazine is full of how you can recreate styles and more, today in the present! Keeping you up to date with the past, in the present with a subscription to Vintage Life Magazine.
Pure Hockey of Medford, MA Says: The Bauer X:40 hockey elbow pad offers complete protection for your elbows and forearms and offers terrific durability as well. The upgrades over the X:30s and X:20s are that you get the Lightweight Vent Armor Foam protection via the forearm and bicep guard and extended bicep wing for further protection. On the mobility side, you also get a nice upgrade via the Free-Flex elbow cap, multi-segmented bicep and anchor strap. This is a great elbow pad for the money.
Matched sight set features green tritium on both the front and rear sights for fast pickup under any light conditions. Rear sight features vertical tritium bar with a highly visible white border; front includes tritium dot surrounded by a white ring. Rounded low profile design won't slow your draw. Designed to directly replace factory sights. Standard Dot (STD) front sight has narrow white ring around the tritium dot for precise aiming at longer distances. Big Dot (BD) front sight has a large easy-to-see white ring surrounding the tritium dot. Mfg: Xs Sight Systems SPECS: Machined steel matte black. Big Dot .161" (4mm) diameter dot. Standard Dot .110" (2.8mm) diameter dot. 1911 Govt Comm Officers: Rnd. fits round top slides. Novak fits slides with Novak-style sight cut. Beretta 92/96 requires .250" x 60° front sight dovetail. Older Bro
Xs Sight Systems
It's 3 a.m. and Elizabeth Gilbert is sobbing on the bathroom floor. She's in her 30s, she has a husband, a house, they're trying for a baby - and she doesn't want any of it.
ISBN: 1-4088-1266-5
biOrb Life 30S AquariumsWhat biOrb Life Collection aquarium will suit your life? Each of the biOrb Life aquariums are designed to offer low maintenance fishkeeping which is good for the fish and look great in any home or office. The new stylish biOrb Life 30S Aquarium with slimline intelligent LED light. The slimline Intelligent LED Light provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle, including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight. Manufactured out of acrylic making it stronger and safer than glass aquariums. Set apart from anything else on the market, the designer aquariums feature a crystal clear acrylic front and back and are finished with seamless gloss colored acrylic wrap. The hidden airlines keep this tank looking sleek and smooth. biOrb Life uses the same unique multi-stage biOrb filtration, keeping the water cleaner for longer. Compatible with the biOrb Marine Conversion Kit and all biOrb accessories. Incorporates all low voltage (12V), safe equipment and state of the art, technologically advanced 5-stage filtration. Includes: Air pump (12V)Transformer (12V)Water conditionerCeramic mediaIntelligent LED lightFilter cartridgeSample food sachetInstruction manual
UPC: 822728003992
Soild Axle Swap Lift Kit C with Detroit Locker Fits 1986 to 1995 Toyota P/U and 4Runner;Rock Assault Front Axle Housing:Dirty 30s 30 Spline Birfield/Axle Kit;Assembled 3rd Member;Detroit Locker TOYOTA TACOMA DLX REGULAR CAB SR5 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2.4L 2RZFE 2.7L 3RZFE 3.4L 5VZFE GAS with Shocks Included Trail Gear Soild Axle Swap Lift Kit C with Detroit Locker 111243-1-KIT Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits
Trail Gear P/N: 111243-1-KIT
Give the Devil his due with this terrifying third entry in the "Omen" saga. Now in his 30s, Damian the antichrist, played by Sam Neill, is a rich and powerful ambassador with a plan to use his position to once and for all defeat the powers of "the Nazarene." But a celestial omen foretelling the second coming of Christ sends the son of Satan and his minions on a murderous spree. Can a secret sect of monks slay Damian in time to end his ascent to global domination?
UPC: 024543048411
Shanghai has a rich architectural legacy and is home to some of the most famous art deco buildings in China. The Peace Hotel has been a Shanghai landmark for more than a century. Located on the corner of busy Nanjing Road and the Bund, this enduring monument was the centre of Shanghais nightlife in the 1920s and 30s. Its lobby is an art deco masterpiece.The former HSBC building is a six-floor neo-classical building in the Bund area of Shanghai. Designed by a British architecture firm, this building is often seen as one of the best examples of neo-classicism in China. It has been called "the most luxurious building from the Suez Canal to the Bering Strait".Visit Shanghais famous waterfront, the Bund and enjoy the citys impressive skyline. It offers a splendid view of Pudongs modern skyscrapers across the river.There was a large and varied Jewish community in Old Shanghai. They were some of the richest people in the city, and built many of the grandest structures, including the world-famous Peace Hotel on the Bund. The French Concession is one of the loveliest areas in Shanghai. Today, the area's central Huaihai Road is a busy shopping street, but the tree-lined avenues and their many Tudor mansions still retain an air of the "Paris of the East".
The long line is a classic bra style which first gained popularity in the late 30s. As changes took place in fashion, bras evolved from the gossamer nothings worn by the flappers to more supportive and structurally complex designs. Good thing we've stepped into a new millennium. These long line bras offer you the proper boost your bust needs, with the full support, added comfort and versatility that you want in a bra. Want to know more? Material: 91% nylon, 9% spandex Rigid front panels provide midriff control stretch power mesh sides and back for control and comfort Hand washable Available in sizes 34-48 Available in cup sizes D or DD Available in White only Final sale
The late 1920s and early 30s were the Golden Age of American golf, when many of the greatest amateurs and professional to play the game were at the peak of their careers. Most notably among these was Bobby Jones. Golf?s Golden Age celebrates Bobby Jones a
Recalling the 30s styles used by Boeing test pilots a timeless updated plastic model lends a distinctive elegant look with clean lines and teacup-shaped lenses. Made in Italy
Have you ever dreamed of being an animated sex icon? Put those markers down! Cause we've got a much easier way to transform into your favorite 30s cartoon! You'll be the perfect retro flirt in this Betty Boop Wig!
UPC: 082686511971
Rubies Costume Co. Inc P/N: RU51197-ST
If you want to go beyond enjoying music and videos to creating your own, you need a speaker system with accurate sound. Top musicians, producers, and engineers trust M-Audio studio speakers to create their hits-and now the compact AV 30 speakers bring this professional legacy to your home. Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, AV 30s use proven M-Audio technology to deliver full-range sound, from crystal-clear highs, to deep, rich bass tones. They're perfect for creating media in small spaces-a.
UPC: 724643112882
Avid P/N: 9900-65139-00
Black cotton dress Abey in vintage style. Real piece of sweetness, this adorable little dress is like a childhood dream come true. And as Voriagh only uses black and cuts to adult women, you will have both the look and the great cut! Inspired by a photo of the 30s, we discovered this sepia colored dress with "Mary Janes" shoes and little white socks. Magda, our beautiful muse shows us that with high heels you can change the style as history. Color : Black Materials/Fabrics : 98 % cotton, 2 % spandex Care Instructions : 30°
UPC: 3700828640439
Tales of Bonnie & Clyde and the Brady Gang highlight this profile of the weapons that blasted their way into American folklore. The rise of the American gangster coincided with the proliferation of new weapons that put far more power into the hands of the bad guys - and the law enforcement officers charged with stopping them - than ever before.GANGSTER GUNS looks at the hardware that blasted its way into history and the folklore that surrounds the gangsters and outlaws of the 1920s and '30s. See how the rise of the gangsters influenced the development of portable ballistics and forced the police to change their tactics and strategies. Discover some of the surprising tidbits from this era, including how the sawed-off shotgun was invented and who was the first to wear a bulletproof vest. And get an up-close look at the tommy guns, Gatling guns and other legendary weapons.GANGSTER GUNS is an explosive look at the weapons and criminals that blasted their way to a unique place in American history.
UPC: 733961734010
Designed for Moda Fabrics, this assortment includes 40-2 1/2'' x 44'' strips from the Bella Solids collection rolled into a jelly roll and tied with a cute Moda ribbon. Included in the jelly roll are 4 each of #9900-23, #9900-24, #9900-120, #9900-27, #9900-32, #9900-25, #9900-75, #9900-101, #9900-66, #9900-93
Real Krill 350mg 30S/G From Doctor's Best Science-based nutrition Dietary supplement Delivers omega-3 DHA and EPA in more bioactive forms than fish oil formulations* Promotes cell-level functional efficiency by optimizing cell membrane structure* Supports healthy function of the brain, circulation, joints and other organs* This is a 100 percent authentic product from sustainably harvested Antarctic Krill. It provides omega-3 EPA and DHA linked into phospholipids, together with the versatile protective carotenoid astaxanthin. These nutrients are vital lipids, building blocks for the cell membrane systems that manage most of the important life functions. Real Krill provides them in molecular forms that have superior functionality over fish oils.Suggested Use: For maintenance, take 1 softgel per day, preferably with a small meal. To support mood management, take 2 softgels per day. To support blood lipid management, take 3 softgels per day. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 capsule Serving per container: 30 servings Amount Per Serving %DV Antarctic Krill Oil Complex, providing:Phospholipids, minimum (min.) 140 mg +Omega-3 Fatty Acids, min. 80 mg +EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid), min. 40 mg +DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid), min. 23 mg +Astaxanthin, min. 17 mcg ++ Daily Value not established.Other Ingredients: Softgel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, purified water), vanillin.Contains nothing other than listed ingredients.Not Suitable for VegetariansReal Krill is a 100 percent authentic dietary supplement, a lipid nutrient complex sustainably harvested from the Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba. Krill are shrimp-like ocean creatures (Crustaceans) that feed exclusively on algae, the primary producers in the marine food chain. Antarctic krill are so abundant they could be the largest single species mass on the planet. Krill thrive in the frigid Antarctic seas due to their ample content of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid) and EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid). By remaining fluid at temperatures way below freezing, these vital lipid nutrients assist krill to routinely survive, feed and reproduce. Benefits:Krill Oil's Vital Lipids Offer A Range of BenefitsKrill oil is sometimes compared to fish oil as an omega-3 dietary supplement. But authentic krill oil complex contains a greater range of nutrients, and its benefits far exceed those of fish oils. Most of the DHA and EPA of krill oil occurs linked into larger phospholipid molecules (pronounced (fos-fo-lip-ids).2 These are preformed building blocks for the cell membranes that drive life processes. In fish oil, by contrast, all the DHA and EPA occurs as triglycerides, which are storage forms of fatty acids ("fat"). The DHA and EPA has to be removed from the triglycerides, then linked into phospholipids prior to inserting them into cell membranes.Krill oil gets its red color from astaxanthin, a carotenoid nutrient. Astaxanthin is a potent membrane antioxidant and helps ensure kril
UPC: 753950002333
Doctor's Best P/N: DRB-00233
A vivid lipstick that contains Hybrid Pigments Provides intense color & absolute brilliance Imparts 3 dimensional shine with Dual Shimmer Complex Moisturizing & comfortable to wear Gives sheer coverage
UPC: 4935421380928
Shu Uemura
Add this best-selling set of America's greatest bits to your entertainment collection! 6 hours on 6 discs! Keep them laughing hour after hour, day after day. Disc 1: 100 Funniest Moments: Favorite Moments of the Stars with Carol Burnett, Martin and Lewis, Gracie Allen and others. Disc 2: 100 Funniest Moments: The Unexpected with Bob Hope, John Wayne, Lucille Ball and others. Disc 3: 100 Funniest Moments: Slapstick with Danny Kaye, Milton Burle, Jonathan Winters and others. Disc 4: The Golden Age of Comedy: The 20s & 30s with Charlie Chaplin, WC Fields, Our Gang and others. Disc 5: Great Stars of Film & Radio: The Fabulous 40s with the Marx Brothers, Jimmy Durante, Mae West and others. Disc 6: TV Comedy Classics: The 50s & 60s With Sid Caesar, Red Skelton, Jack Benny and others.
The mylight Bedlight Kit - Motion Activated LED Ambient Lighting offers thoughtful lighting responding to your needs. Light when you need it. This bedroom lighting outsmarts all other LED lighting strips in the market with exciting features: Motion controlled activation of soft white ambient lighting at 2700 Kelvin Auto shut-off timer from 30s to 10minutes Easy mounting kit includes ready-to-mount 3M glue strips, brackets and holding screws for the motion sensor 2 LED strips with 12 LEDs per foot Install your mylight kit under beds, dressers, in closets, bathroom vanities or kitchen counters, etc. - wherever you need light in the dark without the need to search for switches or worry about turning off the light. Dimensions & Delivery 2 five feet LED strips each with 60 diodes, 3M self adhesive ready to mount strips Length per strip: 59" (150cm) Combined motion and light sensor with shut off timer 2 holding brackets with 3M glue ready-to-mount Low energy consumption - Uses only 7.5W per strip, output 175 lumen/strip Up to 30, 000 hours of usage (3, 4 years at continuous life) Input: 100~240 VAC - 50/60Hz, output 12VDC Suitable for indoor application only Weight: 1.4 lbs UL certified This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Item takes 1-3 days to process and leave their facility. APO/FPO shipping unavailable
You Philly fans know all about the fight against cold weather. With temperatures averaging in the 30s to 40s during hockey season, you need cutting edge technology to emerge victoriously when you head out for the big game. This Mountain Trek System jacket is actually two separate jackets that can be zippered together for ultimate comfort and flexibility. The first layer is a fleecelined jacket featuring the team logo embroidered on the left chest. The second layer also features an embroidered team logo on the left chest, so you can display your Flyers pride either way. The second layer can be worn on its own and boasts a removable hood giving you lots of options based on the degree of coldness the day may bring. Now that the weather battle is won, you can focus on the important battle on the ice!
Reebok P/N: 765311
EPSON replacement lamp for powerlite home 20/powerlite s3/moviemate 25/30s - Manufacturer: Epson - Mfg Part Number: V13H010L33 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail
UPC: 010343854000
Epson P/N: V13H010L33
Guaranteed lowest price on ALFRED Model 32162 - Buy the I Used to Play Piano: 20s and 30s Hits, An Innovative Approach for Adults Returning to the Piano Arr. Carol Matz
UPC: 038081352565
Add this A Kappa Sigma The Most Wanted Man In The Country T-Shirt to your cart right now. For just 10 bucks, why the heck not? It depicts a distinguished looking Kappa Sig brother on a wanted poster. It's reminiscent of the wanted posters from the 20s and 30s. The shirt is white and the box in the middle is black with white letters. This is the type of shirt that will get plenty of double takes and comments. Get it in white for $10 or pick up other colors like red or Kelly green for a few extra dollars. Be the first in your chapter to wear this shirt on campus!
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