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Alternator Pulley Cone Alternator Pulley Cone; 2V Pulley; 6 Hole w/Step Nut; Chrome Powermaster Alternator Pulley Cone 342 Alternator Pulley
Powermaster P/N: 342
Hawker sealed lead acid batteries are high-quality, deep-discharge recovery batteries. Their sealed, maintenance-free, easy handling and economical qualities make these long shelf life units perfect for your high-tech use. P/N: DA8100004
Power Products batteries are well known for exceptional performance and reliability. They feature Japanese cells, durable housings, excellent fit, and a solid warranty. For years, they have been trusted by public safety and industrial users to deliver maximum cycle life and worry-free operation. 7.2 V 5000 mAh Smart Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery Belt Clip For use with Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000
Power Products
The FiiO E09K desktop headphone amplifier offers truly stunning audio performance and versatility to headphone audio enthusiasts. Its sleek and modern appearance belies the engineering marvel within. While maintaining exceptionally low noise and distortion, it's strong power and high current output design is capable of driving the most demanding headphones while rendering music with excellent dynamics and clarity. The E09K serves as a dock for the E17 USB DAC-AMP devices. When combined, the E09K and E17 become seamless high fidelity audio interface for any computer, bypassing noisy internal sound cards. With both a fixed and a volume controlled line level output, it works well as a pre-amp. As a successor to the E9, the E09K has the following improvements: Synchronized power on/off with FiiO E17 Switch-selectable dock or AUX-in playback Full size RCA connectors for all rear input/outputs Features TI TPA6120 current feedback power amp with low noise, distortion and high switching rate Soft on/off with sealed relay protects power amplifier output Smooth and low noise ALPS sealed potentiometer for volume control Audio buffers using ultra-low distortion and low noise OPA2134 op amps Dock connector for E17 USB DAC-AMP Standard 10dB and 18dB High Gain Volume controlled and fixed level RCA outputs Specifications Power: 900mW; 150mW Impedance Range: 16 ~ 600 SNR: 100dB (A weight) Distortion: 0.003% (100mW) - Line Out: 2V rms Pre Out: 0 ~ 6V rms Power: DC15V/ 1.5A Size: 149 x 96 x 56mm Weight: 440g
FiiO P/N: E09K
Being a little brother in the Pinarello family is tough, especially when the shoes that you have to fill are those of the Dogma 65. 1 Think2. However, the Pinarello Paris 50. 1. 5 Think2 Road Bike Frame occupies the next limb on the family tree with incredible grace and strength. New to this year, the Paris draws on the Pinarello's Think2 design philosophy, and it features an upgraded Torayca carbon layup, a fully asymmetrical design, the new ONDA 2V fork, and a nearly identical geometry to the already two-Tour-winning 65. 1 Think2. It looks like the Paris is all grown up. To construct the new Paris, Pinarello's engineers embraced its Think2 design system that, in the past, has typically been reserved for the flagship Dogma series. Along these lines, the Paris was given a completely asymmetric frame, and it uses carbon fiber that's just a tad shy of the 65. 1 Think2 in terms of weight and rigidity. For the Paris' carbon composition, Pinarello reached out to its Japanese carbon fiber suppliers at Torayca to develop the new 50HM1. 5K. The resulting carbon is far more rigid and reactive than prior iterations of the Paris. At a full 50-tons per square centimeter, compared to the Dogma's 65t, the new carbon layup is capable of withstanding 50 tons of pressure per square centimeter. In other words, the high level of rigidity and strength allowed Pinarello to use less carbon fiber in key areas, thereby lowering the weight of the Paris frame to around 1038 grams (size 54cm). Essentially, like the Dogma's diet, this carbon wizardry has dispelled the myth that the Paris is not a bike for climbers. Even with the new cloth, the Paris Think2 follows a nearly identical geometry to the Dogma 65. 1 Think2. In fact, one of the only noticeable differences between the two are the Paris' slightly taller stack measurement - about 5cm in a size 54. 0. Outside of that, it follows the same distinct identity of the Dogma Think2, which of course, means that it retained much of the asymm.
Pinarello P/N: PI-14-PARC-515-BKYL
UPC: 072782452858
Avery P/N: 45285
Motor 1 Tangencial x 80W Presión Max. (Pa) 194 Potencia sonora mín (dB A) 44 Descarga (mm) 120 Luz 2 lámparas x 40W Pantalla Interruptor 2v Aspiración Panel de mandos Altura (mm) : 280 Color : Acero inox Anchura (mm) : 700 Número de velocidades : 2 Profundidad (mm) : 280 Potencia del motor : 800 Tipo de extracción : Canalizado Potencia(m3/h) : 340 Tipo de Lámpara : Halógeno Tipo de filtro de grasa : Metálico Nivel de ruido (dB) : 55 Potencia de lámpara : 50 Filtros lavables
- parts for a better ride
Results 1 - 9 for 2v 
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