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Specifications Input10-15V DC Adjustable charging current1A, 2A, 4A and 5A 4 LED indicators show charging status. Balancing PortJST 3pin connector BonusTamiya to Traxxas Adapter - Supports Packs with Traxxas ConnectorsGreat inexpensive LIPO balance charger specially designed for 2S LIPO!Popular Uses Airsoft 7.4V LIPO Batteries - (Mini Tamiya Charging Connector Sold Separately)Can be purchased separately. See connector below under related items to purchase. RC Car/Helicopter 7.4V LIPO Batteries Custom Packs - Any 7.4V LIPO PacksCaution & Tips:Recommended to charget at 1C or 1A - especially for lower packs that are 1000mAh or less.*NoteThis applies for any smaller capacity Airsoft of RC Heli battery packs. For compatibility with Airsoft Packs that have mini-Tamiya, seeconnector option below under "Related Items" (Connector Sold Separately) Charger requires 5A Power Supply (power supply sold separately). Download product instruction manual here.
Tenergy P/N: 1228
These Rifle Evidence Boxes, 25 each, are custom sized for storing Long Guns. Boxes are pre-printed on the outside for recording necessary chain of custody and identification information. Holes located in the bottom panel of the box are used to fasten the weapon in place with SIRCHIE1/2s No. ET100 releasable evidence ties.
A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner more accurate holes and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry Sets Individuals Jobber Length and Short Length are made from High Speed Steel with a 135° self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: High speed steel.
Zip up the Patagonia Better Sweater Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, and step out of the cabin for a weather check at 2 a. m. to see if the storm will break by morning. Spending another day in the alpine cabin would be OK because you have the Better Sweateri1/2s outer knit fabric and soft fleece interior fabric keeping you warm and cozy next to the tiny wood stove. When your turn comes to get the wood, the hood protects your head from the heavy snow, while the polyester fabric wicks sweat as you lug a dayi1/2s supply of wood into the one-room shelter .
Native to St. Croix, Trinidad and Curacao. The name "Malpighia"is used to honor Marcello Malpighia (1628-1693). He was a distinguished naturalist in Bologna, Italy. The natural form of the Barbados Cherry is pendulous with weeping twigs and branches. The flowers are rose-pink, often several together in a cyme. Its fruit is small and edible. It has a weeping growth habit if the branches are allowed to elongate. The round inedible fruits are borne singly or in 2s or 3s and are bright red with glossy skin. Great indoor bonsai.
The North Face Hightail 2S 35F Down Sleeping The North Face Hightail 2S 35F Down Sleeping is a great sleeping bag to carry with you, while out on a camping trip with friends. Filled with 850+ fill Eastern European grey goose down, this bag is warm and comfortable, great for your cold nights spent outside. It uses Pertex endurance fabrics on the head, collar, and foot box, so that these moisture-prone areas stay dry and warm. The two-way separating, full length zipper makes it easy to get in and out of the bag, at your convenience. It has an ergonomic design engineered to remove any chance of cold spots around the hood and foot box. The North Face Hightail 2S 35F Down Sleeping makes camping in the outdoors a stress-free experience, even in the biting cold!
UPC: 766182003696
North Face Sleeping Bags P/N: A2UX G8Y SHT RH
DFX Sports & Fitness Dynamax Core Trainer 2 Just pull the easy starter cord and hold on for the gyroscopic ride of your life. Instantly, you will start experiencing body sculpting variable dynamic resistance building within the DFX Sports & Fitness Dynamax Core Trainer 2s internal gyroscope, giving you a remarkable core and upper body workout in a fraction of the time. Powered by a high-speed, two-axis gyroscopic rotor, this lightweight exercise breakthrough can spin up to 8, 000 RPMs while producing up to 200 lbs of dynamic resistance. The Dynamax Core Trainer 2 also features built-in red LED lights, allowing you to visually see how fast the gyro is spinning. The faster the Dynamax Core Trainer 2 spins, the more magnificent the display of lights. Originally designed for the US Military Special Forces, the DynaMax Core Trainer 2 is now available to you. Additional features: Weighs less than 3.5 lbs Easy-pull starter cord included Spins up to 8, 000 RPMs and produces up to 200 lbs of resistance Training DVD and wall chart included
DFX Sports & Fitness
You've got a ton of fabulous selfies on your social media page, dontcha? But have you noticed that they're all a little off center and there's some sort of strange glare? Or your arms just don't reach far enough to get all of your peeps in the picture? For those of you who can't get enough of self-photography, this Selfie Camera Remote for Android & iOS is a must-have! Utilizing a wireless remote control, it's easy to snap pics of yourself (with or without your buds) doing any and all kinds of shenanigans. Simply download the app, strike a pose, and press the button! Want to know more? Made of ABS Take pics up to 33' away Small size, easy to carry Download and install the Camera 360 APP to your device before using this product Requires batteries (included) that can be replaced Compatibility Android 4.2.2 OS or newer iOS 6.0~7.1 or newer iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C iPad 2, 3, 4 iPad mini iPad mini with Retina display iPod touch 4th generation or newer Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, S4 Note 1, Note 2, Note 3 + Tab 2, Note 8, 10.1 + Moto X/ Nexus 4, 5, 7 + / Xiaomi 1S, 2S, 3+ iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Retina are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. iPad mini is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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Funny Costumes - This Sudoku Dress costume includes the green sheath dress with a black game grid pattern, 4 #1s, 4 #2s, 4#3s and 4 #4s. A perfect party costume!
Rasta Imposta P/N: 3677
Earn points by rolling specific combinations of 5 dice. You get 3 rolls for each turn, keeping the dice you like and discarding the ones you don't. In one section, the goal is to get as many 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s as you can in any given turn. In the other section, you must roll specific combinations - 3 of a Kind, 4 of Kind, Full House. Or, try your luck at a straight using 4 or all 5 dice. Get all 5 of the same number, and you've earned a Yahtzee! Kids can sharpen math skills computing dice and score card totals. Instructions in English and Spanish. For 1 or more players.
UPC: 032244009501
Up and down and all around These two soft shapes initiate gross motor play in crawlies thru 2s Charming star and teddy bear print entice children to come and play Watch the adventures begin as your little ones climb roll and tumble on these marvelous shapes Velcro attachments prevent sliding and separation
Exclusive 5mm Peelaway Temple Pad Layer. The Arai Vector2 also adds the new 5mm peelaway layer to the removable interior comfort liners temple pad, giving you another level of customization no other helmet brand offers.Exclusive 5mm Peelaway Cheekpad Layer. Giving you even more ability to craft the perfect fit and comfort for your face, the cheekpads now feature a 5mm peelaway layer for added room if needed.Extreme Peripheral View. Same wider feld of sidetoside visibility as the Corsair V racing helmet and Arai RXQ.Improved Ventilation. The new ACF2 front intake vent has an oversized intake opening for better airflow, and a slidingdoor mechanism to more completely close it. The placement of the new chinvent design within the Vector 2s chinbar gives it a distinctive look all its own, while flowing a lot of air into the interior.Tuned Rear VentWing. New ACR2 rear exhaust vent wing combo: Windtunnel tuned air inlets markedly improve interior ventilation and heat removal.Removable, Washable Liner. An upgrade to the old Arai Vectors fixed liner, the fully removable, washable, and replaceable interior comfort liner also comes in optional sizes to microfit your helmet to your head. Furthermore, it is designed with a fullperimeter crown pad with minimal frame support for increased comfort The removable replaceable cheekpads also have removable washable covers for easier, thorough cleaning.HyperRidge Band. This newlysculpted lower reinforcement band provides stability and a lower center of gravity for a very lightweight feeling. Large side exhaust ports increase airfow while minimizing noise levels. And the larger bottom opening makes for easier onoff.Meets or exceeds D.O.T. standards.
Arai Helmets
Puts an on/off switch on the front strap just below the triggerguard for easy operation by the middle finger Replaces the original TLR battery door/switch; snap-on/off with no tools required One-piece polymer body hugs the triggerguard contours for a smooth-looking installation Retains the TLR's standard toggle-type paddle switch for normal operation if desired Fits Glock 17/22 and 19/23 sized frames; works with TLR-1 1S 2 and 2S; does not fit TLR-3 TLR-1 Weapon Lights available separately. Mfg: Streamlight
A busload of fume-sickened school kids.a gunman whose shooting spree claimed 19 victims.a guy in an opossum outfit who bit a man dressed as a kangaroo. They and so many others all converge at ER. The gurneys keep rolling in a superlative Season 7 that includes Abby's reunion with her mother, a turbulent woman who suffers from bipolar disorder. Also making the rounds in the 22 episodes: Carter returns from detox, Abby goes back to square one in med training, Benton struggles to emerge from Romano's doghouse, Kovac confronts a mugger, Weaver reveals her sexual orientation and Chen refuses to reveal the father of her child. Meanwhile, Greene and Corday marry.and live under the shadow of Greene's health crisis. Excitement, drama, suspense - the doctors are on call. Actors: Laura Innes, Alex Kingston, Anthony Edwards, Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Michael Michele, Noah Wyle, Eriq Lasalle, Paul Mccrane Awards: Emmy - Outstanding Drama Series Emmy - Outstanding Sound Editing Original Broadcast Date: 10/12/00 to 5/17/01 Broadcast Vehicle: NBC Demographics: 18-34 Years; 35-54 Years Episodes: 1 - 1. Homecoming 2. Sand and Water 3. Mars Attacks 4. Benton Backwards 2 - 5. Flight of Fancy 6. The Visit 7. Rescue Me 8. The Dance We Do 3 - 9. The Greatest of Gifts 10. Piece of Mind 11. Rock, Paper, Scissors 4 - 12. Surrender 13. Thy Will Be Done 14. A Walk in the Woods 15. The Crossing 5 - 16. Witch Hunt 17. Survival of the Fittest 18. April Showers 19. Sailing Away 6 - 20. Fear of Commitment 21. Where the Heart Is 22. Rampage Product Info MPAA: NR Product Type: Sell Through Subformat: Multi Disc Media Quantity: 6 Disc Configuration: 1) 9-Dual Layer 2) 9-Dual Layer 3) 9-Dual Layer 4) 9-Dual Layer 5) 9-Dual Layer 6) 9-Dual Layer Packaging Type: Digi-Pack Run Time: 978 Closed Captioning: Yes Soundtrack Language: English Aspect Ratio: Original Aspect Ratio - 1.78 Widescreen [16:9 Transfer] Sound Quality: English: Stereo 2S DVD Features: Deleted Scenes: Gag Reel:
UPC: 085391119593
The Polarized Crosshair 2.0 from Oakley has a classic aviator style with a bit of contemporary edge. The frame has a slightly different shape than the traditional aviator and the Crosshair 2's accents are totally modern and totally Oakley style. Polaric Ellipsoidal lens geometry ensures optical clarity from all angles and the Plutonite lenses filter 100% of UVA UVB and UVC rays. The Polarized Crosshair 2s have Oakley's top-of-the-line polarization technology that provides a 99% reduction in glare and eliminates the haze one often see with lower grade polarization. All the style and technology you deserve are here now.
Includes dress, 4 #1s, 4 #2s, 4 #3s and 4 #4s. Does not include shoes.
UPC: 791249367701
Rasta Imposta
Guaranteed lowest price on PROMARK Model TX2SW - Buy the Promark TX2SW Hickory Wood Tip 2S Drumsticks
UPC: 616022105229
Elmo and his pals help make preschool and learning numbers cool in this engaging new DVD that's filled with loads of counting fun. Counting with Elmo finds Professor Grover as a preschool teacher and Elmo as his helper for today's counting lesson-in a real preschool! When silly Professor Grover starts to have a little bit of trouble remembering what each number is, he needs Elmo and the class to give him a helping hand. Featuring counting themed songs stories like "Counting Booth, " and "Abby's Sparkle Speckle Freckles", kids will have fun learning with Grover and Elmo and all their Sesame Street friends. Counting with Elmo supports early math skills such as number recognition, counting and enumeration - all which help lay the foundation for math readiness and future math learning. Kids will see their favorite Sesame Street friends practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, which helps children understand that a purpose of counting is to determine the total number of things in an overall set.
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