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Kit Contains: Spill Clean-Up Pack 1ea. Absorbent Powder 1ea. (EPA Registered) Disinfectant Cloth 1ea. Scoop & Spatula 2ea Bzk. Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes 1 pair Nitrile Exam Gloves 10ea. Paper Towels 1ea. Biohazard Bag 1ea. Unmarked Bag Bloodborne Pathogens & CPR Mask Pack 1ea. CPR Face Shield/One Way Valve 1ea. Large Control Gown 1ea. Eye & Face Shield/Mask 2ea. Bzk. Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes 1 pair Nitrile Exam Gloves 1ea. Biohazard Bag Weatherproof Plastic Case Dimensions: 4.5" x 7.5" x 2.75"
Pac-Kit Safety Equipment
With the Giga Sound System H835, you will experience firsthand the superior performance aimed at delivering sound that will bring you to your feet. The enhanced low frequency bass levels and revamped, quick high frequency response produce tremendous sound volume and quality. 8" Woofers - Get the party pumping and the ground shaking with the a pair of powerful 8" woofers in the Giga Sound System. No matter what you play, you'll be amazed by it's powerful sound. Crystal Amp Plus - Our Giga Sound System uses the latest Crystal Amp Plus. Filtering out distortion and noise, turn your home into your own audio studio with high-quality sound clarity. My Karaoke - Call your friends and crank up the tunes with the Giga Sound System's Karaoke features. Sing along to your favorite songs or crank out the perfect duet all with amazing clarity through high-quality speakers. You can also record yourself singing onto a USB. Virtual Sound - LED Lighting actually visualizes the sound vividly through the LED Flash Speaker and Volume. Watch your system glow as it plays incredible audio and takes your party to the next level Bluetooth - Seamlessly connect your Giga System with Bluetooth to have complete control and minimize clutter. Your Giga can function as a Bluetooth speaker for portable devices so that you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Bluetooth Power On - Conveniently connect and control all compatible devices with Bluetooth. Your Giga System automatically powers on once it's located through the network. USB - Get complete access to all your stored audio files from any USB memory drive or external hard drive. This wide range of compatibility allows you to connect and share content via USB. Product Details: 1200 Watts of Pure GIGA Audio Power Dual 8" Woofers Give You Room Shaking Sound Play Music Wirelessly from Your Mobile Devices with Bluetooth Follow Along and Sing Your Heart Out with My Karaoke Feature Product Specifications: Number of Channels - 2.0 Frequency Response (amp) - Yes Features Crystal Amp - Crystal Amplifier Plus EZ MP3 Maker - Yes Karaoke - Mic + Music USB REC (CDDA/MP3), MIC Jack, Mic Volume, My Karaoke USB/CD Auto Change - Yes User/Stadium EQ - Yes LED Flash Speaker - Yes LED Flash Volume - Yes Audio Features Amplifier - RMS Max: 1200, Front Speaker Power: 600W x 2 Max, Front Speaker Driver Size (Woofer, Tweeter): 8" Woofer AV Decoding Format MP3 - Yes WMA - Yes Connectivity USB - 2EA Bluetooth - Yes Aux Input - Left/Right: 1_RCA, Front: 3.5pi Bluetooth Power On - Yes Power Consumption Stand-by Power Consumption - 0.40 Operating Power Consumption - 140 Supported Media <F
Samsung P/N: MX-H835
Sheila Shine P/N: 2EA
Results 1 - 3 for 2ea 
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