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SPECTRA RADIATOR, COPPER CORE/BRASS TANK, 3-ROW, NEW - 15.75 x 25.13 x 1.88 in. core size, 3.13 x 26.88 in. inlet and outlet header, 1.5 in. inlet and outlet size; With 14.38 in. concentric transmission oil cooler; Without engine oil cooler; 100 percent leak tested; Made with the highest grade of materials to ensure product longevity; Manufactured under ISO 9001/TS 16949 quality system; Tested in an endurance simulator in order to exceed OE standards; With 2-year Spectra warranty. Auto Parts Warehouse has extensive Spectra Radiator catalogs.We are now offering FREE shipping on all Spectra Radiator orders over $50.00. Our secure spectra radiator catalog is available every hour of everyday. Shop with confidence for all your spectra radiator needs. Spectra Radiator are In Stock and available today. Save up to 60% off dealer price on your next Spectra Radiator purchase. Our online catalog contains a wide selection of the OEM and aftermarket parts you need at unbeatable prices
Spectra P/N: CU581
Sunray Miniature lamp operates at a voltage rating of 12.8 Volts and current rating of 2.1 Amps. Miniature Bayonet is S8 single contact bayonet base and has a power rating of 26.88 Watts with C6 filament designed. The maximum overall length of lamp is 2.000 Inch and maximum outer diameter of 1 Inch. It is applicable in indicators.
Sunray P/N: 1156
Results 1 - 2 for 26.88 
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