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switchable -20dB pad, switchable polar pattern (cardioid, figure-8), includes elastic holder and carry case. dimensions: 53 x 165mm (diameter x length). Weight 525g., metal housing, frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz, switchable 300 Hz lo-cut filter, 135/155dB max SPL, omni, cololur black
Digiwave Digital Indoor Antenna-Effective Rececption Distance 100KM Compatible Devices Digiwave ANT4013 Amplified Digital Indoor Antenna Features:- SMD circuit technology design- Shielded for minimum interference- Stylish and compact size design with Shiny black finish- Excellent reception for digital, freeview and analog TV signal- Horizontal or Vertical positioning for best possible reception- Specially Compatible with HDTV of various digital terrestrial signal and radiosCab-ANT4013 MANUAL English Vision Cab-ANT4013 MANUAL FRENCH Vision Digiwave Amplified Digital Indoor Antenna boosts your signal with up to 20dB amplification and separates ON/OFF switch and memory gain control. It comes with tilt & swivel positioning and adjustable gain control.
manufacturer-number: SVI20 - Satellite amplifier 20dB(sat) 0dB(terr) Number of outputs 1, Number of inputs 1, Model Line amplifier, Power adaptor None, Remote feedable, Gain (satellite) 20dB, Gain (terrestrial) 0dB, SAT-Verstärker SVI 20 Anzahl der Ausgänge 1, Anzahl der Eingänge 1, Ausführung Sat-ZF-Verstärker, Netzteil ohne, Verstärkung bei Sat 20dB, Verstärkung bei terrestrisch 0dB, Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - SVI 20
UPC: 4026187790165
Astro Strobel P/N: SVI 20
The Multi Mixer (JIB/MM) is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. This unit features 4 inputs each channel has its own volume control. The MM also features numerous outputs; XLR, 1/4'', stereo RCA, and a stereo headphone output with a volume control. CH1&2 - XLR/1/4" Combo w/ -20dB PAD and +24V Phantom Power. CH3 - Stereo RCA & 1/8" Mini. CH4 - Stereo RCA. OUTPUTS: Headphone w/ Volume, XLR, 1/4'', RCA - Stereo POWER: 2 AA Batteri.
UPC: 691281600050
Galaxy Audio P/N: JIB/MM
2.4G NRF24L01 PA LNA Wireless Module 16*32mm Without Antenna Description: Voltage:3-3.6V (3.3V best) Maximum output power:+20dBm Transmission Current (peak):115mA Receiving Current (peak):45mA Power-down Current:4.2uA Operating Temperature:-20~70C Receive 2Mbps mode:-92dBm Receive 1Mbps mode:-95dBm Receive 250Kbps mode:-104dBm PA Gain:20dB LNA Gain:10dB LNA noise figure:2.6dB Antenna Gain(peak):2dBI 2Mbps transmission distance (open):520m Size: 45.54mm x 16.46mm Features: The open area distance is about 1100m with Rate of 250K, 750m with the rate of 1M, 520m with the rate of 2M. In Free license 2.4G ISM band, you can do point to point application and can also be composed of star network. Small size, easy to embed in any space-constrained products Can add an MCU thorough the SPI port to control NRF24L01P + PA + LNA Complish long distance wireless data transmission system Package Included: 1 x Module
Boosts your digital terrestrial and cable TV signals with 20dB. Increases number of channels. Prevents poor picture and sound quality caused by long cables and/or multiple TV and audio sets. Simple to set up and easy to use. Up to 20dB signal gain. DAB signals. Simple plug-in installation. Size H2.75, W5.5, L6.5cm.
UPC: 8716184064906
One For All P/N: 5493856
Motorola MHP81 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Motorola MHP81 is a comfortable, versatile noise reduction dual earmuff headset which can be connected with Motorola talkabout two way radio. The MHP81 has stereo sound with dual input connectors and dual speakers for optimal performance and durability with a noise reduction ratio of 21dB . It also provides two way communication with a cable and PTT microphone. The MHP81 cuts harmful impulse noise like gun shots which can be compressed above 85dB and amplifies low level sounds up to 20dB gain . This headsets comes with a comfortable super soft ear seals in which the cup volume can be individually controlled. It also includes cable equipped with a standard 3.5mm connector that allows to connect with music player. MHP81 Features: Corded headset, Stereo Sound, Noise Reduction Dual Earmuff Headset, 21dB Noise Reduction Rating, Impulse Noise Protection: Compressed Above 85 dB, Low Level Sound Amplification: Up to 20dB Gain, PTT microphone: - Connects to Headset - Located On The Cable, Dual Input Connectors & Dual Speakers, Independent Cup Volume Controls, Easy to Replace Headband & Earseals, Includes Cable w/ 3.5mm Connector, Battery Life: Up to 335 Hours
Motorola P/N: MHP81
Here at Zoom we've been building innovative great-sounding products for the past thirty years. But with the revolutionary H6 the most versatile portable recorder ever the bar is raised further still. Four interchangeable input capsules X/Y MS Shotgun and Dual XLR/TRS Combo make the H6 the ultimate chameleon of the audio world and its advanced preamps make it the best-sounding one too. Whatever your application live recording professional film/video work or broadcast ENG (electronic news gathering) etc. the H6 can handle it with ease. The Ins and Outs. INPUTS The H6 offers four main inputs (1-4) plus two additional inputs (L R) that are derived from whichever capsule (X/Y MS Shotgun or Dual XLR/TRS Combo) is plugged into the unit. The supplied XYH-6 X/Y capsule also provides a secondary input for connecting an external mic- or line-level signal via a stereo 1/8 Mic/Line In mini phone jack. When a connection is made to that jack signal from the X/Y microphones is muted. All four main H6 inputs (inputs 1-4) are combo connectors that can accept either XLR or 1/4 balanced or unbalanced phone cables. They can handle both micand line-level signals which means that you can connect either external microphones or line-level devices like mixers portable music players electronic keyboards or electric guitars or basses with active electronics (passive electric guitars or basses can also be connected with the use of a mixer or effects device). Internal switching contacts automatically detect the circuit of choice. On the H6 all connectors use the industry standard Pin 2 hot on XLR connectors and Tip hot on TRS connectors as shown here: Each of the six inputs (that is 1-4 as well a L R) has a dedicated gain control knob. In addition the four main inputs and the EXH-6 capsule feature a -20dB pad allowing you to prevent distortion even when high-level signals are introduced. In fact with the use of the Pad switch the H6 can input a signal 30dB louder and 14dB softer than any other Handy Recorder model. In addition all capsules utilize higher voltage preamps (5 volts instead of the more commonly used 3 volts) for distortion free recording even at high volumes. A built-in instrumentation amp allows signals to be transmitted with minimal noise even when long cables are used. If you're using high-quality condenser (powered) microphones with the H6 no problem a simple menu option allows the unit to provide Phantom Power (either +12 +24 or +48 volts) to any or all of the main inputs (inputs 1-4). Inexpensive condenser microphones requiring Plug-In Power (2.5 volts) can be connected to the X/Y capsule s stereo 1/8 Line In jack. OUTPUTS The H6 Line Out is an unbalanced stereo 1/8 phone jack located on the bottom of the H6 beneath the LCD display. It carries the analog stereo output signal as determined by the H6 s internal mixer. The H6 USB port located on the side panel to the right of the LCD display provides a digital output of either a stereo mix or the six indivi.
UPC: 4515260012183
RF AMP 20DB 2.2-2.8GHZ 5V HMSOP-8 - HMC414MS8GE.
UPC: 093007291700
Cisco P/N: 4082
Full metal shell, true bypass, 20db+ clean boost with ±15db 2 band EQ
The SL-2's simple design offers reliable input jacks as well as a loop-thorough 1/4" jack. The -20dB pad switch allows you to plug any instrument or most "hotter" line level sources into the box and interface with a standard XLR mic cable into the Lo-Z and you're ready to plug the output "directly" into a mixing console. If the signal that the mixing console receives is over-driven, simply flip the -20db pad switch and it will filter the input signal down to a better level. A ground lift switch is provided for buzz-free operation in almost any environment. Tech Details Size: 3 3/4"(w) x 5"(h) x 1 7/8"(d)1) 1/4" input jack1) 1/4" loop output jack1) XLR male balanced low impedance output1) Ground lift switch1) Speaker level pad switch Features top quality impedance matching transformer
Ideal for musicians and those who work in loud environments Can reduce volume levels by up to 20dB across all frequencies without muffling speech or music The tuned resonator and acoustic resistor replicate the natural sound response of the ear canal so that sound comes thorough clearly but at a lower volume level
2015 8 LED Solar Powered Lamp Camping Lantern Lighting Dynamo Power Lamps Dynamo Powered FM Radio Light Multifunction Lamps Hand Crank Light Solar Power Dynamo Power FM Radio LED camping lamp DC IN 5V DC OUT 5V electrical energy over 5.5V/35mAh Camping light 8LED FM sensitivity Over 20dB Size 105 x 105 x 205mm
Designed to operate from a 2.5V to 5.5V DC power supply, the EV kit delivers 2.2W into an 8I load. The EV kit accepts differential or single-ended input signals, features three selectable gain settings (6dB, 15.5dB, and 20dB), and provides separate speaker and boost shutdown inputs.
UPC: 2050003589437
Maxim Integrated P/N: MAX98500EVKIT+
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