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"Tactical Blue-Dot1/2 " For Law Enforcement" Brite-Strike1/2 1/2Tactical Blue-Dot1/21/2 tactical LED flashlights were designed by police officers for police officers1/2.The body is CNC machine milled from a single billet of high grade aerospace aluminum. The proprietary black anodized finish exceeds Mil Spec class two type III. The unique tri-sided body is more ergonomic for better gripping. The front crenelated strike crown is blunted and the rear crown is more aggressive for maximum effectiveness in applying pressure point control techniques.The pocket clip is specifically designed for line officers and is reversed from other tactical lights.The clip features a greater clearance for lighting fast draws from either a BDU pocket, duty belt, or six pocket police pant. It also allows for quick mounting on a uniform epaulet, and quick removal when needed.The beam is a brilliant white light with a wider 1/2spread1/2 for a flood effect, which illuminates the entire area of a vehicle on a motor vehicle stop. Tactical Touch1/2 Switch Design: All of our lights can be turned on and all modes accessed using a single finger or thumb on one hand, thus meeting our definition of a true 1/2Tactical Flashlight1/2. We simply never understood how a switch that requires a two-handed twisting and turning action to turn on or off or to access any functions made sense. Accidental turn-ons are prevented by slightly recessing the switch within the rear crenelated crown. Our patented design not only protects the switch from damage but is very effective when applying pressure point techniques. Max Output: up to 340 lumens / Lo-170 Lumens Runtime: Hi-(2.5 Hours) Lo-(8+ Hours) Strobe-(3 Hours) RECHARGEABLE Length: 5.2 inches AC Battery Charger
Met2 (Metabolol II), Chocolate 2.2lb from Champion NutritionMET 2 IS THE SOLUTION.for anyone seeking a great tasting, high-energy meal supplement.Back in 1984, when the original version of METABOLOL was introduced it revolutionized the way that people thought about eating for better physical performance. For the first time, athletes had the chance to use a functional, easily digested food that improved energy, increased stamina, sped up recuperation and allowed athletes to pack on more muscle without gaining fat.In fact, so remarkable was this product that Dr. Thomas Fahey, one of this country's most respected exercise physiologists, conducted a number of studies based on METABOLOL. His astonishing results confirmed the benefits of METABOLOL. In fact, in one of his studies, Fahey demonstrated that even though they consumed a higher calorie diet than controls, subjects using METABOLOL actually lost fat! That's right, they got leaner while eating more!Then, in 1988, after years of research, updating and fine tuning METABOLOL II was released. METABOLOL II (a.k.a. MET 2) became an instant hit with its improved flavor, improved nutrient parameters and ease of use. Since then many users, ranging from fitness enthusiasts to elithe class athletes, have come to know the benefits of consuming MET 2.The Metabolic OptimizerMET 2 is ideal for anyone looking to improve their nutritional status while increasing their energy levels. Developed by fitness enthusiast and CHAMPION NUTRITION founder Michael Zumpano, MET 2 delivers a nutritionally balanced meal formula designed to assist your metabolism.Perfect for Anyone!Since its release, many have come to know the benefits of consuming MET 2. From the professional athlete to the fitness enthusiast; from young children to the elderly; from the individual with digestive disorders to those who may be too busy eat three sqare meals a day MET 2 ofers the solution in a highly efficient source of all the nutrients that comprise a balanced meal.Try MET 2 for yourself and see the kind of difference metabolic optimization can make in your performance. You will notice more energy during your workout, less fatigue when you're done training and better recovery so you can train hard again sooner. Use MET 2 and you'll understand why optimizing your metabolism is crucial to getting the most out of your body.Try MET 2 and discover how this revolutionary formula provides you longer lasting energy and more intense workouts.Lactate and MetaCarb Plus to help you keep liver energy high at times when your body needs maximum performance. Succinate ETF to help maximize available energy by reducing fatigue and soreness while sttabilizing blood sugar. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) for quick energy. Peptol Per4+ to provide an easy-to-digest protein source which helps speed recovery. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and nitrogen-rich peptides to help stimulate protein synthesis, while protecting existing muscle from being used as ene
UPC: 027692101204
Champion Nutrition P/N: THCH0005
Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Presented In Mono and Stereo) [Capitol Records: released August 13, 1965; nine weeks at No. 1] Track Listing: 1.Help! (mono mix) 2.The Night Before (mono mix) 3.From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental) (mono mix) 4.You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (mono mix) 5.I Need You (mono mix) 6.In The Tyrol (instrumental) (mono mix) 7.Another Girl (mono mix) 8.Another Hard Day's Night (instrumental) (mono mix) 9.Ticket To Ride (mono mix) 10.The Bitter End/you Can't Do That (instrumental) (mono mix) 11.You're Going To Lose That Girl (mono mix) 12.The Chase (instrumental) (mono mix) 13.Help! (stereo mix) 14.The Night Before (stereo mix) 15.From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental) (stereo mix) 16.You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (stereo mix) 17.I Need You (stereo mix) 18.6 In The Tyrol (instrumental) (stereo mix) 19.Another Girl (stereo mix) 20.Another Hard Day's Night (instrumental) (stereo mix) 21.Ticket To Ride (stereo mix) 22.The Bitter End/you Can't Do That (instrumental) (stereo mix)
Super head +R SCUT 178cc bore up Kit for KSR110/KLX110 has finally come out. Features: 1.Installation of this Kit does not require the change of crankshaft or the work of crankcase boring. 2.The engine displacement is 178 cc, the currently largest displacement. 3.The piston skirt is designed to be short so the piston, even if it is 67mm, can be housed within the cylinder without the piston interfering with the crankcase even at the BDC, (Patent applied for). 4.The piston is Molybdenum coated (67mm) (In order to better the contact with piston and cylinder at the initial stage) 5.The cylinder is special ceramic-coated aluminum, which excels in durability, air tightness, and heat release, accomplishing high power and durability at the same time. (M5-censor-type thermometer can be in.
Results 1 - 4 for 2.the 
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