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Appealing farm animals are featured on this 24 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle with a detailed barnyard scene. 2'x 3' when assembled, the extra-thick pieces are 20% thicker than the competition's. Its easy-clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.
Melissa and Doug P/N: 4404
Big Moss Golf Pro Path EX Practice Green New for 2010! The Big Moss Golf Pro Path EX Practice Green. 2'x 8'. Tired of missing short putts? We all have times when we just can't seem to hole a short Putt. 6'an in. No more giving away strokes on putts that you have to make and expect to make. Until now, no one has addressed the need to practice the putts that make the difference between a Good round and a Great round. The problem is at impact of the golf ball. If your putter is even 1 degree open, the ball will be pushed, or closed, its a pull. Ever Feel like your Putter Head is Moving Out, or In or Wobbling during the take away? We all do! When this happens we Lose our Confidence and miss short putts. Its Not Good! Your Playing Partners and Yourself are almost expecting you to miss the 3' putt because you just missed a few short ones. NO MORE! Now you can See it, Feel it, and Fix it! Big Moss Golf has addressed this issue with the New Pro Path Practice Green. The Patent Pending Straight Path Design Cross Line puts you in perfect Square position every time back and through the Putt. The Cross Line section will insure you are square to the intermediate target dot located 10 in front of the impact zone. Just follow our instructions and practice tips and Stop Missing Short Putts!!! Highly Endorsed by PGA Teaching Professionals! Caution!! The Big Moss Pro Path Practice Green may cause Excessive Tipping of the Hat, High Fives, and Lower scores.
Big Moss
Sticky Sheets are designed to clean large areas fast and to be easy to use. All you do is peel off the paper backing and place it on your bed or furniture. What's amazing about Sticky Sheets isn't that it gets hair off furniture the first time. It's that it keeps on working time after time. Sticky sheets are so sticky that you could even leave them on your furniture and keep pets away from the fabric. Big (2'x 3') sheets coated on one side with a powerful adhesive specially formulated for pet hair. After removing the paper backing, stick it on, grab the corners and pull up – off comes the pet hair, crumbs, lint and more. Testimonial "Oh my God!!! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. StickySheets works on my couch, carpets and stairs, in my car. I love this thing!!! I have an American Eskimo Spitz - she sheds like nothing I've ever seen and this cleans up her hair so well!!! To whoever invented this - it is about time!!! Thanks for saving me so much time. Cleaning up after a big dog has never been easier. StickySheets get what the vacuum doesn't! "
Results 1 - 3 for 2'x 
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