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The Steiner Optics reputation for combat-worthy performance toughness and dependability was earned the hard way: in battlefield and tac ops situations around the world. These tactical binoculars reflect hard-won experience with features ergonomics and visual excellence that are unsurpassed anywhere and rugged reliability that can survive anything. Whether you need a pocket-sized compact for your gear bag or a full-sized model to spot for your shooter the Tactical Series will serve you well. 10x power and bright image perfect for sniper/spotters border surveillance patrol car optics and tactical ops whether day or night. Roof Prism Design is extremely light weight com Mfg: Steiner Optics
Steiner Optics
So small you can carry it in your shirt pocket, but accurate enough to be used in the most demanding applications. With a range of 0-9990 ppm and featuring auto temp. compensation, your readings will always be spot on. Use the 10x resolution for water with extremely high TDS levels.
UPC: 891144000182
HM Digital P/N: TDS-4TM
ABL Corp VPD-338 ZH Vandal-Proof Dome Camera w/10x Zoom Lens VPD-338 ZH features 10x optical zoom lens. You can control the lens via RS-485, Pelco D protocol. Convenient On-Screen-Display setting features easy adjustment on lens type, shutter speed, White Balance, Back-Light Compensation, Automatic Gain Control, Digital Noise Reduction, Sens. Up mode (Digital Slow Shutter), camera ID setup, Day & Night setup, Synchronization, motion detection, privacy zone, digital zoom on or off, sharpness, and factory reset. The On-Screen-Display setting is accessed using buttons on the camera, and cannot be accessed thorough conventional DVRs or some controllers; so make sure you adjust the setting before permanent installation is made. Wired hand-held remote controller is also available.
ABL Corp P/N: VPD-338ZH
Solid .925 Sterling Silver version of the popular Rick Ross style pendant. A top grade synthetic ruby is used as the centerstone (not a red CZ or cheap red glass like what the other guys have). Quality genuine look all around with a 10x thick layer of 18k yellow gold over fine .925 sterling silver. This is the real deal in terms of quality and value. Celebrities, movie stars, and rappers spend thousands for the real diamond and ruby version. Here you can get the same look crafted from real .925 sterling silver at a small fraction of the cost. Order yours today!
For players wanting a bit more reach without sacrificing control the Solinco Pro 10X is your answer With similar specifications to the standard length Pro 10 this model is 275 inches long for a bit extra reach The mold of the racquet remains unchanged but
Seattle Sports Bilge Buddy Sponge has a Sleek Micro Fiber Cover, Absorbs 10x its Weight to keep water from leaking out of the sponge and into your boat. The Bilge Buddy features an Ergonomic Shape, Reflective Emblem and an Integrated Webbing Hand Strap with WhistleLoc Buckle in case you find yourself in an Emergency. Slip-On design offers Grip-Free Use. Sponge measures (D x W): 8" x 2" (20.3cm x 5cm) and weighs 2.7oz (76.54g) when dry.
UPC: 780292551151
Seattle Sports Paddle & SUP Gear P/N: 055115
Based on the world famous Butterfly, the Butterfly XT is a classic design with modern technology. The XT features a ball bearing axle, offering 10x the spin time of the original Butterfly. It boasts a take-apart design for easy knot removal and "starburst" response design for quick and snappy returns to the hand. These features make Butterfly XT perfect for a beginner to intermediate player looking for high performance at a great price.
UPC: 071610237827
Sehfeld 96m/288ft. Vergrößerung 10x. Gewicht ca. 60g. Inkl.
Mega Metal LED flash light is one of the brightest flashlights on the market today. With 8 projector style LEDs, this flash light eliminates the night into day with crystal clear "blue" hyper light, that is 10x more visible then halogen or filament bulbs that produce yellow light and are found in most other flash lights. The low voltage LEDs extend battery life as compared to traditional flash lights and last much longer. The 8 long life LEDs that make up this high tech flash light last up to ten year and never need to be replaced. The Mega Flash Light's lite weight billet aluminum stock is rugged and easy to grip. The aluminum is much stronger then flimsy plastic flash lights and much lighter then steel flash lights and will not rust or corrode away with time. This flash light will burn for days on just two replaceable AA batteries (included). The hyper blue light produced by this flash light is visible from up to 10 miles away! This flash light kit comes complete with the mega LED flash light, two AA batteries, wrist strap and padded carrying case. Perfect reliable light in emergency situations: power outages, black outs, storms etc. Also perfect for every day use in your home, office garage or basement. Leave on in you glove compartment in your car, R.V., boat, motorcycle where ever you go have light on your side.
Women's 90mm . 10X Magnification Mirror
UPC: 173775000015
Genuine Kirby Allergen Reduction Shampoo One Gallon, LavenderKey Features Genuine Kirby Allergen Reduction Shampoo Lavender scented neutralizes dust mite allergen particles rendering them defenseless 1 gallon Description Kirby Allergen Carpet Shampoo neutralizes dust mite allergen particles rendering them defenseless to trigger allergic reactions. It also reduces allergens caused by pollen. Kirby Allergen shampoo has a unique dry foam formula that quickly cleans carpets and contains special soil repelling ingredients. It carpet safe for 6.0 pH level and helps restores carpet. Smells great with a Lavender scent! One full Kirby Shampooer tank will shampoo approximately on 10x 12 carpet. HOW TO USE THE KIRBY ALLERGEN CARPET SHAMPOO 1. Before using always test for colorfastness in a hidden or inconspicuous area. 2. Follow all instruction according to machine instructions. 3. For best results pretreat tough or old stains and heavy traffic lanes with stain remover. 4. Remove furniture & vacuum carpet. 5. Fill carpet shampoo tank with warm water to top line. Add three tank caps of Kirby Allergen Shampoo to shampooer. Shake gently to mix. 6. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly, stay off carpet when wet. Vacuum thoroughly after carpet is dry and before replacing furniture.
Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Kit has the following features:Specially designed to smooth, soften and hydrate dull, rough feet, the Pedi device is precision engineered to provide the perfect balance of frequency and power for transformative foot treatment that achieve up to 10X smoother feet than manual buffing. Combines expertly with sonically designed formulations to counteract the factors that cause dry, rough patches. Feet – especially heels and toes – become soft, supple and sandal-ready. 91% reported rejuvenated feet; 80% reported feeling more confident barefoot. The kit includes: 1. Pedi x 1pc 2. Pedi Buffing Brush Head x 1pc: Contains a combination of short rigid filaments and longer, flexible filaments to effectively exfoliate and buff dry, damaged feet. 3. Pedi Smoothing Disc x 1pc: Designed to smooth rough foot skin. The tension leveled annealed stainless steel disc works synergistically with the sonic Pedi device to slough away rough, dry areas without damaging the health of the foot skin. 4. Pedi Buff x 1pc (6oz / 177ml): Contains a triple-kick exfoliating blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve away rough, dead skin and refine skin texture. 5. Pedi Boost x 1 pc (1oz / 30ml): A powerful foot peel specifically designed to exfoliate and renew skin. Combining lactic and glycolic acid 10% blend to slough and remove dead skin cells. It also helps to improves collagen synthesis and elastin fiber in dermis. 6. Pedi Balm x 1 pc (3.5oz / 100g): A non-greasy and no-slip, this hydrating balm contains a gentle blend of shea butter, honey and apricot oil to soften, hydrate and protect feet. 7. Wall Adapter x1pc AC100-240V; 50-60Hz 8. pLink Chargerx1pc
Windshield Washer Cover Windshield Washer Cover; Letter X AMI Windshield Washer Cover 10X Windshield Washer Nozzle Cover
AMI P/N: 10X
SHARP AN-P610LP / SHARP. Replacement projector lamp for: XG-P560 W XG-P560WA XG-P560W-N XG-P610X XG-P610XA XG-P610XN XG-P610 X-N
Topbulb Best Source P/N: AN-P610LP
Touch Ups Handbags Spring 2014. Material:Satin Dyeable:No Size:10x 4
Touch Ups
The Light & Motion VIS 180 Bike Light is the ultimate in taillight technologies. A rechargeable battery through any USB port a astonishing 35 lumen with high visibility from both side and rear which gives you 10x the light of the most powerful AA tail light. Brilliant side lights that give you 180 degree brilliance letting all the other people on the road know that you belong there. With a broad beam swept along the back also equipped with 3 settings; high pulse and flash. Made for the serious bike commuter you don't need to worry any longer about being seen on those early morning commutes the Vis 180 form Light& Motion has got your back.
Light & Motion
Confessions is the fourth studio album from Usher and was released March 23, 2004. The album has had tremendous success peaking at #1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and has been certified Diamond (10x platinum). The album features several hit tracks that peaked at #1 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 including "Yeah!", "Confessions Part II", "Burn", and "My Boo".
Hawke Sport Optics
The stylish IXUS 155 captures every detail no matter how far away, with 20 Megapixels and 10x ultra-wide optical zoom. Smart Auto and Intelligent IS ensure brilliant results every time you point and shoot.
Cámara domo inteligente de alta velocidad. Zoom sofisticado (22x óptico y 10x digital) La cámara puede girar 360 ° continuous (PAN) y 90 ° (Inclinación) Función avanzada de calidad óptima de imagen día y noche (color y B/N). La protección IP66 protege la cámara contra agua y polvo (ideal para un ambiente de polvo en interiores). Se suministra con soporte. • CCD sensor: Sony (Day and Night) • Camera module: CNB • Varifocal lens: 3.6~79.2mm • Zoom: 220x (Optical 22x, Digital 10x) • System: PAL • Minimum illumination: 0.001lux • BLC: Off/Auto • White Balance: Auto Indoor/Outdoor • Sync: internal • Scan: 2:1 Interlace • Control protocol: RS485 • Built in multi-protocol: PELCO-D, PELCO-P, KALATEL, PELCO_C, ERNITEC etc. (no support SAMSUNG) • Pattern tours: 8 • Preset positions: 27 • Preset points: 220 • Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200bps • Address: 1~255 • Pan: 360° continuous • Tilt: 0~90° with auto flip • Scan speed: 1~64 • Video output: 1.0±0.2Vp-p,
UPC: 5412810132829
Das ultrakompakte Zoom-Spektiv von Orion mit einer Vergrößerungsleistung von 10-20x30 mm bietet eine kompromisslose optische Leistung und ist dennoch ein handliches und praktisches Instrument, das Sie überall hin mitnehmen können. Da es lediglich 6" (15, 24 cm) lang ist und kaum ein Pfund (15, 2 Unzen / 430 g) wiegt, können Sie das ultrakompakte Zoom-Spektiv von Orion problemlos mitnehmen, wenn Sie einen Ausflug ins Grüne unternehmen. Es ist der ideale Begleiter für Tageswanderungen, bei Vogelbeobachtungen oder anderen Outdoor-Aktivitäten, wenn der Platz begrenzt und geringes Gewicht von Vorteil ist! Dieses Spektiv ist klein und handlich genug, um mit Hilfe eines Clips sogar am Gürtel getragen werden zu können. So ist es immer griffbereit, wenn Sie in der Natur etwas Interessantes entdecken. Das ultrakompakte Zoom-Spektiv von Orion mit einer Vergrößerung von 10-20x30-mm ist mit einer mehrfach vollvergüteten Optik mit polierten Präzisionslinsen und hochwertigen Prismen ausgestattet, die sich hervorragend ergänzen und zusammen für ein außergewöhnliches Seherlebnis bei Tageslicht sorgen. Die 30-mm-Objektivlinse sammelt viel Licht, um Ihnen scharfe und detaillierte Ansichten am Tag zu liefern. Das computeroptimierte Design gewährleistet in Kombination mit der vollständig mehrfach vergüteten Optik maximale Leistung und äußerst kontrastreiche Bilder. Der Vergrößerungsbereich des Zooms reicht von 10x bis 20x und ist beinahe parfokal, d. h. zum Ändern der Vergrößerungsstufe von geringer zu starker Vergrößerung und umgekehrt ist nur eine minimale Feineinstellung am Fokussierrad erforderlich. Stellen Sie die Vergrößerung auf einen geringeren Wert ein, z. B. 10x, wenn Sie ein weites Sichtfeld benötigen, und erhöhen Sie die Vergrößerung dann mit dem Zoom-Okular für einen genaueren Blick auf bis zu 20x. Bis zu einer Vergrößerung von 10x können Sie das ultrakompakte Zoom-Spektiv problemlos mit der Hand halten. Für Vergrößerungsleistungen bis zu 20x empfehlen wir jedoch ausdrücklich, das Spektiv über seinen Stativadapter mit Gewinde auf einem Stativ zu befestigen. Der Nahfokusbereich des ultrakompakten Zoom-Spektivs von Orion beginnt bereits bei einer Entfernung von 10 Fuß (3 m), daher ist es im heimischen Garten ebenso nützlich wie bei Beobachtungen auf einer Bergwanderung aus.
UPC: 759270520519
Orion P/N: 52051
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